Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Al Gore, the Great Deceiver

So, Al Gore has been challenged to a debate on Global Warming, yet refuses to debate. In fact, there is an apparent "list" of scientists, economists, and professors who would also enjoy questioning Al Gore's methods of research. But again, No, Al Gore will not debate this topic. If he is so sure about global warming and has all this evidence to back him up, why won't he participate in a debate on this topic? Here is a link to the global warming heartland website. Read a few of the articles and see what the real facts are on "Global Warming".

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

As we mourn and recover from the horrific massacre of the 32 VT students, gun control activists along with the media are already using this story to further their agendas. It has been only two days since the worst killings in U.S. history, can we please show some remorse for the families and friends of these students? April 17th, the day after the shootings, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a democrat from NY, had this to say, "The unfortunate situation in Virginia could have been avoided if congressional leaders stood up to the gun lobby." No time wasted, but then again can we expect anything less from these people? I will not join in the exploitation of this terrible incident, instead I wish to express my condolences to the families of those 32 students, as well as the student body of Virginia Tech. Our hearts and prayers are with them.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thank You Jason Whitlock!

I am not a huge fan of Jason Whitlock, I often find myself disagreeing with him...but not this time. He has written a great article explaining why he thinks Don Imus isn't the problem. Check it out.
By the way, I am going to be taking another weeklong back soon.

How 'bout them Mets?

Gotta love the 'Mazin's! Whooped up on the loudmouth crew from the city of "brotherly shove". I love to see guys like Jimmy Rollins get shown up, when they talk trash and their team doesn't back it up. I have to give Rollins his due though he had a great game 3 against Tom Glavine, but it wasn't enough to win the series. Anyway, the Phillies are now 2-7 while the Mets are 6-3 and sit atop ESPN's power rankings.

Time to weigh in.

Whoaa. Sorry, it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, there has been a lot going on in our crazy world. Hardly know where to start. Imus, Duke lacrosse, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Michelle Malkin covering for Bill O'Reilly against a couple of racist many choices...
I have to say that Don Imus' radio show is a snapshot of what is wrong with our culture. Imus, Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, etc., are proof that our society is morally bankrupt. What Imus said is deplorable, but c'mon folks, the man has said much worse almost every day for his entire career. Does Rosie O'Donell get fired when she says fundamentalist Christians are as dangerous as fanatical Muslims? Does Al Sharpton lose his radio show when he spews his racist vitriol (lest we forget Tawana Brawley, the Crown Heights Riot, the Freddy's Fashion Mart Riot, and more recently the Duke case)? Does Bill Maher lose his job when he suggests that we would be better off if someone assassinated VP Cheney? Does Chris Rock lose his sponsors when he rants and raves his racist and deplorable "comedy"? How about the host of Rap(and rock) stars whose songs are rife with violence and profanity about and against women? The left in America (which Imus is generally a part of) is immersed in inconsistencies. It proves what I have believed for a long time, liberals are racist and they hate people who make a lot of money (except for themselves and their friends). Pat Buchanan has a great article that concisely cuts to the heart of the matter at World Net Daily.
Very interesting article from Terry Moran at ABC News. Maybe it's more telling than it is interesting...actually, maybe it's kind of scary. Does this sound like something from Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels to anyone else? Class warfare talk scares the crap out of me. Most fair minded people can see that the reporters who work at the major news agencies have a bias one way or the other(including the folks at Fox News), but Terry Moran is completely transparent in this article.
I have heard some people on the talk radio circuit and on TV calling for apologies from the, oh so reputable, Right Reverends. Sharpton and Jackson should apologize, but seeing how Sharpton never apologized for the Tawana Brawley escapade that he created, should we really consider that he might apologize for their hate filled racist speeches about the Duke boys? These two (Sharpton and Jackson) have about as much respectability and believability, as a pair of mafia godfathers (and their means of exerting their power are fairly similar). Not that these guys from Duke aren't slimy...they most certainly are...but no one deserves being charged with rape and being convicted in the media for crimes that their is no evidence they committed. (In fact the people of Durham should fire Mike Nifong, and bring Imus down for a job interview.)
Noticed that Michelle Malkin covered for Bill O'Reilly this week and she had some incredibly stupid guests. You need to read this post. While you might not have known it, the vile speech in rap music can be blamed on our "Founding Fathers". In this same blog you read about how Michelle was also called a prostitute by her second guest, the evil Malik Shabazz, leader of the "New Black Panther Party". I love how liberal minorities love to hate on us conservative minorities, because they consider us "sell outs". Why is that just because we have a different political ideology (generally driven by a Judeo-Christian ethic) that we are sellouts and lapdogs of the "white" majority? Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Michael Steele, JC Watts, etc. If you happen to be a conservative minority you are not being faithful to is a lie perpetrated on us by the liberal media and the vociferous leadership of a racist, militant minority. In general African Americans are not racist, at the same time they are allowing some evil men like Malik Shabazz, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson to speak for them.
Being attacked by racism and class warfare from within, and fascist terrorism from without...we are under some intense fire today. We need to fight back. Racism is not okay. Trying to get your way by turning people against each other because of how much money they make, is not okay. We need to tell our politicians and leaders that we are not going to allow them to force us to hate each other.