Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Democrats... so Dirty!

* Yet ANOTHER DIRTY DIRTY DEMOCRAT! More here from Ed Morrissey.
* Some good questions for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Also, from why fans of limited government should be wary of Sotomayor. Liberal court pundit says Sotomayor is an intellectual lightweight!
* The New Yorker cheers on charter schools?
Drew Carey on the good charter schools can do.

* President Obama's crusade on private enterprise continues to drive businesses overseas.
* Jeb Bush Jr. endorses the right candidate for Senator from Florida... Marco Rubio not Charlie Crist. Mike Huckabee is doing the same...
* What President Reagan really meant to the GOP and America.
* More on the targeting of Republican owned, operated, or used car dealerships. This is starting to sound less and less crazy...and much more possible.
* Land of the free?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop Sotomayor!

She's not the man (or woman for that matter) for the job!

* Soon to be Justice Sotomayor?? Opposing Sotomayor is NOT anti-Hispanic. More on Sotomayor here from the venerable RS McCain. Some more from Gateway Pundit.
* Did Obama target GOP donors in Chrysler closings? Take a look at the evidence...
* Why the GOP should embrace liberty.
* The "SEXY" loss of real freedom!
* President Obama = President Wilson?
* The Economist
but Colorado shines through...
* Millionaires are on the run! This article should be the cautionary tale of the Left... if you tax the people they will leave.
* I am sure many of you will be shocked to learn that our nation's veterans are more Republican than the rest of our population at large.
* How about this for "fairness in media" from the Chicago Tribune... Cheney and Limbaugh are "far-right"... Maddow and Obama are "left-leaning"!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Keep our precious soldiers in your thoughts and prayers! May God please Bless America!
From the Army:

From the Marines:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Waxman don't know poo!

* Henry Waxman doesn't know the finer points of his own cap-and-trade bill.
* The Heritage Foundation has assembled an article full of facts about labor unions that every American should know.
* Why was President Obama willing to release the memos that showed torture was authorized at the highest levels, but he is not willing to show the memos that offer their results? One word, my friend... P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S.
* How VP Biden ruined the Supreme Court confirmation process.
* The Bill of Federalism.
* DIRTY DEM Nancy gets a reprieve from her brethren. Follows that up by calling the CIA liars. As I continue to document here, the Republicans may not be pure as the driven snow... the Democrats are definitely the Party of DIRTY! Check out RS McCain's book here.
* The History Channel has some advertising issues.
* Great feature on North Korea uncovered, a website that attempts to reveal the horrors of what is taking place behind North Korea's wall of secrecy. More here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

No white's need apply.

Democrat hate mongers in Congress want to help out the broadcasting companies... but only the minority owned ones. My question is this... and it's simple enough... will we ever stop being a nation of racists? For most of our nation's history the hatred flowed in one direction; from white to non-white. Today it flows all kinds of ways. Is there no one who understands that any form of race (read - ethnicity) preference is racism? You can be racist and be a minority. You can be racist and be a part of the majority. Reverse racism is as insidious as traditional racism. It must all be abolished! The day must come when a man is not judged, excluded, or benefited simply because his skin has a different amount of melanin from anothers. Perhaps I am an idealist, and this kind of country will never be... but I will continue to agitate for true racial equality as long as I can speak or write... or communicate at all. The African-American community (and other minority communities as well) have suffered greatly in our history, but as the man said, "Two wrongs don't make a right." Racial preference for any reason is racism... and it is just as wrong when it happens to white people as when it happens to black.
* It's funny to see Obama vs. Cheney. They are arguing semantics, as the Obama administration continues to do exactly what Cheney wants them too! The Obama White House has not deviated an iota from the Bush White House methods of the war on terror. Obama's peeps can talk a BIG game but when it comes to substance they are just following the Bush-Cheney playbook. In fact, I would argue that VP Cheney is only defending the Bush administration from the verbal attacks of Obama and his people... not from actual political moves. Obama is Bush. Second verse, same as the first... at least on the fighting of the war on terror.
* The GOP... "stupid is as stupid does"?
* Iran has a missile capable of hitting Israel from Iran. Way to go President O!
* Moderate on sex-ed and abortion? Not so fast, my friends.
* Many DIRTY, DIRTY Dems. (And a few DIRTY, DIRTY Repugs)
* If you want health insurance for all... drink more beer.

* Press Secretary Gibbs says "closing of Gitmo was a hasty decision".
* Libertarians on "open borders".
* GOP... not dead yet?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California says "no".

