Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's not always about race, folks!

The Police officers on trial in the shooting death of a guy in New York on his wedding day were acquitted today. Here is the article from I empathize with the family and fiance of the gentleman who died in the altercation, but I hate the anger that the situation has caused. People line up to lynch these men because they see it as "just another" case of police brutality. I have a different p.o.v. here and I would phrase it like this:
Why would the police officers shoot at this car? Did they just not like the people inside? While it is horrible that a death was the outcome, the police have to be on guard at all times for their own lives. They place themselves in harm's way everyday, so when they think that someone is trying to run them over with a car they have to respond to protect themselves. At the heart of the matter is this - did the officers identify themselves? If they did, then it is just an unfortunate incident. If they didn't then its murder. However, the police say they did identify themselves, and I am willing to believe them.
Also, if you read the article can you see the racial hatred of the African-American community at the courthouse(not the Afican-American community in general...just the group at the courthouse that was out for blood)? One woman shouted at a black police officer, "How can you be proud to wear that uniform? Stand down! Stop working for the masters!" Two of the officers were black, do they hate black people? Why is that we always turn back to racism? How about this chant that went up around the courthouse, "PBA, PBA, KKK! KKK!"
All of this leads back to heart of the issue. The (W)rong Reverend Al Sharpton was there as an adivsor to the fiance of the young man that was killed...why? Because when it is the police v. an African-American it is always about racial prejudice. If we want to heal as a country, and move on from the racism that plagues the hearts of so many...everyone must make a commitment to move on. If your first thought is that a slight is racially motivated, dig deeper and don't give in. If your first response to a problem is inherently racist...find another response. Teach your children that there is no difference between white and black, save the shade of melanin in the skin. Forge a new culture, one that is white, black, yellow, red...etc.
This is what Christianity offers, there is one race...the human race. To judge based on skin color is sin, and hatred cannot be abolished with laws but it must be abolished with the changing of the mind and heart.
Sorry if I rambled's hard to collect thoughts like these cohesively.

* Brilliant opinion piece from the venerable Peggy Noonan. Her writing here is insightful, heartfelt and most importantly true.
* This is how one candidate tries to gain the support of his party. He calls them "out of touch with reality", great work! McCain should win in a landslide in November thanks to the "Royal Rumble" that the Dems are participating in...but gaffs like this show that he is the one truly out of touch. The base hates him, and now he attacks his supporters? Smooth move.
* Gary Bauer could not be more RIGHT then he is in this article about the hypcorisy that courses through the MainStreamMedia in America today. Why guys like Bill Maher are not arrested for hate crimes is beyond much as I think hate crimes legislation is unconstitutional I wouldn't mind seeing it used on someone like him.
* More about racism and abortion...this one should prove (finally) to the black community at large, that the Conservative movement (and to a lesser extent the Republican Party) is who African-Americans should be casting their lot with. This is a good article about the black Pro-Life movement.
* Micheal Reagan agreeing with me that Jimmy Carter is senile. I am with Israel's ambassador to the UN on what he says in this article, the senile peanut farmer has his hands covered in the blood of thousands of innocents. He has done nothing but help and promote fanatical Islamic militants since he was President. I am starting to think that he asked those Iranian students to attack our embassy in Tehran. Here is what Hamas is really up to. If you love Jimmy Carter as much as I do, you need to check out this website...
Here are some great cartoons:

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