Monday, October 27, 2008

Will Obama be the Death of Journalism?

ABC News has posted an excellent article from Micheal Malone that is strikingly similar to what Bernie Goldberg has been blackballed for doing; calling out the Main Stream Media and it's bias against conservatism. Many recent studies have been done showing that liberal (read democrat) candidates get more positive press on balance than their conservative (or republican) counterparts. Below are just a few of those studies:
--- UCLA media study
--- Harvard media study
--- Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Joan Shorenstein Center
--- Washington Post study
--- Fox News Study of late night TV
--- Convention coverage study
--- Media Bias Basics
* The media should be ready for more of this "toe our line" rhetoric from an Obama presidency. He will not deal with an insubordinate media, as is evidenced by the Obama campaign's recent dealings with media outlets who have been less than biased...

* Joe Biden is still whining about the fact that he could not defend Obama's beliefs or policy ideas in an interview he gave with an Orlando area newscaster. This just out...the Obama/Biden campaign has apparently cut off yet another news station...this time a Philadelphia area news station that dared ask ACTUAL questions! I want to puke...can someone please hand me a bucket?

* The LA Times reporting that Barack Obama was an attendee at a party thrown by a group openly hostile to Israel and actually gave a toast to a one time PLO operative by the name of Rashid Khalidi...also in attendance...Terrorist William Ayers. It is being reported that their is a video of the event that is not being released...hmmm? The folks at National Review wonder if the LA Times would suppress video of Palin toasting a radical?
* A report out of UCLA shows that economists have found that FDR's policies prolonged the Great Depression by SEVEN YEARS! These are the same policies that John Kerry thinks we should pursue once again!
* The uber-wealthy Mr. Wayne Huizenga, (founder of Blockbuster video and sports aficionado) proves that Republicans are right about the economy. The Miami Dolphins may have a new owner by the time Mr. Obama takes office!
* Would you like a little taste of a national health care system? Let's look at Pennsylvania.
* Here it comes...white people shouldn't vote. This guy and Jimmy Carter should be left on a deserted island and forced to listen to each other's verbal diarrhea for the rest of their natural lives.
* The Indiana Secretary of State has completed his investigation of ACORN's activities in Indiana, and has concluded that ACORN is guilty of "multiple criminal violations". Surprise, surprise.

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