Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Economy Still Growing

It appears the much talked about demise of our nation's economy has been a little premature. This article from AP says that the economy only grew by .6% the first quarter of this year. I don't know about you but since a recession requires the opposite of growth I would say that the AP article should not have the word only in there. By the way, just in case you were wondering the economy also grew .6% in the last quarter of last year.
My question is this; if the economy is growing, why does the MainStreamMedia keep telling us that we are in a recession? I am not saying that times aren't tough for some in America today (they are), what I am saying is that the slowing economy has more to do with the price of oil and the idiocy of home buyers who want more than they can afford than it has to do with the policies of this administration. Don't get me wrong, I think this administration is run by big spending liberals...but our lawmakers and the MSM would be serving us much better if they were taking the advice of the Shell Oil President and not focusing all of their angst at President Bush.
* On a similar note the Fed cut rates again.
* I feel like I link at least one very scary article every time I post.
* A brilliantly beautiful article proving that Hillary Clinton is an IDIOT.
* Al Franken is a lying liar who likes to break the law. He blames his poor accountant for his financial mess but this article proves that Big Al is just lying through his teeth.
* The venerable Pat Buchanan asks a very good question in this article on the upcoming Presidential election.
* The EU is crazy to think that Tupac Amaru (no not that Tupac) is not a terrorist organization...sometimes I think that the brains of some folks are upside-down.
* Newsflash! WE ARE NOT LOSING AFGHANISTAN! Despite what the MSM and the Democratic Party would have you think we are not losing there, or for that matter in Iraq.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's not always about race, folks!

The Police officers on trial in the shooting death of a guy in New York on his wedding day were acquitted today. Here is the article from I empathize with the family and fiance of the gentleman who died in the altercation, but I hate the anger that the situation has caused. People line up to lynch these men because they see it as "just another" case of police brutality. I have a different p.o.v. here and I would phrase it like this:
Why would the police officers shoot at this car? Did they just not like the people inside? While it is horrible that a death was the outcome, the police have to be on guard at all times for their own lives. They place themselves in harm's way everyday, so when they think that someone is trying to run them over with a car they have to respond to protect themselves. At the heart of the matter is this - did the officers identify themselves? If they did, then it is just an unfortunate incident. If they didn't then its murder. However, the police say they did identify themselves, and I am willing to believe them.
Also, if you read the article can you see the racial hatred of the African-American community at the courthouse(not the Afican-American community in general...just the group at the courthouse that was out for blood)? One woman shouted at a black police officer, "How can you be proud to wear that uniform? Stand down! Stop working for the masters!" Two of the officers were black, do they hate black people? Why is that we always turn back to racism? How about this chant that went up around the courthouse, "PBA, PBA, KKK! KKK!"
All of this leads back to heart of the issue. The (W)rong Reverend Al Sharpton was there as an adivsor to the fiance of the young man that was killed...why? Because when it is the police v. an African-American it is always about racial prejudice. If we want to heal as a country, and move on from the racism that plagues the hearts of so many...everyone must make a commitment to move on. If your first thought is that a slight is racially motivated, dig deeper and don't give in. If your first response to a problem is inherently racist...find another response. Teach your children that there is no difference between white and black, save the shade of melanin in the skin. Forge a new culture, one that is white, black, yellow, red...etc.
This is what Christianity offers, there is one race...the human race. To judge based on skin color is sin, and hatred cannot be abolished with laws but it must be abolished with the changing of the mind and heart.
Sorry if I rambled's hard to collect thoughts like these cohesively.

* Brilliant opinion piece from the venerable Peggy Noonan. Her writing here is insightful, heartfelt and most importantly true.
* This is how one candidate tries to gain the support of his party. He calls them "out of touch with reality", great work! McCain should win in a landslide in November thanks to the "Royal Rumble" that the Dems are participating in...but gaffs like this show that he is the one truly out of touch. The base hates him, and now he attacks his supporters? Smooth move.
* Gary Bauer could not be more RIGHT then he is in this article about the hypcorisy that courses through the MainStreamMedia in America today. Why guys like Bill Maher are not arrested for hate crimes is beyond much as I think hate crimes legislation is unconstitutional I wouldn't mind seeing it used on someone like him.
* More about racism and abortion...this one should prove (finally) to the black community at large, that the Conservative movement (and to a lesser extent the Republican Party) is who African-Americans should be casting their lot with. This is a good article about the black Pro-Life movement.
* Micheal Reagan agreeing with me that Jimmy Carter is senile. I am with Israel's ambassador to the UN on what he says in this article, the senile peanut farmer has his hands covered in the blood of thousands of innocents. He has done nothing but help and promote fanatical Islamic militants since he was President. I am starting to think that he asked those Iranian students to attack our embassy in Tehran. Here is what Hamas is really up to. If you love Jimmy Carter as much as I do, you need to check out this website...
Here are some great cartoons:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ben Stein is a genius.

