Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama's Decline

* The Obama administration finds a new way to screw Union members and help out Union leaders.
* Michael Barone speaks truth to power.
* Muddying the waters. Chris Dodd will not disclose details about his Senate health care bill... not even to other Senators. The Age of Transparency from the Democrat Party.
* I despise the primary fallback position of liberal politicians... RACISM! Same lady says Fidel Castro is a "bright leader" and that the Cuban health care system rocks! Assclown.
* A GOP landslide in the works? Don't jinx it. Hopefully the folks over at GOP headquarters realize they have done nothing to earn this and that they shouldn't get swelled heads over it. The should also learn that in the last 6 years as they have steadily slid left they have steadily lost ground and in the last 6 months the only reason for the ground they have gained is the Democrat Party's "Great Leap" leftward and the GOP's stoic holding the line. Rasmussen reports that just 46% of voters at least somewhat approve of the job that President Obama is doing. explains the reason for Obama's swift fall from grace.
* With Ted Kennedy there is "the man, the myth, and the legend". Th "myth and legend" is what you have seen plastered all over the news for the last week about the "Lion of the Senate". The "man" or perhaps better "the true man", Ted more likely found in the story of a memo he wrote in 1983. The story on the USSR memo broke in 1992 and more was written about it in a book on President Reagan's life in years later... but did you hear about it? No. It undercuts the media's story about the glorious Ted Kennedy. Except that he was willing to undermine a President and give the USSR invaluable propaganda opportunities just to gain some political ground...not to mention the manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne.
* Detroit... the epitome of what is wrong with public education. By my new favorite writer Karen De Coster. Here she responds to a fascist liberal who would prefer taxing families who choose private education.
* The Federal Reserve must die. Ron Paul has recently written a book supporting a similar theme, titled "End the Fed".
* Obama's War.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Remember back in 2004 when John Kerry was running for president? Remember how the democrats fought for legislation that would prevent Governor Mitt Romney from choosing a successor for Kerry's senate seat, fearing Romney would put in a Republican? Democrats won, citing how democracy must be thought of above all else. Democratic Rep. Will Strauss said a special election was necessary because such tactics have been used in a "totalitarian country" and that "one person, whoever happens to be governor, will not make the decision for you."

Now, to be fair to Mr. Strauss, he still stands by those comments even as democrats cry out that it is unfair to Massachusetts voters to be represented by only one senator. The democrats changed the law back in '04, and now that they need every vote they can get on Health Reform they want to change the law again. What is wrong with these people? Truth is, this health care plan probably won't pass as long as there is a Gov't sponsored health insurance plan. It just baffles me how blatant their hypocrisy is. It was okay back then, but now, because they need all the votes they can get, it's not. When isn't there an important issue needed to be voted on? I just can't wait to see how this turns out. It would just add fuel to the burning stake that liberals are going to be burned on in the coming few years. If they win, let's hope it's not going to be Caroline Kennedy who is put in as the interim senator.

Idiot Economist Eats Own Face

Idiot economist proves he is not just an idiot but an actual ass-clown.
* Paul Krugman says that we should NOTworry about "long term deficits" in a new article for the New York Times.
* Back in 2004 Paul Krugman explaining why "long term deficits" are a MAJOR worry for the health of an economy.
* Oh, and for a little perspective on just how "awesome" Ted Kennedy was here's a little anecdote from his buddy Joe Klein.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I don't want stop asking!

My latest thought on health care reform: "I don't want to pay for your health care. I only want to pay for mine and my family...and I do pay for ours. Also, while you are listening, I don't to pay for ANY other government welfare projects either. I will choose who I give welfare to. I would gladly volunteer a significant portion of my yearly salary to helping those less fortunate... but I despise the government's attempt to compel me to "help" those the government deems less fortunate." Can you be free yet forced to comply with laws you find egregious?
* One Democrat explains why should you give up your superior health care for inferior health care... its' because you are American...
* John Stossel explains how current health care reform plans will actually INCREASE the price of health care.
* ABC and NBC will not run an advertisement criticising the President's health care plans. They don't want to run controversial political advertisements....however, they will allow the President and congressional Democrats to push their health care views as often as they would like.
* The bad news for health care reformers? The American public likes this plan even less than President Clinton's plan...and they hated that!
* Is it the President's fault that health care reform is dying?
* The dirty secret about who is running the health care debate... TRIAL LAWYERS.
Don't believe me about trial lawyers influencing Democrat lawmakers? How about Howard Dean?

