Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ben Stein is a genius.

By Bob Lang at
Ben Stein's new movie "Expelled" is masterful. I have had a few days since seeing it, to think things over a bit, and have decided that is was just pure genius. The all out attack on mainstream American science was brilliant. In the movie Mr. Stein uses logic, cunning, and academia to poke holes in the idea that Intelligent Design (ID) should not be considered as scientific. The scientists and mathematicians he spoke with and the arguments they gave for at least giving ID a hearing were phenomenal. He attempted to remove religion from the equation and not make this movie an argument over Judeo-Christian ideas, and it worked, until the scientists who are against ID made religion the focus of the argument. The movies conclusion is that the real flaw with the "science" against ID is ... world view. You can be confronted with two brilliant, renowned scientists with two diametrically opposed views of Darwinism and the difference in their conclusion is based almost completely on the world view they hold. Brilliant work, Mr. Stein. I loved the movie and would recommend it to any who ask.

* I hate to say this again, but just how conservative could McCain be if Obama and Clinton supporters would rather vote for him, than the other democrat?
* Russia is scary. Putin is a hypocrite. Here Georgia is trying to stamp out rebellion in its country, and Russia (who is trying to do the same thing in Chechnya and other places) is helping out the rebels. The world needs to be on its toes, Russia is looking for a fight.
* While I agree with him in this article, I think Dick Morris just plain hates Hillary Clinton.
* Here is what the senile one (Jimmy Carter) accomplished in Palestine ... NOTHING! But once he gets home he manages to call Secretary of State Condolezza Rice a liar.
* The LA Times isn't sure if John McCain is healthy enough to be President. The man can't life his arms above his head because he was tortured for this country, and you think this makes him unfit? This is McCain's best argument TO BE President. I won't vote for him, but this is the one thing about him that I appreciate, respect, and like. He seems to be in better shape than FDR ever was...
* Here is an interesting ode to the death of communism in Italy.

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