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Fixing the System

Nick Gillespie at Reason.tvexplains how to "fix" the healthcare system without stripping the rights of the American citizen and forcing some people to pay for other people's healthcare.

More on this from Ed Morrissey at
"Instead of pursuing more third-party interventions, we should be removing third parties and reintroducing normal price signals for the health-care market. That would not only reduce costs, but it would also increase supply and make demand more rational" and "The same argument can be based on the cosmetic-surgery market, too. Most cosmetic surgery does not get covered by insurance, and as a result, providers compete for customers, customers get clear price signals, and providers rush into the market to fill demand, lowering cost and improving technology."

* When did Switzerland become Saudi Arabia?
* Great piece from a Stanford alumnus that sets the record straight on Lincoln, Corporate Welfare, and Government run education.
* Senator Barbara Boxer doesn't care about the lies spilling out of the "Climategate" emails... what she cares about is the people who hacked the emails.
* The main-stream media has fallen so far that now Jon Stewart has "scooped" them on the Climategate scandal!
* A Climate researcher says that NASA is "hiding" climate data.
* How can we allow police to keep using tasers on children?!? More here.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dr. Ron Paul Rocks

I love Dr. Ron Paul. Seriously. L-O-V-E. Is that weird? I know many folks think he and his followers are crazy, and I try to refrain frmo the Paulnuts stuff... but is there a more sincere, passionate, and reasoned man in the House? I don't think so. I think that this is where his detractors misstep, they think that he argues from his "passion" and not from logic. His arguments are always grounded in reason and though they may not be popular they are always honest. People seem to think that we have to live in a world that is convuluted. We fight for freedom, yet some freedoms must be limited or even destroyed (the right to partake of flavored tobacco for instance). We love free speech but obscenity should be limited. We should have the right to assemble, but don't build that mosque in my neighborhood! It doesn't have to be like this, we can be honest with ourselves and say freedom is good (always), speech is good (always), etc., etc., etc.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fascism is alive and well...

Just a quick note to mention... you do realize that if the House version of the Healthcare Bill passes through the Senate... you could go to jail for refusing to participate?
Basically, what will happen is this; if you refuse coverage you will be forced to pay a fine, but continued refusal to sign up for coverage will be met with prison time... up to 3 YEARS!
Hello? Is anyone watching out there?

* Democrat admits that the healthcare bill is Unconstitutional.
* Nancy Pelosi thinks jail time is fair for people who would not sign up for healthcare. In fact, healthcare is the Democrats CHRISTMAS present to America!

A quick look at how the President is "helping" us fix that pesky unemployment thing. By the way, notice where the President thought we would be without his "help". (Better off?)

From Big Government

Monday, November 09, 2009

Statism is Force.

Thanks to from pointing this all out....
Great moment from Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL): He asked the question that could easily have been asked twenty years ago today at the Berlin Wall. If the ObamaCare proposal is so good, why do you have to imprison people who don’t want to participate?

The answer: Statism always requires force, and it always strips people of liberty. It always comes with handcuffs. That’s how we know it’s coming.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Blueprint for World Domination! (Part 2)

Yesterday we started discussing my plan for world domination… of the baseball variety. We began by looking at who’s leaving and what the roster might look like sans some important pieces. Today we are going to plug the holes, fill the gaps, and make the Mets into World Series contenders for 2010. Let’s get started, eh?

I need to start by saying this; some of our gaps may need to be filled by trade, and if that is the case I will likely be calling on some names from our minor league stocks. The Mets plan to spend roughly $20-30 Million in filling the gaps on the team. Also, the Mets first round draft pick in next years draft is protected, so the Mets can sign a Type-A free agent without fear of losing that pick.

Now to the players…

Catcher seems to be the easiest position to fill as there are a plethora of catchers available on the open market. Omir Santos is a serviceable backup so let’s look for a guy who can start. My first choice here is Rod Barajas. Barajas is a good defensive catcher who can handle himself with the bat, for the Mets this would actually represent an upgrade over last year’s catchers. I think Barajas can be had for a 2 year deal worth $4 – 5 million.
Other possibilities: Bengie Molina, Ivan Rodriguez, Yorvit Torrealba, and Greg Zaun all seem like possible fits if Barajas falls through.

In Left Field there are also many available options, but two that particularly stand out for me. Most of the conversation thus far has been on Matt Holiday and Jason Bay… these two guys both bother me. They are too expensive and not nearly good enough for the money they will command. Neither is a good defensive player, and both have offensive deficiencies as well (Bay more than Holiday). I don’t like either guy for the Mets. In a perfect world the Mets would be able to get their hands on Carl Crawford or BJ Upton to roam LF but in this world… I think they should sign Jermaine Dye. Dye’s power and grit would be a welcome addition to the lineup. Believing that Dye will not have many suitors in the offseason, I would offer a 2 year deal worth about $12 - $14 million with a team option for a 3rd year.
Other possibilities: Vladimir Guerrero, Hideki Matsui, Matt Holiday.

Now to shuffle things up a bit, we are going to make some moves to try and improve the team and get a little younger. Kansas City has had a heck of a time finding a full time 2nd baseman and wouldn’t you know… we are about to offer them one. Luis Castillo just had a great year (offensively), and now is the time to move him. I will offer him (and for our purposes they will accept) to Kansas City. Castillo + $4 million to KC for a solid prospect or two.
This move now opens a hole at 2nd base, which we will fill by signing Orlando Hudson to a 2 year deal. The Mets should ink Hudson two a 2 year deal worth 8 million. This actually makes the financial transaction of Luis Castillo for Orlando Hudson a wash…but nets the Mets a couple of minor leaguers.
Other possibilities: Keep Luis Castillo, or get Placido Polanco, or Jack Wilson. All solid defensive options who can swing the bat…though no Cano or Utley type power here.

Let’s not stop there, we still have that gaping hole at 1st base and have not signed any power guys. Let’s make a deal. Adrian Gonzalez is the prodigiously powerful 1st baseman for the San Diego Padres, and he happens to be on the trading block. Gonzalez makes so much sense it almost doesn’t make sense! He is young (27), and he is cheap ($4.5 mil in 2010, $5 mil club option in 2011), and he hits for power in a pitcher’s park (40 HR in 2009 played half his games at Petco Park). The problem is that it sounds like Boston covets him too. This matters not to me because the Mets will be making the best offer.
I would send; Mike Pelfrey (SP), Ike Davis (1stB), Reese Havens (2ndB) and Fernando Martinez (OF) to the Padres for Adrian Gonzalez.
Other possibilities: Re-sign Delgado to a one year deal, or Nick Johnson, or bring in Troy Glaus to platoon with Daniel Murphy at 1st base.

Thus far by my count we have added between $12.5 and $14 million in salary to next years team…which means we have roughly $6 - $15 million left to spend (give or take a few million)…and we still need a two starters and a reliever (because we traded Pelfrey away).

Let’s grab our starters first and then look to fill in the reliever’s with what we have left.

