Monday, March 16, 2009

Fiction in the White House.

* A must read article from Charles Krauthammer on President Obama's love affair with science...fiction.
* Definitive proof that President George W. Bush is President Barack H. Obama's model on everything Presidential.
* Anybody notice that President Obama's approval ratings are roughly the same as President Bush's from the same time period in 2001? Only difference? Obama's are dropping like a rock!
* A judge has forced a North Carolina woman to stop home schooling and send her kids to public school. The reason? She teaches with a religious slant. The judge believes this to be a "good opportunity" for her kids to "be tested in the beliefs she has taught them". The worst part? (Other than the blatant abuse of judicial powers...and the razing of this poor woman and her children's rights) Her kids have tested 2 grade levels higher than their public school counterparts!
* The way a class act behaves...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bailouts and Bull****

FRIDAY MARCH 13TH - DREW CARREY WITH JOHN STOSSEL ON ABC'S 20/20! Bailouts and Bull****! John Stossel will cover some of the most controversial subjects using common sense and the ideals of freedom. If you want to understand libertarianism...this is the show to watch.

* Randall Forsyth over at Barrons explains that ignoring the proponents of the Austrian School is what got us in our current economic mess. follows up and lays it out.
* Milton Friedman gets smeared by the Huffington sounds like business as usual for HuffPo.
* Remember how bad things were a couple of weeks ago when the President said "we might be in deep s***"? Okay...maybe he didn't use those words...but you get the picture. Well he is reversing course... apparently, everything is now, just fine.
* The brilliant Mark Sanford clashes with the race-baiting hate-monger James Clyburn.
* Maxine Waters (Democrat from California) is a dirty, lying, hypocritical, cheat.
* Police shoot an unarmed college student in the chest during a drug raid. If he dies it will just be another casualty of the drug war.
* The pretense of airport security by the venerable Robert Higgs.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


* The majority of economists are thus far dissatisfied with President Obama and Secretary Geithner.
* Ready for the next big "stimulus"? Only 27% of Americans want a second stimulus.
* More companies deciding to outsource themselves and move to Switzerland. They should call the exodus of productive companies from the USA to other countries the Obamadus.
* Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, and Lew Rockwell...these are the guys that should be in charge. Paul as President, Schiff as Treasury Secretary, and Rockwell as the Secretary of State.

* Will terrorist pig Bill Ayers and his terrorist pig wife Bernardine Dohrn actually go to prison!?!?! One can only hope.
* La Shawn barber teaches Michael Steele a lesson. I would support Ms. Barber for RNC chair over Mr. Steele any day! Especially after his third public debacle to date.
* Global warming fire being fanned by the media? You don't say...
* A strong argument against the use of tax dollars to fund human experimentation.
* Why does the USA want universal healthcare? Canadians who can afford to flee into the US for our superior healthcare service....
* A freedom ranking of the 50 states.
* The disaster of public education.
* They should have left Rush alone.
* El jefe... El caudillo... El gran-pain-in-the-culo, tries his hand at sports journalism. Just die already.
Ari Fleischer hands Chris Matthews a whooping...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taxes? We don't need no stinkin' taxes!

Common Sense from Wichita Falls:
"Dear IRS,
I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to pay taxes owed April 15, but all is not lost.
I have paid these taxes: accounts receivable tax, building permit tax, CDL tax, cigarette tax, corporate income tax, dog licence tax, federal income tax, unemployment tax, gasoline tax, hunting licence tax, fishing licence tax, waterfowl stamp tax, inheritance tax, inventory tax, liquor tax, luxury tax, medicare tax, city, school and county property tax (up 33 percent last 4 years), real estate tax, social security tax, road usage tax, toll road tax, state and city sales tax, recreational vehicle tax, state franchise tax, state unemployment tax, telephone federal excise tax, telephone federal state and local surcharge tax, telephone minimum usage surcharge tax, telephone state and local tax, utility tax, vehicle licence registration tax, capitol gains tax, lease severance tax, oil and gas assessment tax, Colorado property tax, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico sales tax, and many more that I can’t recall but I have run out of space and money.
When you do not receive my check April 15, just know that it is an honest mistake. Please treat me the same way you treated Congressmen Charles Rangle, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and ex-Congressman Tom Daschle and, of course, your boss Timothy Geithner. No penalties and no interest.
P.S. I will make at least a partial payment as soon as I get my stimulus check.
Ed Barnett
Wichita Falls"