By Bob Lang at
Ben Stein's new movie "Expelled" is masterful. I have had a few days since seeing it, to think things over a bit, and have decided that is was just pure genius. The all out attack on mainstream American science was brilliant. In the movie Mr. Stein uses logic, cunning, and academia to poke holes in the idea that Intelligent Design (ID) should not be considered as scientific. The scientists and mathematicians he spoke with and the arguments they gave for at least giving ID a hearing were phenomenal. He attempted to remove religion from the equation and not make this movie an argument over Judeo-Christian ideas, and it worked, until the scientists who are against ID made religion the focus of the argument. The movies conclusion is that the real flaw with the "science" against ID is ... world view. You can be confronted with two brilliant, renowned scientists with two diametrically opposed views of Darwinism and the difference in their conclusion is based almost completely on the world view they hold. Brilliant work, Mr. Stein. I loved the movie and would recommend it to any who ask.

* I hate to say this again, but just how conservative could McCain be if Obama and Clinton supporters would rather vote for him, than the other democrat?
* Russia is scary. Putin is a hypocrite. Here Georgia is trying to stamp out rebellion in its country, and Russia (who is trying to do the same thing in Chechnya and other places) is helping out the rebels. The world needs to be on its toes, Russia is looking for a fight.
* While I agree with him in this article, I think Dick Morris just plain hates Hillary Clinton.
* Here is what the senile one (Jimmy Carter) accomplished in Palestine ... NOTHING! But once he gets home he manages to call Secretary of State Condolezza Rice a liar.
* The LA Times isn't sure if John McCain is healthy enough to be President. The man can't life his arms above his head because he was tortured for this country, and you think this makes him unfit? This is McCain's best argument TO BE President. I won't vote for him, but this is the one thing about him that I appreciate, respect, and like. He seems to be in better shape than FDR ever was...
* Here is an interesting ode to the death of communism in Italy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jimmy Carter: Killer of the American Way

* Excellent article here from the venerable Peggy Noonan. In it she discusses the demise of Mrs. Clinton and the problems that Mr. Obama may face.
* Here is a good article from Daniel Henninger that uncovers the hypocrisy of the Democrats recent clinginess to religion.
* Good ol' Ollie North giving the village idiot, Jimmy Carter, hell. Each day I marvel at the ineptitude and utter senility of our former President. Each decision made by the man continues to eat away at any respectability he ever had. He was a terrible President, as his landslide loss in the 1980 election shows, and since then other than "Habitat for Humanity" he has done NOTHING good for this country or the world. On the contrary, he has done as much as any other individual to erode our foundation, and that may eventually lead to the destruction of western civilization.
* There was a moment in the Democrat Presidential Debate the other night when would-be President Barrack Obama actually compared being pro-life to terrorism.
* Great interview from World Magazine with Ben Stein about his new movie Expelled which opens tonight.

Speaking of Expelled, my wife and I are going to see it tonight and I will try and post a short review of it tomorrow. The Mets could be in first place tomorrow, depending on how tonight goes!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pope's remarks at the White House

The Pres and the Pope
I am not a Catholic, and generally disagree with most Catholic theology... and while I know this might I offend, I happen to think that Catholicism is not Christianity. But the Pope's remarks today at the White House were wonderful. This was a wonderful speech, and I was moved by its sentiments.
Here it is in its entirety from AP.