Democrat no likie tort reform...
* Reasonable fear when it comes to health care "reform".
* In New York City (the best example of a fascist American system) it is now illegal to use portable electronic devices while driving. For those of you who think that this new law makes sense...consider this...why not outlaw talking while driving as it also diminishes your driving ability.
* At least someone has some integrity. I never thought I would praise Cindy Sheehan because I assumed that her opposition to the war (like many others) was purely political...however, I will apologize here and now. Mrs. Sheehan, I am sorry for believing your motives to be less than pure. I stand with you and ask... "WHERE ARE ALL THE WAR PROTESTERS!?!" At home patting themselves on the back for ridding the world of the evil George W. Bush... and why was he evil again? All of his war policies? The ones that Obama has completely taken as his own? It's time you recognize your hypocrisy America.
* Comedy gold. One of the worst polluters in Britain is a supercomputer used to predict climate change. I don't make this stuff up, folks.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jam-Packed with Red Meat!

Today's news day may not be as jam-packed as yesterday but there is a ton of red meat out there today. Wade through and click the links because some of America's best writers are ON today.
* Best thing I have read today; Karen De Coster of calls Nancy Pelosi an "ultrawealthy, powermongering pig"! I love it! She also informs us exactly why, Nancy can be called a National Socialist (or Nazi). Pure Awesome from
This dude agrees with Karen De Coster

* Neal Boortz has thoughts on the pageantry of the passing of Ted Kennedy.
* Didn't I tell you this would happen? (Yes...yes I did.) Nancy Pelosi promises to pass health care reform for Teddy!
* Why was Ted Kennedy possibly the most important politician in America? Because "he reminds Americans of how truly corrupt, tyrannical, deceitful, and rotten to the core the US State has become".
* Enjoyment for both sides of the political spectrum from Robert Stacy McCain... "Bill O'Reilly is an obnoxious douchebag".
* Apparently Andrew Breitbart was not a fan of the late Senator from Massachusetts.
* It ought to be less embarrassing to have been influenced by Ayn Rand than by Karl Marx. And yet in today's popular culture that doesn't seem to be the case...
* Wealth (re-)Distribution! Gimme yo' money!
* The folks at Forbes explain why the stimulus has not worked.
* Keith Olbermann says that Fox News viewers are paranoid racists. I kid you not... he actually said that people who watch Fox News are "tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists." Serious. No joke.
* August ties the deadliest month for the war in Afghanistan (and there are still a few days to go). I may be beating a dead horse here...but WHERE ARE THE PROTESTERS!?!
* The rationalization of torture. I will admit to being one who has flip-flopped on this issue. To the casual observer it may seem that over the last few years I have "progressed" from the pro-torture side of the aisle to the "holy-****" torture is always wrong side of the aisle. The truth, however, is that I (and I would suppose many of my conservative brethren) have always been against the "ends justifies the means" argument. So instead of a progression perhaps I have just become more honest with myself about what I truly believe. The ends most certainly does not always justify the means.
The fact that I think torture is always wrong does not mean it is always ineffective. The Wall Street Journal ran this story about intel gathered from "enhanced methods" that saved lives. Just remember...the ends does not justify the means.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy is dead.

