Monday, March 02, 2009

Break up the Government!

* The National Tea Party was a success and some in the media actually noticed! Michelle Malkin takes note and expands on her blog.
* Republicans are wrong. Obama did not bring back the era of big government...the Republican Party under the watchcare of George W. Bush did. President Obama is just expanding on those "Big" Government policies.
* Lew Rockwell teaches us that the economics of stimulus is value destroying.
* The stimulus bill explained in words most of us can understand.
* The Financial Times says that Obama is a...liberal. 'Whew'...glad we got that figured out.

* Paul Krugman blames people who save their money for our economic problems.
* President Obama's spending bill with "no earmarks" actually has over 9,000 earmarks some added by the President's own staff.
* AIG keeps getting rewards for failing! Another $31 Billion Dollars for the failure...
* CPAC introduced "Hi Caliber" (a Republican Rapper) to the rest of the country.
* Representative Paul Ryan writes the Republican response to the bailout.
* The President's appointee to the office of Director of Urban Affairs is dirty. Nothing new here...which is sad...just another dirty Obama cabinet member.
* Almost 20 states have now introduced a "sovereignty" bill to remind the Obama administration about the 10th Amendment.
* The war on drugs is not the answer.
* A little hilarity for your day... some in Europe miss President Bush!
* After years of Democrat leadership the median home price in Detroit this past year was $7,500.
* Oh the pain, of the anti-war left. At least the anti-war non-left is consistently loud and angry with Republican or Democrat administrations. The anti-war left becomes decidedly less anti-war with Democrat leaders at the helm. Does anyone hear the chants for war crimes to be brought against the Obama administration for attacks in Pakistan, Iraq, or Afghanistan? I think not.
* How about some bright news? Geert Wilders People's Freedom Party has soared in recent polls and it looks like they would win the majority of seats in Parliament if elections were held today.

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