By The Associated Press
"Remarks by Pope Benedict XVI at the White House on Wednesday, as transcribed by the White House.
Mr. President, thank you for your gracious words of welcome on behalf of the people of the United States of America. I deeply appreciate your invitation to visit this great country. My visit coincides with an important moment in the life of the Catholic community in America: the celebration of the 200th anniversary of elevation of the country's first Diocese - Baltimore - to a metropolitan Archdiocese and the establishment of the Sees of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Louisville.
Yet I am happy to be here as a guest of all Americans. I come as a friend, a preacher of the Gospel, and one with great respect for this vast pluralistic society. America's Catholics have made, and continue to make, an excellent contribution to the life of their country. As I begin my visit, I trust that my presence will be a source of renewal and hope for the Church in the United States, and strengthen the resolve of Catholics to contribute ever more responsibly to the life of this nation, of which they are proud to be citizens.
From the dawn of the Republic, America's quest for freedom has been guided by the conviction that the principles governing political and social life are intimately linked to a moral order based on the dominion of God the Creator. The framers of this nation's founding documents drew upon this conviction when they proclaimed the self-evident truth that all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights grounded in the laws of nature and of nature's God.
The course of American history demonstrates the difficulties, the struggles, and the great intellectual and moral resolve which were demanded to shape a society which faithfully embodied these noble principles. In that process, which forged the soul of the nation, religious beliefs were a constant inspiration and driving force, as for example in the struggle against slavery and in the civil rights movement. In our time, too, particularly in moments of crisis, Americans continue to find their strength in a commitment to this patrimony of shared ideas and aspirations.
In the next few days, I look forward to meeting not only with America's Catholic community, but with other Christian communities and representatives of the many religious traditions present in this country. Historically, not only Catholics, but all believers have found here the freedom to worship God in accordance with the dictates of their conscience, while at the same time being accepted as part of a commonwealth in which each individual group can make its voice heard.
As the nation faces the increasingly complex political and ethical issues of our time, I am confident that the American people will find in their religious beliefs a precious source of insight and an inspiration to pursue reasoned, responsible and respectful dialogue in the effort to build a more human and free society.
Freedom is not only a gift, but also a summons to personal responsibility. Americans know this from experience - almost every town in this country has its monuments honoring those who sacrificed their lives in defense of freedom, both at home and abroad. The preservation of freedom calls for the cultivation of virtue, self-discipline, sacrifice for the common good, and a sense of responsibility towards the less fortunate. It also demands the courage to engage in civic life and to bring one's deepest beliefs and values to reasoned public debate.
In a word, freedom is ever new. It is a challenge held out to each generation, and it must constantly be won over for the cause of good. Few have understood this as clearly as the late Pope John Paul II. In reflecting on the spiritual victory of freedom over totalitarianism in his native Poland and in Eastern Europe, he reminded us that history shows time and again that "in a world without truth, freedom loses its foundation," and a democracy without values can lose its very soul. Those prophetic words in some sense echo the conviction of President Washington, expressed in his Farewell Address, that religion and morality represent "indispensable supports" of political prosperity.
The Church, for her part, wishes to contribute to building a world ever more worthy of the human person, created in the image and likeness of God. She is convinced that faith sheds new light on all things, and that the Gospel reveals the noble vocation and sublime destiny of every man and woman. Faith also gives us the strength to respond to our high calling and to hope that inspires us to work for an ever more just and fraternal society. Democracy can only flourish, as your founding fathers realized, when political leaders and those whom they represent are guided by truth and bring the wisdom born of firm moral principle to decisions affecting the life and future of the nation.
For well over a century, the United States of America has played an important role in the international community. On Friday, God willing, I will have the honor of addressing the United Nations organization, where I hope to encourage the efforts underway to make that institution an ever more effective voice for the legitimate aspirations of all the world's peoples.
On this, the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the need for global solidarity is as urgent as ever, if all people are to live in a way worthy of their dignity - as brothers and sisters dwelling in the same house and around that table which God's bounty has set for all his children. America has traditionally shown herself generous in meeting immediate human needs, fostering development and offering relief to the victims of natural catastrophes. I am confident that this concern for the greater human family will continue to find expression in support for the patient efforts of international diplomacy to resolve conflicts and promote progress. In this way, coming generations will be able to live in a world where truth, freedom and justice can flourish - a world where the God-given dignity and the rights of every man, women and child are cherished, protected and effectively advanced.
Mr. President, dear friends, as I begin my visit to the United States, I express once more my gratitude for your invitation, my joy to be in your midst, and my fervent prayers that Almighty God will confirm this nation and its people in the ways of justice, prosperity and peace. God bless America."

Well said.

