Thursday, April 10, 2008

A moment to praise Jason Whitlock

I often disagree with what sports writer Jason Whitlock has to say. I am a baseball guy, who happens to like basketball but thinks that the professional game is boring. I also enjoy football but nowhere near as much as Mr. Whitlock seems to. He also tends to venture into the public sphere quite often, and I find myself being turned of by sports writers who think they have their fingers on the pulse of the "average" American. From time to time however, he writes an article that knocks me off my feet ... and he has come up with a couple of them in recent days.
The first is on a recent issue of Vogue which featured LeBron James on the cover. As a conservative man of color living in America I am often disturbed at what is deemed racially insensitive. Maybe if we stopped being so sensitive, racism would fade away?
The second has to deal with the upcoming Beijing Olympics . If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably realize that I think involving ourselves in any manner, with a nation as perverted and criminal as China, is criminal. I think our Trade Agreement with them is hypocritical and I think that if we are ever going to take the moral high road in international politics it is now. Though if you read the article I posted yesterday from the venerable Pat Buchanan, he has a decidedly different take on international politics ... and I agree with him too. The fact that I agree with both Buchanan and the protesters against the Chinese Olympics, tells me that I am quite confused.
* Here is an excellent open-letter from Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter telling the President that he must boycott the Olympics.
* It's nice to see that the sociopath turned radio host Randi Rhodes has finally lost her job for being a hateful shrew ... though it took her turning on Hillary Clinton to lose her job. When she said hateful, slanderous, and grotesque things about conservatives and Republicans she didn't even get slapped on the wrists.
* Why isn't the fact that an American public school is promoting Islam not being reported in the Main-Stream Media?
* Glenn Beck is BRILLIANT.

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