Monday, February 23, 2009

Democrat and Liberal Hypocrisy.

I have been keenly aware of the broadcast news programs of late, and I will confess it is mainly out of spite. I hate watching NBC "News", CBS "News", or ABC "News"... because on most evenings I can count a half-dozen different comments that I feel are partisan or at the very least, unfair. The reason I have been paying such close attention lately is to see the media's response to the Obama administration's continuation to the war on terror. Any problems with the "surge" in Afghanistan? Nope. Any problems with the warrantless wiretapping of the "evil" Bush regime? Actually, no. The wiretapping was ok. Any problems with Gitmo? Wow, nah. What about the rights of those held at Gitmo? rights, you say!? Strange that sounds a lot like what President Bush said for all those years. But maybe I should not be surprised when the media does not treat both sides equally...?

* And the Democrats thought Reagan was bad.
* The death of Keneysianism?
* Mixed messages on government spending? Yep.
* PBS on the Democrat payroll.
* Fascism.
* Fascism and the Economy.
* The Federal Reserve is the problem.
* Norm Stamper for Drug Czar?
* NAACP is against free speech.
* Another dirty Democrat.
* A northern defense of secession and rejection of the Civil War.
* The next conservative revolution must start in says Andrew Breitbart.
* Praise the Lord. North Dakota lawmakers have voted to define a fertilized egg as a person.
* On March 13, Drew Carey will appear with John Stossel on ABC News 20/20 in the special Bull**** in America. Be sure to tune in.

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