FLDS in Texas

Janet Reno and Will Ferrell
I was extremely worried the other day as I saw that the police were preparing to raid the FLDS ranch in Texas, after accusations of child abuse and rape. The FLDS are scary, no doubt. My worry was that this would turn into another Ruby Ridge or Waco. Our Federal government tramples on the rights of the individual for the "benefit of the majority" too often. Ruby Ridge and Waco tell people who are anti-government that they are right to be tells them that they need to stockpile weapons and they need to be uber-secretive and uber-prepared to resist the government violently. It makes people on the fence between move to the side that says the government is out to get us and we need to be ready.
The FLDS raid did not turn into Ruby Ridge and Waco, (thankfully Janet Reno wasn't around to screw things up) ... but those situations need to be kept in mind. Both the minds of the people in charge of Federal police agencies and in our minds ... "we the people".
Here are links to a few related stories:
* The members of the FLDS group in Texas thankfully did not resist violently.
* Texas defends its decision to separate the FLDS kids from their parents.
* The FLDS moms are upset that they have been separated from their kids...they weren't upset when the kids were forced to engage in sexual activity with older members of the church, but being apart from them, that stinks. These FLDS people are insane. Warren Jeffs and his followers need a lobotomy.

Here is why being a "politically correct" culture will destroy the West. Brigitte Bardot is being persecuted for believing that Islam is destroying France. From Reuters "Prosecutors asked that the Paris court hand the 73-year-old former sex symbol a two-month suspended prison sentence and fine her 15,000 euros ($23,760) for saying the Muslim community was "destroying our country and imposing its acts"." Political Correctness says it is a crime to say what you believe...are you kidding me. NEWSFLASH....Islam IS destorying France AND Imposing its acts on the French people!
Not only that, Islam is destroying our world, and we western nations who believe in the rights of all mankind are letting it. Our moral superiority is a built in self destruct mechanism. Because we are better than them, we let them in and we let them practice their religion how they see fit. We then let their communities practice as they see fit, very soon those communities are electing Muslims to office, then they will be constructing is some dangerous ground that we western nations walk on today.
Here is a little more of the talk that has gotten Ms. Bardot in trouble:
""I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts..."
Bardot has previously said France is being invaded by sheep-slaughtering Muslims and published a book attacking gays, immigrants and the unemployed, in which she also lamented the "Islamisation of France"." Here, here...
* Ahmadinejad is an a**-clown ... (pardon my Iranian).
* This articel has some very scary information, folks.
* Here is a little background on "Expelled", the Ben Stein movie which opens this Friday.
* There was a travesty of justice in Miami.
* Just how conservative could John McCain possibly be with Joe Lieberman willing to support him so ardently at the Republican National Convention? If the Republican party wants to right its ship...they have to dump McCain at the Convention and nominate someone else, perhaps, Newt Gingrich?

Monday, April 14, 2008


There was something unexpected from Ruben Navarette at today ... an interesting article. From time to time Ruben surprises me. Time after time in his writing he has taken the side of the illegal immigration lobby (yes, they have a lobby), and time after time he has frustrated me (a first generation American of Cuban descent) by lumping all of us latinos together. But today he posted an article that I can get behind, where he says that the illegal immigration debate is driven by racism. On his point about racism I have to disagree, I think that there are racists out there who rant on illegal immigration because they are racist, but I think to the average American it is more out of a sense of injustice. It angers people that we allow illegal immigrants to flaunt the law so easily. I appreciate the last two paragraphs of Ruben's article where he recognizes the superiority of our American government to that of Mexico's inept, corrupt, and immoral government. It does not make up for all of Ruben's past blatherings that I have wasted my time reading, but it helps. I hope that Ruben might choose this opportunity to write more about how Mexico can help Mexicans fix Mexico and less about how we in America are racist for wanting to combat illegal immigration.

* This was a very interesting letter from the President of East Timor Jose Ramos-Horta, on the failed assasination attempt that almost took his life and the consequences it has had on East Timor.

* Here is Time magazine doing its very best to help spin Barrack Obama's recent campaign mistake, when he called small town Americans "bitter". Here is the quote that should have made most Americans angrier than it did: "And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
Yeah, we are anti- gun control, and pro-life, and against special rights for homosexuals because we are bitter people....not because it is part of our belief system or morals...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

* Adults should have more sense than this.

* I am appalled when people remember that Jimmy Carter is from my adoptive home state. The man is an anti-Semite who just happens to hate the USA and the things that we have traditionally stood for.

* More people drinking the global warming kool-aid. I am not a big fan of the President but if he starts going John McCain/Al Gore on us about global warming, I will not vote for him again...(oh, wait...nevermind). People in Iowa wish global warming was true.

