Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama's Decline

* The Obama administration finds a new way to screw Union members and help out Union leaders.
* Michael Barone speaks truth to power.
* Muddying the waters. Chris Dodd will not disclose details about his Senate health care bill... not even to other Senators. The Age of Transparency from the Democrat Party.
* I despise the primary fallback position of liberal politicians... RACISM! Same lady says Fidel Castro is a "bright leader" and that the Cuban health care system rocks! Assclown.
* A GOP landslide in the works? Don't jinx it. Hopefully the folks over at GOP headquarters realize they have done nothing to earn this and that they shouldn't get swelled heads over it. The should also learn that in the last 6 years as they have steadily slid left they have steadily lost ground and in the last 6 months the only reason for the ground they have gained is the Democrat Party's "Great Leap" leftward and the GOP's stoic holding the line. Rasmussen reports that just 46% of voters at least somewhat approve of the job that President Obama is doing. explains the reason for Obama's swift fall from grace.
* With Ted Kennedy there is "the man, the myth, and the legend". Th "myth and legend" is what you have seen plastered all over the news for the last week about the "Lion of the Senate". The "man" or perhaps better "the true man", Ted more likely found in the story of a memo he wrote in 1983. The story on the USSR memo broke in 1992 and more was written about it in a book on President Reagan's life in years later... but did you hear about it? No. It undercuts the media's story about the glorious Ted Kennedy. Except that he was willing to undermine a President and give the USSR invaluable propaganda opportunities just to gain some political ground...not to mention the manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne.
* Detroit... the epitome of what is wrong with public education. By my new favorite writer Karen De Coster. Here she responds to a fascist liberal who would prefer taxing families who choose private education.
* The Federal Reserve must die. Ron Paul has recently written a book supporting a similar theme, titled "End the Fed".
* Obama's War.

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