Best case scenario in my Mets building plans would be to move Oliver Perez…however, his HUGE contract makes that almost impossible. He is still owed $24 million over the next two years. So Perez stays in the rotation, as does John Maine who has shown flashes of being a solid middle of the rotation pitcher. Our first signing is Erik Bedard on a two year $13 million dollar contract with incentives that could push the deal upwards of $20 million. The other starter is Jason Marquis on a three year deal worth $18 - $20 million (This would be a discount on Marquis’ last deal but I don’t think he will see a better one).
Other possibilities: There are way too many to count, so I will just toss out my favorites. Randy Wolf, Joel Pineiro, Rich Harden, Ben Sheets, and Jon Garland would all fit in nicely if I had to substitute my first choices…though the money could become a challenge.

Lastly, we look to round out the relievers. Because of the way the pitching staff looks to have been constructed I am going to be concentrating on getting a left handed reliever. Pedro Feliciano being the only lefty in the pen is not sound planning! I would make an offer to Joe Beimel of 1 year and $2 million.
Other possibilities: John Grabow, Will Ohman, and Brian Shouse.

So my team ends up looking like this (by batting order)…

SS – Jose Reyes
2b – Orlando Hudson
CF – Carlos Beltran
1B – Adrian Gonzalez
3B – David Wright
LF – Jermaine Dye
RF – Jeff Francoeur
C – Rod Barajas

C – Omir Santos
OF – Angel Pagan
OF – Cory Sullivan
IF – Anderson Hernandez
IF – Daniel Murphy

SP – Johan Santana
SP – Erik Bedard
SP – Jason Marquis
SP – Oliver Perez
SP – John Maine

CL – Francisco Rodriguez (aka K-Rod)
RP – Pedro Feliciano
RP – Joe Beimel
RP – Brian Stokes
RP – Bobby Parnell
RP – Sean Green
LRP – Nelson Figueroa

So if we go by most conservative numbers (meaning we have given each player the higher end of my contract offers) we have added $30 million to the payroll. The Mets payroll sits roughly at $140 million.
Some thoughts:
This team has a good mix of speed, power, and patience. We have four guys who could each belt at least 30 bombs, and a couple who could go for 20. We have 4 guys who could steal 20+ bases and 1 who could steal 60+. Seven of the eight hitters could hit around .300 (more likely 5 of them will), and the defense on the team should be above average.
The rotation should be much improved, and the bullpen as good as last year when several pitchers were overused and the pen underperformed.
I think this squad has the makings of a National League champion and should be more than competitive for the World Series crown.
Any thoughts? Please comment on what you think of my plan and if you have your own plan!

Update: After publishing this Kansas City and the Chicago White Sox made a trade swapping Mark Teahan from KC for Josh Fields and Chris Getz. This could cause the Castillo trade to be highly improbable. Also, prior to publication I had selected Bobby Abreu for Left field but news broke yesterday that he was signing an extension to stay with the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles… which caused me to move to my second option, Jermaine Dye.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Blueprint for World Domination!

I am not talking today about a plan for peace in the Middle East, or missile shields in Eurasia, or a way to fix the trade deficit.
No, the plan I will be revealing over the next few days is much more expansive…much more improbable…but just as important!
The plan I propose today is a roadmap for victory in the MLB. Today I take up the cause of my recently hapless New York Mets…the Amazin’s have stumbled through a rough year…and I as their not so bearded Moses, plan to lead them out. I just need Omar Minaya and the Wilpon family to read my blog.

The Mets plan in the upcoming year to have a payroll of roughly $140 million dollars. That will actually be about $10 million less than this past year, but should be more than enough to make a National League team competitive.

First, let’s take a look at some of the players that will probably be missing from next years Metsy’s!

Carlos Delgado – the Mets powerful 1st baseman missed most of the 2009 campaign with a hip injury. He is a free agent now and could re-sign with the Mets. I don’t know if Minaya thinks Delgado is worth the risk. – Minus $12 million
Brian Schneider – the Mets brought Schneider in the hopes they would be getting a premier defensive backstop. Instead they got an oft-injured, light hitting, just average defensive catcher. I can guarantee that the Mets will not miss his game. It wasn’t all a loss though because the trade that brought Schneider to town, eventually brought Jeff Francouer as well. – Minus $5 million
Tim Redding – the hope was that Redding would make a serviceable 5th man in the rotation. That hope…did not pan out. While Redding was the Mets BEST pitcher over the last 3-4 weeks of the season, he was horrendous over the first 5 months and I don’t think his work at the end of the season salvaged his chances with the Mets (Though he may have pitched himself into a contract with another team). – Minus $2 million
Billy Wagner – Billy was traded just before the end of the season but none the less the money owed our favorite volatile lefty comes off the books. Personally, I would love to see Billy come back and sign on to be K-Rod’s new set up man. – Minus $10.5 million
Alex Cora – Brought on to be the Mets club house chemistry guy, Alex was asked to do much more once the season got underway. Injuries thrust Alex into an everyday role… and it was not good. Cora excels as a part time player and club house chemistry guy… the Mets may bring him back in the hopes he can settle into that role this year. However at around $2 million a year, the price may be prohibitive. Personally, I would just proceed with Anderson Hernandez who is much cheaper and offers a similar skill set, minus the clubhouse stuff. – Minus $2 million
Gary Sheffield – Sheff was supposed to be a super-sub, but like Cora he ended up having to play a lot more than we originally thought. That’s not necessarily a problem, as Sheff played really well when he could… the problem was that Sheff is 40+ years old… and his body couldn’t handle the wear and tear. He won’t be back. – Minus $400 grand.

The Mets also owe arbitration raises to Angel Pagan, Jeff Francoeur, Cory Sullivan, Jeremy Reed, John Maine, Pedro Feliciano, and Sean Green. Along with that Redding, Maine, and Nelson Figueroa could all be non-tendered (which we have already done for Redding).
I expect the Mets to come to terms with each of these guys for at least the next year. I think Francoeur will likely see a three year deal, and Feliciano will likely be signed for another two years. Maine was hurt most of 2009 but showed he was back at the end of the season and the Mets will likely bring him back for at least a 2010 test run. Sean Green may end up being non-tendered (and released) but I think that would be a mistake. Green had some trouble early on in the season but the stuff was there, and he has been a dominant reliever in the past. I think the Mets should bring Green back on a 1-2 year deal for about $500-600 grand a season. Lastly, the three OF, Pagan, Reed, and Sullivan. The Mets go into the off season with a gap in LF, meaning they will be looking to sign another LF, I think that means that one of these three guys will be non-tendered. Again, I think it’s a mistake. As the 2009 season proved you cannot rely on complete health through a full season and all three OF proved they were valuable in 2009. At the least I would resign all three and try and move one of them in a trade between now and the start of the 2010 season. If one must be non-tendered, I would say goodbye to Jeremy Reed. He is a solid defensive OF but I think that in 2009 Pagan and Sullivan both proved to be as good defensively and better offensively. I would bring back Sullivan for a year at $600-700 grand, and I would try and sign Pagan to a deal through his arbitration years to backup our starters in the OF. I would also re-sign Figueroa.
Francoeur – 3 years $12 million
Feliciano – 2 years $4 million
Maine – 1 year $3 million
Green – 2 years $1.2 million
Pagan – 3 years $2.5 million
Sullivan – 1 year $650K
Reed – non-tendered
Figueroa – 1 year $500K

And lastly on the list of guys for next year is JJ Putz. The Mets have an option Putz for 2010 that would cost them $8 Million, but conventional wisdom says the Mets won’t pay that for a just back from injury set-up man. There is a scenario where the Mets do pick up the option and then trade Putz to a team needing a closer, but Putz recent injury history puts that in question. More likely the Mets exercise their $1 Million buyout, and Mr. Putz becomes a free agent.