* This article is funny because I just took a poll where 100% of me considered these historians "failures".

* Photo below is of John McCain and Hillary Clinton. What bothers me most about this election is that there is no choice here. Clinton is McCain - McCain is Clinton. There is no difference here, the last few elections the candidates have been moving closer and closer together. John Kerry and George W. Bush were not much different. Al Gore and George W. Bush were similar. Bob Dole and Bill Clinton were practically clones. And now, McCain and Clinton could be running mates! For me, I am tired of Republicans and Democrats and I will be voting for a 3rd Party ... more likely than not, I will vote for the Constitution Party candidate.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton ... Best Buds!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Expelled Super Trailer

Here is the trailer for the upcoming movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" by the venerable Ben Stein. Check it out, then go see it ... it opens in theaters nationwide Friday April 18th!

Go see Expelled!

Check out this website It is a new documentary from the genius Ben Stein (if you don't know who he is, remember Ferris Bueller's Day Off? He is Ferris's teacher..."Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.")
Here are some quotes about the movie:
"This is not your father's documentary. "Expelled" rocks the house both literally and figuratively. It's gripping, music-packed, comically wry and always entertaining. But its entertainment value is yet surpassed by its educational merit. Throughout the film, Stein boldly shines a light of honest inquiry, revealing time and again that Evolution's Emperor has no clothes. In his trademark deadpan fashion, Stein skillfully debunks the dogmatic neo-Darwinist programming we've all had relentlessly rammed down our throats ever since "Big Science" went bananas over that cute little Scopes Monkey..As the movie masterfully illustrates, we live in a cultural climate where secular elitists in academia, the media and the courts chew up and spit out anyone who dares to question the gospel according to Charles Darwin. They're absolutely terrified to follow the scientific evidence wherever it may lead."
- From Matt Barber at
""Expelled" calls attention to the plight of highly credentialed scholars who have been forced out of prestigious academic positions because they proposed Intelligent Design as a possible alternative to Charles Darwin's 150-year-old theories about the origins of life .
Instead of entertaining a debate on the merits of competing theories, the scientific establishment has moved to suppress the ID movement in a "systematic and ruthless" way at odds with America's founding principles, the film asserts."
- From Kevin Mooney and Josiah Ryan at

The movie is opening up in 1000 theatres nationwide Friday night. Do yourself a favor and GO SEE IT! I will be at my local theatre (which is showing it), see if it is opening at yours at the movie website.
Check out the trailers and interviews here.
Ben and Jimmy Kimmel

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A moment to praise Jason Whitlock

I often disagree with what sports writer Jason Whitlock has to say. I am a baseball guy, who happens to like basketball but thinks that the professional game is boring. I also enjoy football but nowhere near as much as Mr. Whitlock seems to. He also tends to venture into the public sphere quite often, and I find myself being turned of by sports writers who think they have their fingers on the pulse of the "average" American. From time to time however, he writes an article that knocks me off my feet ... and he has come up with a couple of them in recent days.
The first is on a recent issue of Vogue which featured LeBron James on the cover. As a conservative man of color living in America I am often disturbed at what is deemed racially insensitive. Maybe if we stopped being so sensitive, racism would fade away?
The second has to deal with the upcoming Beijing Olympics . If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably realize that I think involving ourselves in any manner, with a nation as perverted and criminal as China, is criminal. I think our Trade Agreement with them is hypocritical and I think that if we are ever going to take the moral high road in international politics it is now. Though if you read the article I posted yesterday from the venerable Pat Buchanan, he has a decidedly different take on international politics ... and I agree with him too. The fact that I agree with both Buchanan and the protesters against the Chinese Olympics, tells me that I am quite confused.
* Here is an excellent open-letter from Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter telling the President that he must boycott the Olympics.
* It's nice to see that the sociopath turned radio host Randi Rhodes has finally lost her job for being a hateful shrew ... though it took her turning on Hillary Clinton to lose her job. When she said hateful, slanderous, and grotesque things about conservatives and Republicans she didn't even get slapped on the wrists.
* Why isn't the fact that an American public school is promoting Islam not being reported in the Main-Stream Media?
* Glenn Beck is BRILLIANT.

