Thursday, March 05, 2009

Going Galt!

* Michelle Malkin talks about "Going Galt"!
* Jim Cramer responds to the White House's harrasement. Great article.
* Seems I was right a few days ago about the weird focus of the Obama administration on Rush Limbaugh. More from the National Review Online.
* Neal Boortz wants Barack Obama to fail!

* Great quote from the New York Times on the American way...
"Churn is the American way. Companies are born, rise, fall and die. Others come along to replace them. The country’s remarkable capacity for innovation, for reinvention, is tied to its acceptance of failure. Or always has been. Without failure, the culture of risk fades. Without risk, creativity withers. Save the zombies and you sabotage the vital."
* Jake Tapper takes on press secretary Gibbs on the White House's obvious hypocrisy.
* The folks at ask "Should you take stock market tips from a socialist?"* Murray Rothbard is my homeboy!
* I have a constitutional right to my nunchucks!
* Ann Coulter calls out Keith Olbermann.

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Metsfan8 said...

That's a great quote by the NY Times. What the administration doesn't seem to realize is that this isn't the 1930's. More people are investing now than ever before. Poor people, rich people, middle-of-the-road people....everyone. Many companies offer 401-Ks, and stock options. People are purchasing mutual funds to enjoy the gains of the market but without all the risk. Obama has to stop trying to fix everything, and instead work out a partisan solution that will be best for everyone in this economy.....not just the poor people or the unemployed or the people who can't handle the freedoms that this great nation offers (or should I say USED TO OFFER).