He died late last night at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. The "Lion of the Senate" will be "lionized" and eulogized throughout the day by various and sundry pundits from many different news outlets. Other politicians will speak of him in reverence and with sadness they will mourn his passing. The Democrat Party will bow their corporate head and pray for the soul of their dearly departed and then they will use his name to champion their battle for, national health care reform.
To all of today's coming pageantry I say... what does Mary Jo Kopechne think? It was just a month over 40 years ago that a drunk 37 year old named Edward "Ted" Kennedy drove off a bridge into a river on Chappaquiddick Island killing the young democrat activist. She was the only child of Joseph and Gwen Kopechne, and after her death they were personally told of the incident by Ted Kennedy...though he failed to mention that he had been the driver of the car. What often gets lost in the retelling of the grisly accident, is that Mary Jo did not drown in the upturned car in the river... no, she asphyxiated. Mary Jo's head was fortuitously in an air pocket after the accident and she died when the oxygen in that pocket was depleted. After the car went into the water and Mr. Kennedy made his escape he returned home and alerted a few of his aides but did not call authorities. In fact Mr. Kennedy did not inform the authorities until after they had found his overturned vehicle (with Ms. Kopechne still inside) the next day. Even then Senator Kennedy tried to evade blame by concocting a story where Mary Jo Kopechne had been the driver, but his cousin Joe Gargan convinced him to own up to his "mistake".
A week after the incident, Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury. He received a two month suspended sentence and claimed that he had not been intoxicated that night (though witnesses say he had been drinking all day). Only a Kennedy could have gotten away with a sentence this lenient for a crime this severe. Mary Jo Kopechne was 28.
So on this day 40 years later upon the death of the "Lion of the Senate" I choose to remember and mourn for her life... as Senator Kennedy will have millions of devout mourners remembering him.
* More from the brilliant Robert Stacy McCain.
* More from the indomitable Michelle Malkin.
* More from Nick Gillespie at Reason.
* More from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.
* How would our founding fathers feel about the Kennedy family often being called American "royalty"? Personal opinion? The Kennedy family legacy is dangerous. No family should be revered simply because of their name or deep pockets. In a society such as ours where we value honesty, integrity, and hard work the real "Camelot" should be found in those average people working hard to realize the American dream... The Kennedy family has always been deeply flawed from patriarch Joe Kennedy's corruption (and admiration for Nazi Germany), to President John Kennedy's womanizing and cavorting with gangsters (specifically the Chicago/Las Vegas mob who helped him beat Richard Nixon in 1960), to Ted Kennedy's non-manslaughter. The "Camelot" myth is a creation of a media hungry for celebrities... case in point the recent fascination with our new "First" family - the Obama's. Whether discussion is about Mrs. Obama's clothing choices or what pet they will adopt... the media craves celebrity politicians and that is why they loved the Kennedy's.
* Yahoo mourns the end of "Camelot".
* Charlie Rangel is still a Dirty Dirty liar.
* What Britain's health care system is really like.
* I ask again where are the war protesters?!?! The Obama White House says rendition will continue! This is the same rendition that so many Democrats despised just a few months ago, but now that the man behind the renditioning is President Obama everything is just peachy.
* Pot is safer than alcohol.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 hurts.

* News today that Johan Santana and Jeff Francoeur are now hurt... from Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog -- "Instead, the Mets have put 19 players on the disabled list this season, including Carlos Delgado, David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, as well as Brian Schneider, Angel Pagan, Oliver Perez, John Maine, Gary Sheffield, Alex Cora, Ryan Church, and J.J. Putz, who underwent elbow surgery in June – not to mention rookie Fernando Martinez, who had been the team’s starting outfielder at the time.
Meanwhile, Jeff Francoeur, who never missed a game due to injury while with the Braves, may be forced to miss the rest of this season with a torn ligament in his thumb – all while Johan Santana has his sore elbow examined today by Dr. Altchek."

I love the Mets. As a resident of Atlanta that can be an especially arduous affiliation...especially when we are losing. But it's time to say it - Omar Minaya needs to shut this team down. Frenchy and Johan need to go on the DL and all of the guys currently on the DL need to stay there. In fact, the Mets should also send Luis Castillo and Mike Pelfrey to the Disabled List just in case. Call up non-prospect players from Triple-A and Double-A and let them have their cup of coffee in the SHOW. In the offseason cut the dead weight and find some talent on the Free Agent Market and through trades and lets try again next year.
I love the Mets and it breaks my heart to be paying good money for MLB Extra Innings just to watch them scuffle along.
* Before I take exception to something written by Jonah Goldberg, let me say that I think most of his writing is brilliant, and that I agree with every jot and tittle in his most recent post to the "Corner" about the IG report.
I would however make this point; doesn't this say something negative about our culture?
I have been apathetic to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, besides feeling passionately thankful to our soldiers and passionately sorry for their families. I was not for or against either conflict, and still find it hard to argue about. But on torture I can say that my personal belief is that all life is sacred and that my conservative leanings teach me that no one person is less valuable than any other. So when Jack Bauer has to kill one to save ten, though my heart may understand... my brain screams "NO!".
Isn't the whole idea of American values (and the reason I am against all welfare schemes) that each individual is as important as the next? It is also why I think that as Americans we should value ALL human life above all else. I guess I just think it is a sad commentary on the human condition that there are moments when we "cheer" violence enacted on others...even when it's the bad guy.
Because... we are better. Our culture, our morality, our philosophy... we are better.
* John Stossel wonders why every Obama critic is a racist.
* Literally the worst story I have ever read!
* Because Ben Bernanke has done such a great job thus far...
* Rudy running for Gov?
* Things are gonna get worse.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What happened to ...?