So the team looks kind of like this…
Let’s look at who will probably be around next year first.
C – ?
1st – ?
2nd – Luis Castillo
SS – Jose Reyes
3rd – David Wright
LF - ?
CF – Carlos Beltran
RF – Jeff Francoeur
C – Omir Santos
OF – Angel Pagan
OF – Cory Sullivan?
IF – Anderson Hernandez?
IF – Daniel Murphy?

SP – Johan Santana
SP –
SP – Oliver Perez
SP – John Maine
SP – ?
This Rotation order may be quite different in 2010, but this was the order going into 2009.

CL – Francisco Rodriguez (aka K-Rod)
RP – Pedro Feliciano
RP – ?
RP – Brian Stokes
RP – Bobby Parnell
RP – Sean Green
LRP – Nelson Figueroa

So we have holes to fill at Catcher, 1st base, Left Field, and in the starting rotation and bullpen.
So now we know what we will and won’t have… tomorrow we will discuss options for filling those holes and money!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lessons Learned?

So it is the morning after an awkwardly mild election cycle (which happens in odd off years like 2009). I think there are a few things we can take away from yesterday's vote.
1. Apparently the Republican Party is not yet dead. The GOP has been crumbling since 2004 when George W. Bush was re-elected President, and the decline seemed to reach it's zenith (can a decline have a zenith?) in the recent election of Presidnet Obama and the sweeping majorities garnered in both Houses of Congress. However, almost one year into his Presidency and the only legislation signed by President Obama has been morsels of token liberal agenda items. TARP and the Bailout's have been passed by this administration but I can assure you that that was not something the President ever fathomed having to do as part of his administration's agenda. He imagined spending that money on Healthcare and other social justice causes... not on banks and car companies (though the "little" venture may ultimately help the Democrats succeed in other areas). The reason the President's agenda has gone unfulfilled? Me and you. The American citizen has complained just loud enough for Democrats in moderate and conservative districts to get the picture. If they want to keep their jobs and continue to help mold the American agenda they cannot be seen as supporting overreaching Healthcare legislation. They must maintain at least a semblance of detachment and wariness about "BIG" government and more spending. I have my doubts about whether or not "Blue Dogs" really disagree with the size and scope of Healthcare legislation being pushed by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama but whatever their reasons (whether just or spineless) it is thanks to moderate democrats that the legislation has not passed. The problem for Democrats is that many Americans are starting to get itchy trigger fingers for their ballot boxes. Joe Middle America wants to vote tomorrow to get his current Congressman out of Washington... and this is good news for the Republican Party seeing as there are so few of them in Washington today. So, why hasn't the GOP died yet? Address your thank you notes to the Democrat Party care of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. If not for the Triumverate in DC... the GOP would be toast.
2. It's ok to vote for third party candidates. Though it appears that Doug Hoffman of the Conservative Party has lost NY-23 (by a slim margin), if you look past the election there is perhaps a much more important story here. Dede Scozzafava had been the Republican's choice for this seat prior to dropping out just days before the election (and then voicing her support for Bill Owens, the Democrat), but many Republican voters (who identify more as conservative than Republican) would not vote for the definition of a RINO (Republican in Name Only). By most measures Scozzafava was more liberal than her Democrat opponent, how in the name of Ronald Reagan, did the Republican Party let that happen? To show their angst at the GOP machine voters in the NY-23 chose a third path... Doug Hoffman. I don't know if this will trend around the country but I have to believe that more voters will at least seriosuly consider the idea of voting Third Party after Hoffman's stunning campaign. And folks... this is a good thing. Neither party really cares about what their constituents think or want... the only time they care is when it costs them money or votes. It is high time the American public start forcing the two major parties to pay the piper... let your local party representatives know that their decision making will COST them... and the cost is your money and your vote.
3. I am tired of "moderates". Moderate make me sick. Moderates are dithering. Moderates are squishy. Booooooooooo moderates.
I would rather debate and argue with a flaming liberal or a raging conservative than "discuss" the current political climate with a moderate. Do you know why moderates are moderate? Because they can't make a stinking decision and they don't want to offend anyone. Moderates have thrown away intellectual honesty for what feels right. Moderates have discarded the logic and reason centers of their brains for the "which way is the wind blowing" portion of their hearts. For example: Olympia Snowe Republican from Maine is a moderate. She is not socially conservative, so she must be fiscally conservative, no? No. She voted for the bailouts and is currently considering supporting massive Healthcare legislation. What part of Senator Snowe is conservative? Nothing. Not an ounce. What part is liberal? I think most liberals would say... nothing, not an ounce. Olympia Snowe is the epitome of what is wrong with Moderates, they stand for nothing. I'd rather deal with Barney Frank, at least then I know what I should expect.
4. Lastly, I am sick of the "Big Tent". And hopefully so are you. Look, I am not vain enough to believe that my party will think and act exactly as I do on every issue. That would mean that I was in a party of one... I mean, my wife is my biggest supporter and she and I disagree all the time. However, the Republican Party trying to make the tent so big that folks like Dede Scozzafava fit under it... is ridiculous. Scozzafava proved my point for me, when after dropping out of the race she endorsed the Democrat and seemed to have accepted a deal from NY Party leaders to become a Democrat politician in time for the next election cycle. Losing the Republican vote... is no skin off her nose, because the Democrats welcomed her with open arms. Just like they did with Arlen Specter (who if anyone has noticed has been more reliably Democrat since his switch then he was reliably Republican prior to his switch) and would do with any other RINO who decided to switch sides.
A "Big Tent" should be just big enough to fit folks under it who buy into the party platform. Moderates are welcome...liberals are not. You disagree on minor issues? Fine. You disagree on major issues? Sorry, we are probably not for you. No more Dede's, no more Arlen's. And while I am not well versed enough in Democrat Party politics... I would say the same for them. The major party's being more pure and reliable would be good for democracy. It would force those of us in the minority to vote 3rd Party consistently enough to force change (see the populist and progressive parties of the late 1800s early 1900s).
Real change, not token change like the meaningless words bandied about by politicians from both parties.

* HotAir finds other lessons.
* The GOP's $1 million dollar object lesson.
* Abortion activists get violent with old lady... Apparently they have problems with both ends of the life spectrum.
* Al Gore criminal Billionaire.
* Surprise, surprise the racists in Atlanta are deciding the mayoral race based on RACE!

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Un- Support Dede... NOW!

