Monday, October 20, 2008

"Rednecks" are "Racist" and Marines are murderers, says Democrat.

* A federalism question here. If the voters of South Dakota pass an abortion ban this election, and Obama is elected and does what he says, and signs the Freedom of Choice Act, which would eliminate by federal statute any abortion regulations in all of the 50 states...what happens to the South Dakota law? A short lesson on federalism...federalism is the shared power in government between the federal government (in Washington, DC) and the state governments. The Constitution gives the federal government the expressed power to levy taxes, declare war, and regulate interstate commerce and trade. They also have implied powers that say they can pass "necessary and proper" laws to execute their three expressed powers. Anything else, is supposed to be under the state's South Dakota should win this fight. However, over the last 75 years the Supreme Court (as well as the people of this nation) have allowed the federal government to grow much larger and more powerful than our Founding Fathers ever intended...which makes this possible confrontation between Mr. Obama and South Dakota (and any other state with anti-abortion law) so interesting.
* I am not a Howard Stern fan, but I do agree with him about censorship (in general), though I find his practice of free speech extremely vulgar. Last week on his SIRIUS radio show he had a poignant segment that I found frustrating, because I think it is prevalent and provides troubling evidence of real "racism".
* Hear (and see) it straight from the horse's mouth. The Democrats will raise taxes, even if Mr. Obama says he won't.

* Insert foot in mouth, again... John Murtha calls western Pennsylvania, "redneck" . This comes on the heels of Murtha calling the people of western Pennsylvania "racists" just last week. He is also the one who called our Marines "murderers" not so long ago.
* Tito "the builder" Munoz says it right, as he sticks up for Joe "the Plumber". Why does it seem so often, that new immigrants to our country understand what America is...better than generations old Americans?
* The Orlando Sentinel explains Mr. Obama's lies about healthcare. Yet another reason we know that Obama's healthcare plan is bad...look at the countryies who already have it!
* Uh-oh folks, get ready for the new craze...GLOBAL COOLING!
* Some of Obama's "changes", could be irreversible.
* Could these guys be McCain's dream-team cabinet?

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