Monday, August 24, 2009

What happened to ...?

I am considering holding a fundraiser for some folks who have gone missing... war protesters. I am pretty sure that the Bush administration must have sent some black-ops military types to take them out... because they have been mysteriously absent since Inauguration Day. I miss my daily "Nightly News" update on code pink or whatever other anti-war group is in vogue on any given night. I miss Brian Williams waxing eloquent on the sweet struggle against fascist American military Imperialism that is being nurtured by the right-wing neocons and their venomous "jackbooted" brood of "brownshirts"!
Of course... I jest. What I miss is Americans who truly believe in something. Americans who are just as angry about something when a Democrat is leading as they are when a Republican holds office.
I am tired of the fantasy narrative of vampirirc Republicans and heroic Democrats from the left. The Left is as tied to the military machine as the Right folks. I am also tired of the dime-store story of the saintly Republicans and the sleazy Democrats from the right. The Right can be as immoral as the Left folks.
How about a new story?
A story where people fight for what they believe simply because they believe it? Where our politicians can be honest because they aren't worried about job security. Where citizens protest what they truly dislike (Presidents Bush or Obama) not a "cover issue" like war or taxes. And no... I am not saying that those aren't important issues but why aren't the anti-war demonstrators as vocal today as they were yesterday.... and why weren't the anti-tax crowd as vocal in the last months of the Bush administration as they are now? Surely we are still at war... and surely they realized that the money the Bush administration was spending in those last summer months was going to come from somewhere!?!
I want to read a story where the media reports the news and doesn't make it. I want to read a story where people are honest and don't try and hide behind clever terms. I want to read a story where the spin-doctors are just bogeymen who don't actually exist.
Any writers out there with a knack for good science-fiction?

* Big Government is scary.
*John Stossel shows why "Big Government" is scary.

* Paul Krugman... ass-hat.
* Now is the time to follow Mexico's lead. If we step forward and decriminalize then legalize drugs (beginning with marijuana) the monstrous cartels of Mexico (and the rest of Latin America) will fall apart. I would also expect a real decline of need for police to protect us from gangs here in the USA as well.
* Is violence sputtering out? An interesting new study of violence throughout human history says, "Yes".

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