Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jam-Packed with Red Meat!

Today's news day may not be as jam-packed as yesterday but there is a ton of red meat out there today. Wade through and click the links because some of America's best writers are ON today.
* Best thing I have read today; Karen De Coster of calls Nancy Pelosi an "ultrawealthy, powermongering pig"! I love it! She also informs us exactly why, Nancy can be called a National Socialist (or Nazi). Pure Awesome from
This dude agrees with Karen De Coster

* Neal Boortz has thoughts on the pageantry of the passing of Ted Kennedy.
* Didn't I tell you this would happen? (Yes...yes I did.) Nancy Pelosi promises to pass health care reform for Teddy!
* Why was Ted Kennedy possibly the most important politician in America? Because "he reminds Americans of how truly corrupt, tyrannical, deceitful, and rotten to the core the US State has become".
* Enjoyment for both sides of the political spectrum from Robert Stacy McCain... "Bill O'Reilly is an obnoxious douchebag".
* Apparently Andrew Breitbart was not a fan of the late Senator from Massachusetts.
* It ought to be less embarrassing to have been influenced by Ayn Rand than by Karl Marx. And yet in today's popular culture that doesn't seem to be the case...
* Wealth (re-)Distribution! Gimme yo' money!
* The folks at Forbes explain why the stimulus has not worked.
* Keith Olbermann says that Fox News viewers are paranoid racists. I kid you not... he actually said that people who watch Fox News are "tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists." Serious. No joke.
* August ties the deadliest month for the war in Afghanistan (and there are still a few days to go). I may be beating a dead horse here...but WHERE ARE THE PROTESTERS!?!
* The rationalization of torture. I will admit to being one who has flip-flopped on this issue. To the casual observer it may seem that over the last few years I have "progressed" from the pro-torture side of the aisle to the "holy-****" torture is always wrong side of the aisle. The truth, however, is that I (and I would suppose many of my conservative brethren) have always been against the "ends justifies the means" argument. So instead of a progression perhaps I have just become more honest with myself about what I truly believe. The ends most certainly does not always justify the means.
The fact that I think torture is always wrong does not mean it is always ineffective. The Wall Street Journal ran this story about intel gathered from "enhanced methods" that saved lives. Just remember...the ends does not justify the means.

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