I am considering holding a fundraiser for some folks who have gone missing... war protesters. I am pretty sure that the Bush administration must have sent some black-ops military types to take them out... because they have been mysteriously absent since Inauguration Day. I miss my daily "Nightly News" update on code pink or whatever other anti-war group is in vogue on any given night. I miss Brian Williams waxing eloquent on the sweet struggle against fascist American military Imperialism that is being nurtured by the right-wing neocons and their venomous "jackbooted" brood of "brownshirts"!
Of course... I jest. What I miss is Americans who truly believe in something. Americans who are just as angry about something when a Democrat is leading as they are when a Republican holds office.
I am tired of the fantasy narrative of vampirirc Republicans and heroic Democrats from the left. The Left is as tied to the military machine as the Right folks. I am also tired of the dime-store story of the saintly Republicans and the sleazy Democrats from the right. The Right can be as immoral as the Left folks.
How about a new story?
A story where people fight for what they believe simply because they believe it? Where our politicians can be honest because they aren't worried about job security. Where citizens protest what they truly dislike (Presidents Bush or Obama) not a "cover issue" like war or taxes. And no... I am not saying that those aren't important issues but why aren't the anti-war demonstrators as vocal today as they were yesterday.... and why weren't the anti-tax crowd as vocal in the last months of the Bush administration as they are now? Surely we are still at war... and surely they realized that the money the Bush administration was spending in those last summer months was going to come from somewhere!?!
I want to read a story where the media reports the news and doesn't make it. I want to read a story where people are honest and don't try and hide behind clever terms. I want to read a story where the spin-doctors are just bogeymen who don't actually exist.
Any writers out there with a knack for good science-fiction?

* Big Government is scary.
*John Stossel shows why "Big Government" is scary.

* Paul Krugman... ass-hat.
* Now is the time to follow Mexico's lead. If we step forward and decriminalize then legalize drugs (beginning with marijuana) the monstrous cartels of Mexico (and the rest of Latin America) will fall apart. I would also expect a real decline of need for police to protect us from gangs here in the USA as well.
* Is violence sputtering out? An interesting new study of violence throughout human history says, "Yes".

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The myth of the Jackboot.

* Hypocrisy thy name is Ted Kennedy. More proof that Massachusetts is a fiefdom where the citizens choose to be serfs of the ruling (elected) class.
* Do you need proof that the Democrat Party wants to eliminate private health care? Here it is.
* Rachel Maddow once again proves to be completely ignorant of history. First of all Kennedy was assassinated by a leftist activist by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald...not a right wing militia member. She sees conspiracies and the growth of fascist right-wing militia groups every time liberals rise to power in America...but fails to notice the terrorism and fear-mongering of the radical groups of the 1960'd and 1970's. She also avoids the fact that the most visible activist groups of the last two decades have been leftist ecoterrorist organizations. While the groups that have been the most vocal and angry... have been antiwar activist and more recently out west gay rights activists. (Just ask any Mormon in California or Nevada)
Though it's not just Maddow with history issues. E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post compares American citizens who disagree with the Democrat Party's ideas of health care reform to jackbooted Nazi thugs. The liberal media in our fair nation is terrified of her own citizens... and who is it they fear for? The government. That is back-asswards. The media should be on the side of the people helping to drive fear into the heart of the Federal government.
If the government does not fear her citizens then the citizens should fear their government.