From Jim Huber at

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Roland Martin on Religion

I really have no problem with Roland Martin over at CNN. I read his articles on their website fairly often (as well as the drivel that Ruben Navarette writes) and feel that he is a good writer with a thoughtful pen. However, as a Christian and a Latino first generation American, I find that usually his writing is right in my wheelhouse. The problem is that Roland and I usually disagree (the same can be said of Mr. Navarette and I, though Ruben is generally much harsher and less well spoken), and the same can be said about his most recent article on CNN's website.
He paints Evangelical conservative Christians with a very broad brush (and if you read the comments section so do his readers), what he and other talking heads do not realize is that to many of us Christians who are ideologically conservative the problem with abortion is that we believe it is murder. Pure and simple. No gray areas. No room for debate. Many of us believe that life begins at conception and if you choose to end that life then you are committing murder. If I knew someone was seeking to kill someone else, I would do all within my power to stop that from happening. In his article Mr. Martin says "I have always maintained that people of faith who are conservative need to move beyond the issues of abortion and homosexuality and broaden what are deemed faith issues..." what he fails to realize is that to many of us this is not a "political issue", it is an issue of faith, morality, and what we see as a modern day holocaust.
The other aspect of faith he touches on is the issue of homosexuality. The problem here is that there are hateful bigots out there who hate homosexuals because of their lifestyle. I think that homosexuality is wrong (and the Scripture has taught that for over 5,000 years), but that someone who lives that lifestyle is still a creation of the Lord's and someone who deserves to be loved and cherished as such. It's cliche but true, we should "hate the sin and love the sinner". There are others of us who stand against people who choose to hate just to hate (and the late Dr. Falwell was one such man ... if you can't believe that, look at his work with Soul Force a group of practicing homosexuals who called themselves Christians), I know there will be people on both sides of the issue who hate me for my stance, but marriage is not a right it is a privilege and a religious institution and should be kept that way. Roland, there must be things that you are not willing to compromise on, while abortion and homosexuality may not be issues that you are zealous about, there must be issues that burn within you. These are those issues for many conservative Christians.

* Here is a great article by Mr. Clenard Childress , about the inherent racism and hatred in Barrack Obama's message.
* Brilliant writing from the exuberant Ann Coulter.
* An excellent if not unnerving article from the great Pat Buchanan. While I like to consider myself more of an idealist, if not an optimist, I cannot argue with Mr. Buchanan's arguments.
* I wonder if this article is something that the main-stream media finds unnerving?

Mets beat the Phillies tonight. It was nice to see, I was getting tired of the losing. Mr. Minaya if you ever happen to read this, I would love a job opportunity with your team!
Mike Pelfrey

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Big Bad Oil Companies...and more...

Congress is giving the oil companies a hard time again. I don't think our Democratic officials have ever read Adam Smith, which is odd, I thought he was mandatory reading in most college economics courses. The "Invisible Hand" tells us that if we leave business alone, it will work positively for us, (the little people) not for any altruistic reason but simply because it is in their best interests.
Look, I am not defending the oil companies...they see times are tough they should choose to roll back prices a little and help out the little guys. I just get bothered by the idea that they HAVE to lower prices. Don't businesses open to make money? They are just doing what they are in the business to do, and I cannot hold that against them.
The annual "Pig Book" is out and wouldn't you know it the Democrats are the bigger pork barrelers by over 1 billion dollars! The Republicans are not much better getting 4.4 billion dollars to the Dems 5.5 billion. The Democrats have been saying that the Republicans are no longer the party of limited spending (and they are right), but the Democrats are not the party of fiscal responsibility either.
While I am not a fan of John McCain, but he has done what he said he would and has not requested earmarks. We have to decide that we are not going to reward our legislators for trying to bribe us with this "pork" spending. As mad as we get about this ridiculous spending, it's our own faults, we reward our politicians for bringing home money for frivolous things (like peanut festivals) even though the spending hurts our country.
* Here is a good article from a great political mind, from my home state.
* Here is some more proof that the Democrats do not care about "crossing the aisle" and would prefer to screw with the American people to mess with the Republicans.
* I mentioned John McCain positively before but now I need to jump on him for some stupid ideas. The other day he mentioned that he was different than Bush because he would choose to face and deal with the "problem" of global warming. He is against drilling ANWAR and believes that global warming will kill us all.
He and Mr. Lieberman ignore the fact that there is no consensus within the scientific community over global warming. There is consensus among politicians, actors, and liberal crazies but I will wait for something definitive from weather forecasters and climatologists.
* And lastly today...Bill Clinton is one crazy dude.