I am tired of the Republican Party. They have succeeded in destroying every iota of respect that I once held for them. I got yet another letter requesting money to help them win elections across the country. You know the one... where they give you a survey and let you air your grievances... but then ask for a donation for the processing fees and for their coffers. I tossed that sucker in the trash soon as I realized what it was. After years of neglect and unresponsiveness the GOP wants my money... I don't think so. The latest example of their disdain for me comes with their support of Dierdre Scozzafava in NY-23. So at the behest of my heroes the indomitable Michelle Malkin and the tireless Robert Stacy McCain, I have contacted the NRCC and the RNC to make them aware of my disgust. "What disgust" you ask? The support given by the Republican Party to Dierdre Scozzafava in the NY-23 special election that is coming up. Here is the letter I sent to the Party leaders (and everyone else in my address book).

To whom it may concern:

My purpose for emailing today is to express my disgust with the NRCC and Republican leaders for their support of Dierdre Scozzafava in NY-23. The woman is further to the Left of Arlen Specter and yet you continue to shower her with our money.
As of today the Republican Party writ-large can expect to no longer receive ANY campaign contributions from my family. Over the last few years I have steadily become more and more disenchanted with the GOP and I can honestly say that this is the last straw. I hoped that with the President and Democrats plummeting poll numbers, and the liberal John McCain's crushing defeat the GOP would have realized that what America needs is conservative reform. But your support of Dede Scozzafava proves to me that the GOP is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
If you ever want another dime from me... pull your support of Scozzafava now.

More from Michelle Malkin:
* Dede is a liar!
* Scozzafava campaign melting down!
* The friends of Dede Scozzafava.

More from RS McCain:
* The Antonym of leadership.
* Don't believe the media.
* The tireless one is in NY.

Here is some more info on Scozzafava's conservative competition... Doug Hoffman.

* Hoffman asks for our help.
* Hoffman endorses the flat tax.
* RS McCain asks the GOP to learn from its mistakes.

Hey GOP...

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Roman "Pervert" Polanski.

Roman Polanski has a series of new books coming out for the discerning reader; "Roman Polanski's: Dummies guide to sex with minors", "Rapin' Roman: How to enjoy your illegal extracurricular activities without being harassed by the man ", "Runnin' Roman: Eluding justice for over 30 years!", "Winning friends and taking advantage of their kids; Roman Polanski teaches you his winning methods" and finally, "My friends are idiots: Roman Polanski reveals all about his idiot Hollywood friends".

“If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!” - Roman Polanski

Which one of these is not like the others...?
Roman Polanski is a pervert. Roman Polanski is a pedophile. Roman Polanski is a rapist. Roman Polanski is Hollywood and France.
The other day Whoopi Goldberg said, "he didn't commit rape-rape". What the hell is "rape-rape" and what kind of an ass-clown would ever say something like this?
He has had many in Hollywood take up his cause, and idiot multimillionaire movie mogul Harvey Weinstein calls for Polanski's freedom. Weinstein also says that Hollywood should be America's moral compass because Hollywood has "compassion". Hollywood should be the compass to find Weinstein's head...cause it's up his ass.
Roman Polanski lied to the girl's mother and told her he was working for French Vogue. When the mother left he gave the girl champagne and quaalude's then got her naked in a hot tub... Polanski then raped her. She begged and pleaded that he not do it... and over her protestations he raped her. He orally raped her. He vaginally raped her. He anally raped her. All to a chorus of a pleading 13 year old girl saying "No"... over and over again. When it came to prosecution he never denied what happened, but to avoid a trial he pleaded to the lesser count of "statutory rape". The prosecutor did this as much to save the young girl from the trauma of a trial as it was to ensure a conviction of Polanski. He never once denied her version of the attack.
Some have said that Polanski has "served his time". WTF!?! (Pardon the French today...this is a touchy subject)
As I was saying... WTF!?! The man fled to France and has lived the life of a rich and famous playboy. He has been traveling throughout Europe as the toast of the proverbial town... but boy has he suffered. Has anyone anally raped Roman? Has anyone beat the ever living crap out of him? Has he sat in prison for a few years? Has he been on the registered sex offender list so that our peace officers could harass him at 2 am every few days? If the answer is no... then he needs to come back and serve a few years in prison for rape. Then a few more for skipping bail.
The man is a monster and must be imprisoned because he is a distinct danger to any little girl whose path he crosses. This was another one of Whoopi's "nuggets of wisdom" dished out on the View; "I think he's sorry. I think he knows it was wrong. I don't think he's a danger to society." Whoopi is so far off it's not funny. Polanski was convicted of rape in this case, he has admitted to an affair with 15 year Nastassja Kinski, and openly spoke of his enjoyment of "little girls". The man is very, very dangerous.

* Hollywood's idiocy is actually uniting both political wings.
* Polanski's own memoirs talk of another fling with an underage girl... 15 year old Nastassja Kinski. The man just likes sex with little girls.
* Hot Air uncovers more Polanski "conquests".
* Want to know just how gross and demented Polanski is? Here is the money quote...
“If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!” - Roman Polanski

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Long time coming....

Sorry about the layoff, current events have just been pissing me off lately. :)
Have a few good links for today's post...enjoy!

* Fight the power! Smoke. Well, I won't be smoking anytime soon... but that is a personal decision of mine. If you are unsure about whether or not you want to become a smoker, you better figure it out now... because smoking may soon be illegal. I would recommend heading to your local convenience store today and giving smoking a try because this may be your last chance. Unless of course you decide that you will break ridiculous anti-smoking laws. Just wait... the next ban will be on potato chips. (Or for fans of former VP Quayle...potatoe chips.)
* Cash for clunkers falls flat on its face.
* Just another reason I will NEVER willingly enroll my children in the American public school system.
* Michael Moore tries to argue that capitalism didn't work for him. I have two words for Mr. Moore... You Lie!
* The Grand 'Ol Senile One...Jimmy Carter...says that he never called Obama detractors "racist". Um, Jimmy... maybe the senility medicine is not working well but you DID call Obama detractors racist.
* From Chip Bok

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter continues slide into Senility

Jimmy Carter claims that the "overwhelming" animosity towards President Obama from the right is racist. I will say this one more time... Jimmy Carter is an ASS-CLOWN. Why is that every time someone disagrees with a liberal/progressive/democrat agenda item, they must be labeled as a "racist"? I will state for the record that racism is sin. It is immoral. It is irresponsible. It is intellectual idiocy. I will unequivocally state that I believe any person with racist views to being and illogical, imbecilic fool of a person whose brain is so clouded with filth as to lay some genetic "blame" at the feet of melanin.
I will also say; President Obama has thus far been a colossal waste of time as the leader of the "free" world. "Thus far". Though I see little reason to hope for better over the next 3 years. From the bailouts of the auto industry. To the stimulus. To the continuation of the Bush doctrine of foreign policy... and make no mistake Obama is just a 3rd term of President Bush when it comes to foreign policy. (As he proved yet again with this latest policy decision.) This latest SNAFU (Nationalized Healthcare) will be the biggest blunder of all, as it will send our nation reeling and from a massive welfare scheme like this.... there is no coming back (just listen to the British politicians drone on about how great the NHS is, when all of the factual evidence says otherwise).