* Camille Paglia's intellectual honesty and her ability to separate each issue from that of the party she supports is a breath of fresh air. I cannot name one other liberal writer as honest or fair as Ms. Paglia. Honestly, I cannot think of a single conservative author as honest or fair either...
In her most recent article for Salon Ms. Paglia unloads on President Obama's weak staff, she also defends Rush Limbaugh! Astounding....
* The New York Times and Investors Business Daily both attack the President's decision to fund fetal stem cell research. Noting that recent study has shown that adult stem cells are the true avenue for scientific advancement.
* Imagine an occupied America...Ron Paul brings perspective.
* Top 20 earmarkers in the $400 billion omnibus bill.
* Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina is the first Governor to reject some of the stimulus money for his state.
* From
"Kim Jong Il unanimously re-elected leader of North Korea. Celebrates by writing six novels, successfully hunting a unicorn, impregnating seven Swedish women."
* Liberal Mass Murder.
* Bet you can't guess which Republican Senators voted against school choice...?
Different day same names...Specter, Snowe, Murkowski, and add to the list Crapo (not kidding that's his name). If Specter and Snowe are going to vote with the Democrats on everything...why not just be Democrat?
* La Shawn Barber blogs today about Star Parker who notices that black poverty is overwhelmingly a result of single mother homes. Surprise, surprise...
* And lastly, Jack Cafferty continues to prove that he is an ass-clown.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sanford in 2012?

With the Republican Party looking for leadership there is one clear place to turn... Ron Paul. What? No Republican is willing to be honest with themselves and realize that the man is nigh incorruptible? No Republican is willing to consider that he may have been right about the war in Iraq? The real answer is, most Republican politicians are just like Democrat politicians...all they care about is keeping their job and making money by fleecing the people with their "pet projects". (PORK) If we won't listen to Ron Paul...then I have an alternative. His name is Mark Sanford... and he could well even win us the Libertarian vote. Mark Sanford is a man of principle and action...I think he's our guy.
* Stand up for capitalism!
* When it comes to foreign relations, the President is over his head. Imagine if President Bush had made all of these gaffes...he would have been roasted!
* has a way for you to get in on the billions of $$$$ in stimulus money that is floating around out there. Check the link here.
* Ask the economists how to fix things.
* From Thomas Sowell: "Why should taxpayers who live in apartments, perhaps because they did not feel that they could afford to buy a house, be forced to subsidize other people who could not afford to buy a house but who went ahead and bought one anyway?"
* Someone threw a shoe at the President of Iran...still funny?
* California has issues.
* How to stop the Drug Wars.
* My hometown paper FINALLY decides (with readership dropping like a rock) that it's time to be less biased! It has always amazed me that the major paper in Atlanta, GA could be one of the most liberal papers in the country and survive...but now that it is dying its editors have decided to move to the middle.
* Could the "Echelon Conspiracy" be the worst move ever made? A strong maybe...
Great spoof picture from instapundit.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Violent Democrats

Charlie Rangel wants the American people to mind their "own damn business". Ok, Mr. Rangel...since we are paying your salary we would like to know why you don't pay your taxes? If you don't want to tell us...give us our money back. Oh, and go to jail.

* More Democrat violence, a Chicago Alderman attacks one of his constituents.

