Friday, February 27, 2009

Throw a Tea Party!

* Tea Party's all over the USA to protest the "stimulus" package.
* The world's greatest bumper sticker. Purchase your own at the Tennessee Republican Party website.

* President Obama is a fear monger. And he's a liar to boot...
* Joe Biden tries to terrify the people of Louisiana. Governor Jindal sets the record straight, and explains that Louisiana actually ADDED jobs last month.
* At last, the comedian cum economist, Paul Krugman has blessed the President's "bailout" scheme.
* Times might be hard for some, but this is nowhere close to the Great Depression. There is a lot of positive economic news out just have to stop watching the broadcast news to find it.
* Interventionism...almost always bad.
* What!?! Almost half the country didn't vote for're kidding, right?
* Hey! What did Vladimir Lenin, Hugo Chavez, and the socialist Mitterrand all do that Democrat leaders are trying to do? Nationalize the banks...
* The problems of the world economy could lead to an uptick in violence around the globe.

1 comment:

Metsfan8 said...

The democrats and Obama have no idea what they're doing or talking about. Obama has the Fed Chief from the late 70's into the 80's, Paul Volker, on his economic staff. This guy helped us correct all the mistakes Carter made, yet it seems that Obama is Carter part 2. There is too much gov't spending going on to help our economy right now. We have to cut the spending!! The more the gov't gives to these banks and corporations, the more they crowd out private investment. Private investment is what we need to turn our economy around. If the people have less to invest in, or if they're investment returns don't compensate them sufficiently, no one will want to invest. These gov't blowhards should know better. It's like we have a bunch of retards running this country.