And while I don't believe liberals/progressives to be racist - I do think that they are exploitative. And as Rahm Emanuel says they will not "let a good crisis go to waste" (and believe me a whole section of the country being racist would be a crisis). Even if they have to invent it.
* Jimmy Carter is actually the only racist in the room, as evidenced by his last book that details for you how to become an Anti-Semite. Good news for President Carter he has just gotten a rousing endorsement from Al-Qaeda's best known book reviewer... Mr. bin Laden himself! (When Osama bin Laden loves your book isn't it time to check yourself into the local psychiatric facility?)
* tries to explain that the center of American politics may actually hold the most lunatic of the fringe!
* The peanut farmer's message of hate is spreading... 12% of Americans agree that opponents of Obamacare are racist! (This literally makes me want to curse...and puke)
* HotAir uses Crazy Carter's logic against him.
* Meanwhile back in NOT-crazy land. 45% of doctors say they would consider quitting if Obamacare became law. Damn racist doctors!
* Lawmakers in DC are also getting on the Racism Wagon! Rep. Hank Johnson of my home state (GA) says that if they don't censure Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) that we will have "the KKK riding through the countryside"! Can I use the Ass-clown epithet again? I think I will. Hank... you are an Ass-clown.
* Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post tells us that yelling at the President about the Constitution is RACIST!

* One more reason to be against Government run healthcare reform.

One parting thought about the racism stuff. It's disgusting. Completely disgusting. It is the fallback position for a person who knows that they have lost the debate on a particular issue. It is the most vain and vile attempt to claw out of a corner you have backed yourself into, knowing that the other side wins on logic. The Democrat Party all too often uses passion and emotion to evince their desired outcome in a political fight... and it is because the media and the American people allow them to. The moment clear thinking, rational, non-Racist Americans stand up and say, "We will not allow you to use this as the crux of your argument anymore" is the moment that the progressive movement will look for new solutions. My worry, however, is that this will never happen. The liberal movement will continue to use passion over reason and they will continue to win converts to proselytize the masses... and they will win. The rest of us will eventually be regarded by history as racist, hate mongers who sought to allow "evil" corporations to rule the world. As my epitaph let me say; "I am not a racist. I hate no one. I simply wanted to live in a world where each man/woman could be free to make the decisions that they deemed best for themselves, without the unwanted influence of others (especially the government)."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ObamaCare...yes, it's that bad.

This blogger has actually read every word of House Bill 3200...the ObamaCare Bill. He tells us it's worse than we the whole article for the truly grim reality that is ObamaCare.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Project 2996: Remembering Malissa White

Project 2996 was established as a way to ensure that we remember the people we lost on that tragic day in September of 2001. It has been eight years since the 9/11 attacks committed by that heinous group of Islamo-fascist terrorists known as al-Qaeda. I worry that we may become desensitized or even indifferent to what happened that day and to the lives that were lost. It is important to remember that 9/11 did not happen to us, it is happening to us. The inhumanity of humanity continues to surround and affect us daily, even today as our soldiers continue to fight (and die) in Afghanistan (and Iraq).
On this 8th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon near Washington, DC, and in a field in Pennsylvania... please take the time to remember all of those whose lives were taken from us by men who embody the evil that still exists in our world today.
To learn more about Project 2996 please take the time to read up on their website.

Born in 1965, Malissa White grew up in Bald Knob, AR. The precocious sister in a large family, she would often be mistaken for the oldest sibling...which she was not, "She was like the caretaker of the whole family, the spokesperson, the whole lot" her brother Marc says. In 1996 she married Rocky Higgins and the couple established their home in East Flatbush, NY. Rocky's two sons now became the step-children to Malissa, who quickly became the doting mother. She kept in constant contact with the two boys teachers and coaches and was the driving force behind the older sons scholarship to Talladega College in Alabama.
Malissa worked in the human resources department of Marsh and McLennan companies which leased office space on the 93rd through 100th floor of the North Tower. Very likely, one of the first to succumb to the disgraceful attack, as the first plane made it's fateful entrance on the 96th floor of the North Tower. Marsh and McLennan companies lost 295 people that day of the almost 2,000 who would have been in the offices.
I think that the most important thing I can say about Ms. White is that she was beloved for her generous character and her loving manner. Her husband remembers her as "A real family person". She was a mentor in her church and when some of her fellow congregants lost their homes to fire, Ms. White took them in to her own home. Perhaps her greatest legacy is left with her husband who says, "All I can say is that she is the best thing that happened to me".
To view what others have to say about Malissa White, beloved sister, wife, and fellow American please check out this memorial site.

Census numbers breakdown

Let's allow Ed Morrissey from to educate us on HealthCare.
The Census Bureau released its annual income, poverty, and health insurance survey (2008) yesterday, giving both sides new numbers to use in the health-care debate. ObamaCare advocates can claim that the number of uninsured rose in the year, which it did, from 45.6 million in 2007 to 46.3 million in 2008. Opponents of the administration’s efforts can point to the increased numbers of Americans covered by insurance (255.1 million, up from 253.7 million in 2007) and the wider coverage of existing government programs — which increased by almost 5 million to 87.4 million people in 2008.
The focus will fall on the breakdown of the uninsured. What comprised the 46,340,000 uninsured, according to the Census Bureau?
35.2 million are in families, and 10.7 million are single
21.3 million are white, 14.6 million Hispanic, and 7.2 million black
Just over 30 million are between 25 and 64 years of age, while 7.3 million are children
Almost all of them are in major metropolitan areas (39.2 million)
17.8 million make more than $50,000 a year in annual household income
10.7 million did not work in the past year
Of particular interest is the citizenship/resident category. Foreign-born residents comprise 12.3 million of the uninsured, with only 2.8 million of those naturalized citizens. That leaves 9.5 million non-citizens in the count. The Census Bureau refuses to categorize on their legal residency status, which means that legal and illegal immigrants get counted in this total. Last year, estimates put the number of illegal aliens in this category as 5.6 million out of a total of 9.7 million. Even if we attribute the entire 200K reduction in this category to illegal immigrants leaving the US (as opposed to legal immigrants leaving or illegal immigrants getting insured), it still leaves 5.4 million illegals as part of the overall uninsured number.
In reviewing this data, we can strike off the 17.8 million who made more than $50,000 a year, which is just about the 2008 median income ($50,303). These are people who make enough to buy insurance; while they may have other reasons, such as pre-existing conditions, preventing their purchase, by and large they can at least afford to buy insurance, even if it means making a choice to skip buying something else. The 5.4 million remaining illegal immigrants can also get stricken from the list, as Barack Obama insists that he doesn’t want to provide coverage for them in his overhaul. That brings the number of uninsured down to half, at 23.2 million people.
Next, we have the problem of Medicaid/CHIP underreporting on the ASEC, covered in some detail in Appendix C of the report. Last year, the Census Bureau reported that they missed 2.8 million enrollees in Medicaid. That would bring the number down to 20.4 million uninsured, which comes close to the sum of those who didn’t work at all last year (10.7 million) and uncovered children (7.3 million), although some of the latter overlap with the underreporting of Medicaid/CHIP. The general scope of the problem is between 17 and 20 million uninsured at worst, not 46 million or 30 million, as Obama tried to argue on Wednesday.
Finally, let’s address the canard of “14,000 people lose their health insurance every day.“ The number of people insured rose over the course of the year, by over a million, and those covered by government programs rose by almost 5 million. If 14,000 people lose their health insurance every day, it would amount to 5 million more uninsured for the year. Nothing in the new data gives that indication, and in fact shows that more people find health insurance now than lose it.
The numbers for 2009 won’t look as good, thanks to the massive job losses seen all year. We’ve lost more than 3 million jobs, which probably means many of those have lost their health insurance. Unfortunately, Obama’s plan to overhaul the health-care industry will steal capital from the markets that would create new jobs and provide coverage for those unemployed.
Addendum: While perusing this data, be sure to read the data on poverty. Expect to hear about this year’s increase in poverty to 10.3% of all American families, but it’s interesting to see the historical data on this. According to the data, with the exception of 2003-4, the Bush years were a boon. Except for those two years, the poverty rate stayed below 10% for all of Bush’s term. In contrast, those numbers only went below 10% for two of the Clinton years, 1999 and 2000, which was the best year on poverty the US has had since records began being collated in 1959.
Also, compare the numbers on household types for those same years. Two-parent households did a much better job of staying out of poverty than single-parent homes.