* Who's ready to move to New Zealand?
* Is there reason to Paul Krugman's madness? The dude is still an idiot.
* Jim Cramer still taking heat for standing up to the "One".
* A CNN correspondent is the communist party candidate in El Salvador.
* Republicans say "let the banks fail".
* Maine RINO's Snowe and Collins want the base to join them!
* Connecticut wants to regulate the Catholic Church. Massachusetts wants to tell you what kind of car to drive.
* The "Fairness Doctrine" Redux.
* Hugo Chavez wants the President to follow his lead.
* "Going Galt".
* President Obama again agrees with President Bush.
* Poll shows that most Democrats wanted President Bush to fail too.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Republicans moving in the "right" direction?

"Writes Thomas A. Olson:
You write: "The American Spectator is alarmed. Rush Limbaugh sounds like LRC. The American Conservative has temporarily dropped its love of protectionism to warn of dollar inflation. The love of war has gone AWOL at National Review. The Heritage Foundation is warning that government spending and taxation are driving us to ruin. Pat Buchanan is defending the free market."
Earthquakes, floods, dogs and cats sleeping together. Indeed it must be the End Times."

Anyone who reads just one post on this blog will quickly realize on what side of the ideological line I my opinion on this subject may be a little...skewed. I happen to think that conservatism fits very nicely with libertarianism. I think that now that the Republican Party is the minority party you will see much more of this kind of grandstanding. Republicans will once again be the party that speaks of smaller government, more personal freedom, less protectionism, and much less hawkish on war (unless we are victim to another terrorist attack). Now if the Republicans were back in power...their actions would more than likely be very different from their words...but for now, the rhetoric will be classic conservatism.

* The Senate wants to give the FDIC a $500 Billion loan! What's another half trillion? Republicans call for a spending freeze.
* The Dow has tumbled down by 20%! The Wall Street Journal says that Obama's radicalism is killing the Dow!
* The stock market is not fond of the new President.
* This study concludes that the Democrat pushed "card-check bill" will cost 600,000 American jobs.
* The CATO Institute shows how Obama's tax the rich plan will hurt the middle class.
* President Obama's "fiscally responsible budget" will add $4 trillion to the defecit within four years.
* The President is addicted to two things...tobacco and his teleprompter.
* The government's dirty little secret.
* The Common Sense of Rush Limbaugh.
* DL Hughley's show on CNN has been canceled. I hope I didn't cause this man his livelihood.
* Iraq is thriving!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Going Galt!

* Michelle Malkin talks about "Going Galt"!
* Jim Cramer responds to the White House's harrasement. Great article.
* Seems I was right a few days ago about the weird focus of the Obama administration on Rush Limbaugh. More from the National Review Online.
* Neal Boortz wants Barack Obama to fail!

* Great quote from the New York Times on the American way...
"Churn is the American way. Companies are born, rise, fall and die. Others come along to replace them. The country’s remarkable capacity for innovation, for reinvention, is tied to its acceptance of failure. Or always has been. Without failure, the culture of risk fades. Without risk, creativity withers. Save the zombies and you sabotage the vital."
* Jake Tapper takes on press secretary Gibbs on the White House's obvious hypocrisy.
* The folks at ask "Should you take stock market tips from a socialist?"* Murray Rothbard is my homeboy!
* I have a constitutional right to my nunchucks!
* Ann Coulter calls out Keith Olbermann.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

White House vs. Economics

Have you noticed something interesting happening in the past couple of weeks? Two popular TV money guys... Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer have railed against the Obama administration's economic policies from different angles. Santelli attacked the "stimulus" plan from the Chicago Stock Exchange floor with the agreement of what sounded like all of the traders working that day.

Cramer from his show (and then the Today show) where he said that the President was destroying the wealth of the United States.

