Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hypocrites galore against war....

Libertarians across the country are starting to notice that some anti-war groups are only against Republican-led wars. Patrick Krey at the New American points out the hypocrisy of the anti-war left, and comes to the conclusion that the anti-war movement needs true believers... and libertarians fit the bill. Krey also points out that the anti-war message is much more fitting coming from the "real" Right side of the aisle.
Other than Ron Paul, George Will is the first notable conservative commentator to call for our withdrawal from Afghanistan.
As a passive viewer of our entrance into our two most recent conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan), I am not ashamed to say that our invasion of Afghanistan brought me some sense of retribution after 9/11. I will be honest enough to admit, however, that that was as far as I had considered the invasion. Just a return blow... "an eye for an eye", if you will (though I do not buy into the "eye for an eye" made me feel better back then). Iraq was different, the only reason I could truly surmise for our entrance into that conflict was the removal of a sadist. And while ridding the world of sadists may be a good thing... it is absolutely not the most prudent thing for any government to undertake. And so I was neutral on both fronts... until the left began clamoring for peace... and I felt that their motives were, shall we say, less than pure. Time is seems has proved me right, and today I believe I am actually much more for ending both of these conflicts than many of the marchers at their anti-war rallies. War may be a necessary evil, at times... but there are other times when it is just plain evil. I hesitate to ask the Right to stand up against these wars because I would prefer them not to engage in hypocrisy. However, I would say this; if as a conservative you can step back and consider what it means to be a conservative and the values and ethics that entails and still be pro-war... than all the best. But... if you examine those values and come to the conclusions that I have, please stand up and speak out. Not just when a Democrat is in office but at all times. Our motto should be "Less government, everywhere".
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* Go to Duke University and give up your rights!
* Charlie Rangel still DIRTY and still getting paid. Why is this man still working?

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