Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama: The man, the myth, the liar.

While the President's speech last night almost gave me an aneurysm I have decided today to allow the AP and Matt Welch from to explain to you why the President's speech was full of lies.

From the AP: Obama uses "iffy" math to make the case for health care reform. What it should say is that Obama does math gymnastics to try and schmooze healthcare reform through.

From Obama's lies matter, too. Indeed they do Matt.

If you read each of the articles they will support their views with facts from the legislation itself to show you that President Obama lied at least a half dozen times in last nights speech. Shouldn't that matter?

Ed Morrissey at sums it all up with this: "For a man eager to paint his opposition as liars, Obama told a couple of whoppers himself in front of the joint session of Congress" Read all of Ed's coverage here.

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