Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Economy Still Growing

It appears the much talked about demise of our nation's economy has been a little premature. This article from AP says that the economy only grew by .6% the first quarter of this year. I don't know about you but since a recession requires the opposite of growth I would say that the AP article should not have the word only in there. By the way, just in case you were wondering the economy also grew .6% in the last quarter of last year.
My question is this; if the economy is growing, why does the MainStreamMedia keep telling us that we are in a recession? I am not saying that times aren't tough for some in America today (they are), what I am saying is that the slowing economy has more to do with the price of oil and the idiocy of home buyers who want more than they can afford than it has to do with the policies of this administration. Don't get me wrong, I think this administration is run by big spending liberals...but our lawmakers and the MSM would be serving us much better if they were taking the advice of the Shell Oil President and not focusing all of their angst at President Bush.
* On a similar note the Fed cut rates again.
* I feel like I link at least one very scary article every time I post.
* A brilliantly beautiful article proving that Hillary Clinton is an IDIOT.
* Al Franken is a lying liar who likes to break the law. He blames his poor accountant for his financial mess but this article proves that Big Al is just lying through his teeth.
* The venerable Pat Buchanan asks a very good question in this article on the upcoming Presidential election.
* The EU is crazy to think that Tupac Amaru (no not that Tupac) is not a terrorist organization...sometimes I think that the brains of some folks are upside-down.
* Newsflash! WE ARE NOT LOSING AFGHANISTAN! Despite what the MSM and the Democratic Party would have you think we are not losing there, or for that matter in Iraq.

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