The common factor between both attacks? In the following days White House press secretary Robert Gibbs felt the need to respond and attack both men in return.
Gibbs said that Santelli had no idea "what he's talking about".
Of Cramer, Gibbs said his opinions were "geared to a very small audience."
Now, I am not certain but I think it would probably be fair to say that in general Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer... do know what they are talking about. And the size of Cramer's audience has nothing to do with whether he is right or not. These are men who make their living off of our economy ... perhaps instead of flippantly tossing aside their opinions we should take them to heart. I have still not found the group of economists who have supported this bailout...but a cursory search of the internet will find a flood of professional economists who are against the "stimulus". On another point... could you imagine if President Bush's press secretary had responded in like fashion to every reporter who criticized his administration? Maybe if the President and his "men" spent less time attacking political and economic pundits like Rush Limbaugh and now, Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer (and anyone else who disagrees with anything the Obama administration does)... they might actually be able to accomplish something.

War on Rush!

* The Politico reports that the Democrat leadership actually planned the Rush Limbaugh barrage of the last month. And the media has been complicit.
* Harry Reid thinks that Republicans want the President to fail. Well...DUH!
* Ron Paul on Rush and the Republicans.

* Ed Henry is a "BUTT BOY"!
* Maureen O'Dowd makes a good point.
* Obama and the Democrats are waging a war on prosperity.
* Obama lied...the economy died.
* The venerable Pat Buchanan says that socialism is here!
* Obama is cooking the books.
* Keith Olbermann is a clown...for George Clooney.
* America...a "free" country?
* Hilarious.
* An insightful book review from La Shawn Barber.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An ex-Republican defends Rush.

I have been watching, reading, and listening to the news for the last month with a steady and growing uneasiness. At some point since the inauguration hunting season has opened up on Rush Limbaugh. He is in the news every single day...and generally not of his own volition. A few weeks ago he said that he wanted President Obama to fail, if, failing meant that his legislative goals would not pass. How is this news? I am sure that we all understood that the Democrat Party hoped president Bush would fail, if, failure meant that his agenda would not pass. I echo Rush's sentiments...I do not want President Obama's agenda to make any headway. I hope that it all falls apart, and that his goals fail miserably.
My personal perspective on this is that this is an attempt by the Democrat Party (and by default their acolytes in the media) to drive a wedge between the Republican Party in general (who do no listen daily to Rush) and the conservative wing of the Republican Party who parrot Rush's philosophy. The idea here is to kill, or at the very least to marginalize, the Republican Party. If you can sever the Party from it's philosophical base...than the party has no ground to stand on. In many ways the Republican Party has already stepped off of it's base and walked away...but there is still a tether connecting the two...and that tether is talk radio and pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Glen Beck.
(I cannot put Sean Hannity in this company because he has long been too staunch a party man...and maybe these others have fallen into that trap too, but less so)
In any case if the Republicans fall into the trap that the Democrats and media has set for them by cannibalizing their base, the Party will be dead for all intents and purposes. The shell that remains will be worthless as the principles and planks which have long guided and supported us will have been torn up and used as kindling in the fire of socialism which burns in Washington, DC.
Rush Limbaugh is not important as it pertains to elections but what he says is important for the soul of the party. His words are spiritual fodder for the conservative masses...if the Party chooses to sever the tether that connects them to the base...I shudder to think what would happen.

* Deconstructing Rush Limbaugh's CPAC speech.
* The White House attacks Rush.
* Letterman calls Rush a "bonehead" and says he looks like "an Eastern European gangster".
* MSNBC bashes Rush.
* NBC chief political analyst Chuck Todd, mocks Rush and calls radio a "backward medium".
* White House conferencing over Rush?
* Classless blogger rips Paul Harvey in death...and uses time to attack Rush, too.

DL Hughley is a Nazi!

