Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If I hung out with socialists, and they were comfortable voting for me...what would you think about my policies?

* The reason Mr. Obama is not sorry about the "spread the wealth around" quote to Joe the Plumber, is because he passionately believes it to be the right policy. He proved it in 2001 with this interview on NPR, and he proved it in 1996 with this speech to the Democratic Socialists of America.
Even with knowing this, Mr. Obama continues to mislead Americans by saying he is not trying to move us toward socialism...but in his book "Dreams of my Father" he says he "intentionally befriended and made connections with Marxist professors and structural feminists".
Do you need more evidence of radicalism in Mr. Obama's blood? The Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Fund of Chicago funded numerous controversial groups while Barack Obama served on their boards. (Including ACORN, Jeremiah Wright's church, a group run by Terrorist William Ayers terrorist wife, another group founded by Terrorist William Ayers and run by a communist party leader, an anti-Semitic Arab organization, and an offshoot of a radical group birthed in the 1960's.)
* Take it from someone who knows (an old student of Mr. Obama's), his ideas for America are RADICAL.* Team Obama's newest figure? He will only tax "rich people"! Who are the rich now? Why those of you making $150,000 or more...I know what you're thinking...I thought it was $250,000? Not anymore, my friends...not anymore.

* ACORN owes millions in back taxes...why does this not surprise me?
* If this message can get out in New Hampshire, Mr. Obama will have no chance of winning the "Live free or die" state.
* While the Republican Party has been busy destroying itself and ruining the conservative cause in America...the Democrats have been slowly implementing their ultimate goal.
* Neal Boortz "decodes" Barack Obama for us. A very good piece that explains four important issues that Mr. Obama brings up (and obfuscates) at almost every rally...
* Have you heard the mainstream media reporting on the Obama campaign lawyer who was intimidating college journalists for investigating voter fraud? Me neither.
* President Nicholas Sarkozy of France calls Obama "an empty suit" on foreign policy. Ouch.
* Well, I found something that made me smile...an anti-Al Franken advertisement put together by the Republican Senatorial Committee.

A simple search of Al Franken through this blog will find you all of the issues that these actors are talking about (and the articles to support them). Al Franken is not fit for public office, he just isn't.
* Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has come out in support of Proposition 8 in California.
* Just to leave you on an upnote...did you know that while everyone else was slipping economically...Congress actually made 13% more in 2007. That is what a Democrat run Congress does, give us your money...and we will make more money for us!
* Oh, one more. The major (respected) polls.


Tony C said...

Good points.

We need true conservatives in office though. Not spend happy Republicans dressed up like conservatives. I'm tired of supporting a political party that campaigns as one thing and governs as another.

SPEND LESS! Taxes and the ecomony would fall in line if Washington would just spend less.

The Rambler said...

I completely agree with you Tony. That is why I will not be voting for John McCain in this election. I am supporting a candidate like the one you describe...his name is Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. We need to cut taxes, cut spending, and our politicians need to stop fearing the lobbyists or we will continue this downward trend.