A Job for Hollywood? - Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner on National Review Online

A Job for Hollywood? - Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner on National Review Online

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama: The man, the myth, the liar.

While the President's speech last night almost gave me an aneurysm I have decided today to allow the AP and Matt Welch from to explain to you why the President's speech was full of lies.

From the AP: Obama uses "iffy" math to make the case for health care reform. What it should say is that Obama does math gymnastics to try and schmooze healthcare reform through.

From Obama's lies matter, too. Indeed they do Matt.

If you read each of the articles they will support their views with facts from the legislation itself to show you that President Obama lied at least a half dozen times in last nights speech. Shouldn't that matter?

Ed Morrissey at sums it all up with this: "For a man eager to paint his opposition as liars, Obama told a couple of whoppers himself in front of the joint session of Congress" Read all of Ed's coverage here.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Clown of the Day - Van Jones!

More trouble for the Obama administration... the President's "Green Jobs" czar, Van Jones, is an avowed communist. He also happens to be a 9/11 "truther" (a person who thinks the Bush administration orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks to drum up support for it's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq). This does not play well for the administration because they already have to deny socialist leanings...and that gets harder to do when you have an avowed socialist who leans "communist" in your administration. Also, the administration's mouthpieces have been making fun of the Republican party because some of it's supporters are Obama birth certificate "truthers"... it gets hard to make fun when you have your own "truther" in your ranks (and not on the fringes of your party)!
* Just breaking today too...Jones was a supporter of a convicted cop murderer. Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal...this guys gets worse every minute.
* Van Jones defends himself...kind of.
* Van Jones' defense blown out of the water...dummy.
* Charles Krauthammer thinks that Van Jones will be out on his butt soon.
* Glen Beck gets his revenge...

* ABC's Jake Tapper adds to the Van Jones discussion.
* A spokesman for the "truther" group says that Jones knew exactly what he was doing.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Irony in Government run "Health Care"?

There is a touch of irony in any statement endorsing government run healthcare. While the person endorsing may not necessarily agree, let us consider one other government run institution.
The US Postal Service: Hemorrhaging money because they cannot be competitive with private postal services like UPS and FedEx. Meanwhile, UPS and FedEx maintain lower rates, faster schedules, and better customer service and somehow they make money hand over fist! The President actually used the USPS as an example a few weeks ago when trying to prove that private insurers could make it if there was a public option. He alluded to all the problems the USPS is having staying in business... as proof the government system could work. The irony was lost on the President but not on me. If the government can't even run a profitable monopoly like the USPS how could it possibly provide proper health care (especially with private competition)?!
I'm sure that you can think of other examples, but the USPS is probably the most egregious. Others that popped into my head; the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), any city license office, the passport service at the Department of State, and lastly any office at any public building you get my point?

If the mainstream media needed some proof that fear-mongering Republicans aren't so far off the mark, the British NHS provides the example. Read this latest report on the British health care system from the London Telegraph. It is a terrifying indictment of what MUST happen in any nationalized health care program... at some point care MUST be rationed. Whose care is rationed, you ask? The old, the terminal, and the poor are the folks who suffer the most under any national healthcare program. The easiest people to cut out of the system are the terminal, who are "dying anyway". The old come quickly behind them as care must be measured against value returned... and old people just don't have that much to offer society once they reach a certain age. Lastly, the poor. The system is generally seen as a way to provide health care to the poorest in society - definitely a noble cause - however, what invariably happens is that choices must be made. When care cannot be given by the socialist system, the rich can move outside of the system and pay out of pocket for their care... while the poor cannot.
Allow this noble cause of health care for the poor to be provided by the private sector. Ease restrictions so that some enterprising fellow can invent a system that provides quality health care at affordable prices while making himself some money. Oh, wait! Someone has you say?? How about this post on the rise of retail health clinic's as part of a new vision for health care reform.
No, retail clinic's are not the whole answer, but they are a part, and they show the ingenuity of the capitalist system. Capitalism is not an all devouring monster lying in wait to destroy the unwitting consumer. Capitalism is a force for good. The entrepreneur and businessman know that by providing a quality product at an inexpensive price they can assure their continued existence in a comfortable manner. Capitalism allows greed to overflow from the owner's cup and splash on the hoi polloi providing more wealth for more people on all levels. Capitalism is not the green bodied, one eyed monster of liberals nightmare's... but capitalism is the beautiful siren upon which the American dream can be built.
* Health Care reform supporter bites off finger of senior citizen. This could be a good track for the Democrat Party to try... Senior citizens don't get health care because we need them to die so we can feed our supporters! That'll fly...
* The politicians in Washington wouldn't know economics if it hit them in the face and called them Susie.
* More police "Rambo" violence in my fair state of Georgia. More questions than answers after this latest "botched" police investigation.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hypocrites galore against war....

Libertarians across the country are starting to notice that some anti-war groups are only against Republican-led wars. Patrick Krey at the New American points out the hypocrisy of the anti-war left, and comes to the conclusion that the anti-war movement needs true believers... and libertarians fit the bill. Krey also points out that the anti-war message is much more fitting coming from the "real" Right side of the aisle.
Other than Ron Paul, George Will is the first notable conservative commentator to call for our withdrawal from Afghanistan.
As a passive viewer of our entrance into our two most recent conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan), I am not ashamed to say that our invasion of Afghanistan brought me some sense of retribution after 9/11. I will be honest enough to admit, however, that that was as far as I had considered the invasion. Just a return blow... "an eye for an eye", if you will (though I do not buy into the "eye for an eye" made me feel better back then). Iraq was different, the only reason I could truly surmise for our entrance into that conflict was the removal of a sadist. And while ridding the world of sadists may be a good thing... it is absolutely not the most prudent thing for any government to undertake. And so I was neutral on both fronts... until the left began clamoring for peace... and I felt that their motives were, shall we say, less than pure. Time is seems has proved me right, and today I believe I am actually much more for ending both of these conflicts than many of the marchers at their anti-war rallies. War may be a necessary evil, at times... but there are other times when it is just plain evil. I hesitate to ask the Right to stand up against these wars because I would prefer them not to engage in hypocrisy. However, I would say this; if as a conservative you can step back and consider what it means to be a conservative and the values and ethics that entails and still be pro-war... than all the best. But... if you examine those values and come to the conclusions that I have, please stand up and speak out. Not just when a Democrat is in office but at all times. Our motto should be "Less government, everywhere".
* You are crazy if you think the Left really wants to have a reasoned "debate" on the value of health care reform.