DL Hughley did it. He went there. He has committed one of my most hated faux pas'. He has likened the Republican Party to Nazi Germany. I hate...hate...when members of the political left choose to use "Nazi" as a descriptive word for the Republican Party. The worst part about it...the only connection they can ever build between the Republicans and the Nazi's is...they both have majority white populations. DL Hughley goes further as he seems to think that Republicans don't even consider the opinions of blacks valid. I can now say without reservation that DL Hughley makes me sick. The Republican Party is averse to government social welfare programs because they increase the size of government, cause taxes to inflate, are generally more poorly run than private welfare programs, and bleed money as if it were pouring through a sieve. NOT because they don't care about the opinion's of the black community.
DL Hughley proves that he should not have a show on a network like CNN with this comment. It shows his utter lack of understanding when it comes to history or politics. The Nazi's were fascists. (From Fascism is "a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism." The Republican Party is against government centralization of power, for individual liberties, against all socioeconomic controls and for an absolutely free market system. Now I will admit in recent years Republicans have generally been more nationalist than Democrats but both parties have been comfortable with racism in our history. And neither party today is "racist", to say so is to try and attach moral value to political ideas...and that is matter the political issue.
The values of the Republican Party are polar opposite to the values of the Nazi movement...and to that there is no reasonable argument. So Mr. Hughley, please kindly shut your mouth and think before you speak.
* How would you like the government to tell you who you can and cannot donate money to? What about if it were based on racial quotas? The Obama administration's proposed budget would limit tax deductions on charitable contributions from wealthy Americans. Its aim is to push philanthropic organizations into ignoring donor intent and instead giving grants based on political considerations.
* A list of the top ten earmarkers in the new $410 billion omnibus bill. Bet you can't guess which party half of those lawmakers come from? That's right! Democrats...oh, the other half?? Oh...well they are Republican. Yes the Republicans are as big an ass on the earmark and porkbarrel spending as the Democrats. Hey, don't blame voted for them!
* David Brooks whines that President Obama is not the moderate moderates thought he would be...WAAAAHHH! That is because David Brooks is an assclown.
* The USA has lost $3 trillion in wealth since the election, what happened? Apparently, the people with money don't have faith in the President. Jim Cramer (Yes the crazy loud screaming money guy from CNBC) thinks that "this is the greatest wealth destruction he's ever seen a President commit".

* President Obama is running out of people to blame.
* Thomas Sowell proves that talk is cheap.
* Detroit's leaders are racist.
* The nominee (nominated by the President) for U.S. Trade Representative is also a dirty tax cheat! Can we not pick someone who HAS paid their taxes!?! Is it really that easy to not pay them?
* Which state is the most "free"?
* Sean Penn only understands part of the "Harvey Milk story".

Monday, March 02, 2009

Break up the Government!

* The National Tea Party was a success and some in the media actually noticed! Michelle Malkin takes note and expands on her blog.
* Republicans are wrong. Obama did not bring back the era of big government...the Republican Party under the watchcare of George W. Bush did. President Obama is just expanding on those "Big" Government policies.
* Lew Rockwell teaches us that the economics of stimulus is value destroying.
* The stimulus bill explained in words most of us can understand.
* The Financial Times says that Obama is a...liberal. 'Whew'...glad we got that figured out.

* Paul Krugman blames people who save their money for our economic problems.
* President Obama's spending bill with "no earmarks" actually has over 9,000 earmarks some added by the President's own staff.
* AIG keeps getting rewards for failing! Another $31 Billion Dollars for the failure...
* CPAC introduced "Hi Caliber" (a Republican Rapper) to the rest of the country.
* Representative Paul Ryan writes the Republican response to the bailout.
* The President's appointee to the office of Director of Urban Affairs is dirty. Nothing new here...which is sad...just another dirty Obama cabinet member.
* Almost 20 states have now introduced a "sovereignty" bill to remind the Obama administration about the 10th Amendment.
* The war on drugs is not the answer.
* A little hilarity for your day... some in Europe miss President Bush!
* After years of Democrat leadership the median home price in Detroit this past year was $7,500.
* Oh the pain, of the anti-war left. At least the anti-war non-left is consistently loud and angry with Republican or Democrat administrations. The anti-war left becomes decidedly less anti-war with Democrat leaders at the helm. Does anyone hear the chants for war crimes to be brought against the Obama administration for attacks in Pakistan, Iraq, or Afghanistan? I think not.
* How about some bright news? Geert Wilders People's Freedom Party has soared in recent polls and it looks like they would win the majority of seats in Parliament if elections were held today.