Thursday, August 20, 2009

The myth of the Jackboot.

* Hypocrisy thy name is Ted Kennedy. More proof that Massachusetts is a fiefdom where the citizens choose to be serfs of the ruling (elected) class.
* Do you need proof that the Democrat Party wants to eliminate private health care? Here it is.
* Rachel Maddow once again proves to be completely ignorant of history. First of all Kennedy was assassinated by a leftist activist by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald...not a right wing militia member. She sees conspiracies and the growth of fascist right-wing militia groups every time liberals rise to power in America...but fails to notice the terrorism and fear-mongering of the radical groups of the 1960'd and 1970's. She also avoids the fact that the most visible activist groups of the last two decades have been leftist ecoterrorist organizations. While the groups that have been the most vocal and angry... have been antiwar activist and more recently out west gay rights activists. (Just ask any Mormon in California or Nevada)
Though it's not just Maddow with history issues. E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post compares American citizens who disagree with the Democrat Party's ideas of health care reform to jackbooted Nazi thugs. The liberal media in our fair nation is terrified of her own citizens... and who is it they fear for? The government. That is back-asswards. The media should be on the side of the people helping to drive fear into the heart of the Federal government.
If the government does not fear her citizens then the citizens should fear their government.

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