* Investor's Business Daily on how to really reform health care.
* Go to Duke University and give up your rights!
* Charlie Rangel still DIRTY and still getting paid. Why is this man still working?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Perhaps the funniest video ever? From YAF and Jason Mattera.

NHC = Creepy

* When you pause to think about it... nationalized healthcare is just "creepy".
* More proof that Obama is Bush on foreign policy.
* Is Obama the new Huey Long?

* Even style has an apparent liberal bent.
* Are old people finally waking up and switching party's?
* Want to read the ending to two of not-Grimm's fairy tales?
* Prison inmates in Britain eat better than hospital, I mean patients.
* New book out that looks like a good (yet utterly negative) read... National Suicide: How Washington is destroying the American dream from A to Z.
* Want know why our great-Grandparent's generation was so much happier than ours? Take a look here...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama's Decline

* The Obama administration finds a new way to screw Union members and help out Union leaders.
* Michael Barone speaks truth to power.
* Muddying the waters. Chris Dodd will not disclose details about his Senate health care bill... not even to other Senators. The Age of Transparency from the Democrat Party.
* I despise the primary fallback position of liberal politicians... RACISM! Same lady says Fidel Castro is a "bright leader" and that the Cuban health care system rocks! Assclown.
* A GOP landslide in the works? Don't jinx it. Hopefully the folks over at GOP headquarters realize they have done nothing to earn this and that they shouldn't get swelled heads over it. The should also learn that in the last 6 years as they have steadily slid left they have steadily lost ground and in the last 6 months the only reason for the ground they have gained is the Democrat Party's "Great Leap" leftward and the GOP's stoic holding the line. Rasmussen reports that just 46% of voters at least somewhat approve of the job that President Obama is doing. explains the reason for Obama's swift fall from grace.
* With Ted Kennedy there is "the man, the myth, and the legend". Th "myth and legend" is what you have seen plastered all over the news for the last week about the "Lion of the Senate". The "man" or perhaps better "the true man", Ted more likely found in the story of a memo he wrote in 1983. The story on the USSR memo broke in 1992 and more was written about it in a book on President Reagan's life in years later... but did you hear about it? No. It undercuts the media's story about the glorious Ted Kennedy. Except that he was willing to undermine a President and give the USSR invaluable propaganda opportunities just to gain some political ground...not to mention the manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne.
* Detroit... the epitome of what is wrong with public education. By my new favorite writer Karen De Coster. Here she responds to a fascist liberal who would prefer taxing families who choose private education.
* The Federal Reserve must die. Ron Paul has recently written a book supporting a similar theme, titled "End the Fed".
* Obama's War.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Remember back in 2004 when John Kerry was running for president? Remember how the democrats fought for legislation that would prevent Governor Mitt Romney from choosing a successor for Kerry's senate seat, fearing Romney would put in a Republican? Democrats won, citing how democracy must be thought of above all else. Democratic Rep. Will Strauss said a special election was necessary because such tactics have been used in a "totalitarian country" and that "one person, whoever happens to be governor, will not make the decision for you."

Now, to be fair to Mr. Strauss, he still stands by those comments even as democrats cry out that it is unfair to Massachusetts voters to be represented by only one senator. The democrats changed the law back in '04, and now that they need every vote they can get on Health Reform they want to change the law again. What is wrong with these people? Truth is, this health care plan probably won't pass as long as there is a Gov't sponsored health insurance plan. It just baffles me how blatant their hypocrisy is. It was okay back then, but now, because they need all the votes they can get, it's not. When isn't there an important issue needed to be voted on? I just can't wait to see how this turns out. It would just add fuel to the burning stake that liberals are going to be burned on in the coming few years. If they win, let's hope it's not going to be Caroline Kennedy who is put in as the interim senator.

Idiot Economist Eats Own Face

Idiot economist proves he is not just an idiot but an actual ass-clown.
* Paul Krugman says that we should NOTworry about "long term deficits" in a new article for the New York Times.
* Back in 2004 Paul Krugman explaining why "long term deficits" are a MAJOR worry for the health of an economy.
* Oh, and for a little perspective on just how "awesome" Ted Kennedy was here's a little anecdote from his buddy Joe Klein.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I don't want stop asking!

My latest thought on health care reform: "I don't want to pay for your health care. I only want to pay for mine and my family...and I do pay for ours. Also, while you are listening, I don't to pay for ANY other government welfare projects either. I will choose who I give welfare to. I would gladly volunteer a significant portion of my yearly salary to helping those less fortunate... but I despise the government's attempt to compel me to "help" those the government deems less fortunate." Can you be free yet forced to comply with laws you find egregious?
* One Democrat explains why should you give up your superior health care for inferior health care... its' because you are American...
* John Stossel explains how current health care reform plans will actually INCREASE the price of health care.
* ABC and NBC will not run an advertisement criticising the President's health care plans. They don't want to run controversial political advertisements....however, they will allow the President and congressional Democrats to push their health care views as often as they would like.
* The bad news for health care reformers? The American public likes this plan even less than President Clinton's plan...and they hated that!
* Is it the President's fault that health care reform is dying?
* The dirty secret about who is running the health care debate... TRIAL LAWYERS.
Don't believe me about trial lawyers influencing Democrat lawmakers? How about Howard Dean?

Democrat no likie tort reform...
* Reasonable fear when it comes to health care "reform".
* In New York City (the best example of a fascist American system) it is now illegal to use portable electronic devices while driving. For those of you who think that this new law makes sense...consider this...why not outlaw talking while driving as it also diminishes your driving ability.
* At least someone has some integrity. I never thought I would praise Cindy Sheehan because I assumed that her opposition to the war (like many others) was purely political...however, I will apologize here and now. Mrs. Sheehan, I am sorry for believing your motives to be less than pure. I stand with you and ask... "WHERE ARE ALL THE WAR PROTESTERS!?!" At home patting themselves on the back for ridding the world of the evil George W. Bush... and why was he evil again? All of his war policies? The ones that Obama has completely taken as his own? It's time you recognize your hypocrisy America.
* Comedy gold. One of the worst polluters in Britain is a supercomputer used to predict climate change. I don't make this stuff up, folks.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jam-Packed with Red Meat!

