Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"No you can't...only Government can."

"only government is big enough to solve this problem." - BO
The One has spoken. Yesterday President Obama announced that only government could save our pitiful and declining society! Praise be! Thank heavens that our merciful great leader will now step in, sweep down, and rescue us from these evil days! It matters not that roughly 60% of Americans disagree with the kind and gracious leader about how to rescue our economy...those evil unpatriots don't understand the economy the way our wonderful leader's personal economist and comedian Comrade Krugman does. And Comrade Krugman says economy bad, Republicans bad, government good.
Ahhhh...big trouble.
* Is the bailout a Trojan Horse for universal healthcare? Bloomberg news says that's exactly what the bailout is.
* The AP actually notices the President's double-talk.
* Chris Dodd is just another dirty Democrat politician...but will anyone actually call him on it? Nope.
* Yet another very dirty Democrat? YOU KNOW IT. ABC News breaks the story on more dirty laundry for Democrat Representative from PA John Murtha. Not only does the guy think that Marines are terrorists and murderers...he likes to take money from lobbyists.
* John Kerry is worried that tax cuts would mean people would be "free to invest anywhere that they want if they choose to invest." Holy crap.
* Paul Krugman is K-R-A-Z-Y!
* A clumsy President is only funny if he is a Republican.
* Our culture of debt.
* Lawmakers in twenty states move to regain state sovereignty.
* I may be for the legalisation of marijuana, but science has just given me another reason never to try it.
* Penn Jillette makes some great points. (Beware..some salty language)

* Disagree with the new messiah? Be prepared to be called a Benedict Arnold.
* Why President Obama wants to control the census. The media is silent.
* Broadcast news still infatuated with the President.
* Some prefer black to African American.
* Funniest...or saddest statement of the day. From the Irony Hall of Fame, comes this quote...
"We cannot give up on this long, difficult war." -- John Kerry
I kid you not.

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Metsfan8 said...

#1: John Kerry is an idiot. He can't make up his mind on the war(flip-flopper), and his view of tax cuts is so off base it's amusing. John, the idea of a free market is that people should be FREE to spend THEIR money as they wish. If we left it up to a guy like John Kerry, who knows where my money would be right now. I'm even finding myself wishing he did become president so everyone would see that faults of the democratic party, which would mean B. Hussein wouldn't be president right now.

#2: America is becoming more and more socialist not because of its people, but because of its government. Although, this article does point out what we have been discussing lately: that republicans and democrats are cut from the same socialist cloth, whether they believe it or not.