Today's news day may not be as jam-packed as yesterday but there is a ton of red meat out there today. Wade through and click the links because some of America's best writers are ON today.
* Best thing I have read today; Karen De Coster of calls Nancy Pelosi an "ultrawealthy, powermongering pig"! I love it! She also informs us exactly why, Nancy can be called a National Socialist (or Nazi). Pure Awesome from
This dude agrees with Karen De Coster

* Neal Boortz has thoughts on the pageantry of the passing of Ted Kennedy.
* Didn't I tell you this would happen? (Yes...yes I did.) Nancy Pelosi promises to pass health care reform for Teddy!
* Why was Ted Kennedy possibly the most important politician in America? Because "he reminds Americans of how truly corrupt, tyrannical, deceitful, and rotten to the core the US State has become".
* Enjoyment for both sides of the political spectrum from Robert Stacy McCain... "Bill O'Reilly is an obnoxious douchebag".
* Apparently Andrew Breitbart was not a fan of the late Senator from Massachusetts.
* It ought to be less embarrassing to have been influenced by Ayn Rand than by Karl Marx. And yet in today's popular culture that doesn't seem to be the case...
* Wealth (re-)Distribution! Gimme yo' money!
* The folks at Forbes explain why the stimulus has not worked.
* Keith Olbermann says that Fox News viewers are paranoid racists. I kid you not... he actually said that people who watch Fox News are "tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists." Serious. No joke.
* August ties the deadliest month for the war in Afghanistan (and there are still a few days to go). I may be beating a dead horse here...but WHERE ARE THE PROTESTERS!?!
* The rationalization of torture. I will admit to being one who has flip-flopped on this issue. To the casual observer it may seem that over the last few years I have "progressed" from the pro-torture side of the aisle to the "holy-****" torture is always wrong side of the aisle. The truth, however, is that I (and I would suppose many of my conservative brethren) have always been against the "ends justifies the means" argument. So instead of a progression perhaps I have just become more honest with myself about what I truly believe. The ends most certainly does not always justify the means.
The fact that I think torture is always wrong does not mean it is always ineffective. The Wall Street Journal ran this story about intel gathered from "enhanced methods" that saved lives. Just remember...the ends does not justify the means.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy is dead.

He died late last night at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. The "Lion of the Senate" will be "lionized" and eulogized throughout the day by various and sundry pundits from many different news outlets. Other politicians will speak of him in reverence and with sadness they will mourn his passing. The Democrat Party will bow their corporate head and pray for the soul of their dearly departed and then they will use his name to champion their battle for, national health care reform.
To all of today's coming pageantry I say... what does Mary Jo Kopechne think? It was just a month over 40 years ago that a drunk 37 year old named Edward "Ted" Kennedy drove off a bridge into a river on Chappaquiddick Island killing the young democrat activist. She was the only child of Joseph and Gwen Kopechne, and after her death they were personally told of the incident by Ted Kennedy...though he failed to mention that he had been the driver of the car. What often gets lost in the retelling of the grisly accident, is that Mary Jo did not drown in the upturned car in the river... no, she asphyxiated. Mary Jo's head was fortuitously in an air pocket after the accident and she died when the oxygen in that pocket was depleted. After the car went into the water and Mr. Kennedy made his escape he returned home and alerted a few of his aides but did not call authorities. In fact Mr. Kennedy did not inform the authorities until after they had found his overturned vehicle (with Ms. Kopechne still inside) the next day. Even then Senator Kennedy tried to evade blame by concocting a story where Mary Jo Kopechne had been the driver, but his cousin Joe Gargan convinced him to own up to his "mistake".
A week after the incident, Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury. He received a two month suspended sentence and claimed that he had not been intoxicated that night (though witnesses say he had been drinking all day). Only a Kennedy could have gotten away with a sentence this lenient for a crime this severe. Mary Jo Kopechne was 28.
So on this day 40 years later upon the death of the "Lion of the Senate" I choose to remember and mourn for her life... as Senator Kennedy will have millions of devout mourners remembering him.
* More from the brilliant Robert Stacy McCain.
* More from the indomitable Michelle Malkin.
* More from Nick Gillespie at Reason.
* More from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.
* How would our founding fathers feel about the Kennedy family often being called American "royalty"? Personal opinion? The Kennedy family legacy is dangerous. No family should be revered simply because of their name or deep pockets. In a society such as ours where we value honesty, integrity, and hard work the real "Camelot" should be found in those average people working hard to realize the American dream... The Kennedy family has always been deeply flawed from patriarch Joe Kennedy's corruption (and admiration for Nazi Germany), to President John Kennedy's womanizing and cavorting with gangsters (specifically the Chicago/Las Vegas mob who helped him beat Richard Nixon in 1960), to Ted Kennedy's non-manslaughter. The "Camelot" myth is a creation of a media hungry for celebrities... case in point the recent fascination with our new "First" family - the Obama's. Whether discussion is about Mrs. Obama's clothing choices or what pet they will adopt... the media craves celebrity politicians and that is why they loved the Kennedy's.
* Yahoo mourns the end of "Camelot".
* Charlie Rangel is still a Dirty Dirty liar.
* What Britain's health care system is really like.
* I ask again where are the war protesters?!?! The Obama White House says rendition will continue! This is the same rendition that so many Democrats despised just a few months ago, but now that the man behind the renditioning is President Obama everything is just peachy.
* Pot is safer than alcohol.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 hurts.

* News today that Johan Santana and Jeff Francoeur are now hurt... from Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog -- "Instead, the Mets have put 19 players on the disabled list this season, including Carlos Delgado, David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, as well as Brian Schneider, Angel Pagan, Oliver Perez, John Maine, Gary Sheffield, Alex Cora, Ryan Church, and J.J. Putz, who underwent elbow surgery in June – not to mention rookie Fernando Martinez, who had been the team’s starting outfielder at the time.
Meanwhile, Jeff Francoeur, who never missed a game due to injury while with the Braves, may be forced to miss the rest of this season with a torn ligament in his thumb – all while Johan Santana has his sore elbow examined today by Dr. Altchek."

I love the Mets. As a resident of Atlanta that can be an especially arduous affiliation...especially when we are losing. But it's time to say it - Omar Minaya needs to shut this team down. Frenchy and Johan need to go on the DL and all of the guys currently on the DL need to stay there. In fact, the Mets should also send Luis Castillo and Mike Pelfrey to the Disabled List just in case. Call up non-prospect players from Triple-A and Double-A and let them have their cup of coffee in the SHOW. In the offseason cut the dead weight and find some talent on the Free Agent Market and through trades and lets try again next year.
I love the Mets and it breaks my heart to be paying good money for MLB Extra Innings just to watch them scuffle along.
* Before I take exception to something written by Jonah Goldberg, let me say that I think most of his writing is brilliant, and that I agree with every jot and tittle in his most recent post to the "Corner" about the IG report.
I would however make this point; doesn't this say something negative about our culture?
I have been apathetic to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, besides feeling passionately thankful to our soldiers and passionately sorry for their families. I was not for or against either conflict, and still find it hard to argue about. But on torture I can say that my personal belief is that all life is sacred and that my conservative leanings teach me that no one person is less valuable than any other. So when Jack Bauer has to kill one to save ten, though my heart may understand... my brain screams "NO!".
Isn't the whole idea of American values (and the reason I am against all welfare schemes) that each individual is as important as the next? It is also why I think that as Americans we should value ALL human life above all else. I guess I just think it is a sad commentary on the human condition that there are moments when we "cheer" violence enacted on others...even when it's the bad guy.
Because... we are better. Our culture, our morality, our philosophy... we are better.
* John Stossel wonders why every Obama critic is a racist.
* Literally the worst story I have ever read!
* Because Ben Bernanke has done such a great job thus far...
* Rudy running for Gov?
* Things are gonna get worse.