* The California voters have shown their legislators what sanity looks like. The newspapers in Cali are not happy. The Governator says "the people have spoken". Will he really cut spending enough to balance the budget? This blogger thinks not.
* The Flat Tax vs. the Fair Tax. Either one is a couple of dozen steps up from what we have now!
* This is what all rich people need to do. Find the cheapest, freest state... quick!
* Legalizing then taxing sin.
* Why the government should not run a business. More from Veronique de Rugy.
* Vouchers (or school choice) and charter schools might work, but the Democrat Party won't let you have them. Why? Because the Teacher's Unions don't want them! President Obama and the Democrat Party are shills for the Teachers Unions... and the Union doesn't care a bit for your kids... the Union only cares about the Union.
* Louisiana Republicans are apparently lazy and stupid. While Louisiana Democrats are conniving and manipulative... and stupid.
* Police state blues. Yikes! How to tell if you, do indeed, live in a police state.
* Oppose hate crime legislation, NOW!
* More DIRTY, DIRTY Democrats!
* Romney the favorite in 2012?
* Joe Klein... head up ass?
* Finally... here is a video of the guy the Republican Senatorial Committee should support (over Charlie Crist). Conservatives agree.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watch out! The ATF is coming for you!

* The police state wants your legal, registered weapons...creep.
* President Obama's new budget calls for taxpayer funded abortions. So much for meeting pro-lifer's on "common ground".

Notre Dame sucks.
* Republicans now tied with Democrats in party identification... it's the first time in 4 years!

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Real" Catholicism

* Why "real" Catholics cannot support President Obama.

I have had trouble understanding how "moderate" Catholics could support the President during the last election. What Father Jonathan makes me realize is that though they may purport to be "real" Catholics... they cannot support a pro-choice politician and support the Church (and by proxy God). In essence, these "moderate" Catholics have chosen politics before the faith of their Church.

* Soak the rich, lose the rich. Should be easy enough to understand but the government seems to need more education.
* D-Day for California's liberal economic policies.
* Chuck Schumer has written some new legislation... it's called the shareholders bill of rights. It looks to give company shareholders more power over executive compensation among other things. Here is a thought for shareholders... if you don't like how a company is run don't invest your money. If you already have, get it out and invest it somewhere else. I didn't even have to write new legislation!
* If the government wanted to fund all of it's programs it would need to raise the income tax burden to 81%! Think it's time to cut spending yet? How much debt is the USA in? Why does the deficit matter?
* More on spending, taxes and doubling the national debt.
* The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, would allow the Attorney General to deny the sale of firearms to known or suspected terrorists. How is this germane? Is the AG not allowed to do this already? Or is there something more insidious at work here? Is this a possible attempt to curb 2nd Amendment rights by clouding it in patriotic terms?
* Stewart Browne opines on a new strategy for liberty! Part 1 and Part 2.
* The New York Times scrapped a story proving President Obama's close ties to ACORN before the election. Stop trusting the Media.
* How to be happy? Be old, Republican, and male...

Friday, May 15, 2009

The "one" worshipped...

* The continuing saga of a pseudo-Religious Political messiah. While President Obama may never take dictatorial power, I believe that he is proof that an enigmatic person can do so... and yes, even in the United States. With followers like these kids and their parents... a person could do almost anything.

Amazing similarity to this video.... (Thanks to for both vids)

* The Obama administration is "lawless".
* "It's only a matter of time before President Barack Obama's vast popularity runs aground on his energy policies." From the good folks at
* The Obama administration says that deficit spending is bad! But they keep on doing it...
* More proof for the liberals that Obama and Bush are one in the same.
* More Americans are "pro-life" than "pro-choice". While the news is heartening, it makes little difference to the millions of babies being slaughtered in our supposedly "free", "fair", and "just" society.
* Maria Bartoromo speaking truth to power at CNBC.
* Why Republicans are just moderate socialists.
* Keith Olbermann on winning friends and influencing people.
* Arnold and the economic destruction that moderate/liberal Republicans cause.
* Pastor Steven Anderson was recently brutalized by "our" police. Read the story here, and see the video that Pastor Anderson recorded here. There is a place to donate to Pastor Anderson's defense fund here, and hopefully soon there will be a civil suit filed as well.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sell Public Property!

* California should have done this a long time ago. Which leads me to say this; more state governments should consider selling public property to raise money. Airports, highways, and yes, even prisons.... private companies can run these better, cheaper, and more efficiently. The cherry on top? It would save the public billions of dollars in taxes.
* The fine print of the stimulus spending for states? Don't cut spending or we won't help...instead, raise taxes!
* President Obama is being hypocritical...again.
* Why do liberals hate women?
* Hypocrisy of hate speech.
* British Christians who oppose gay adoption are now officially "retarded homophobes".
* Read this quick review of a new site that focuses on liberty. Here it is; Let a thousand nations bloom.
* Sub-Saharan Africa's problem? Bad government.
* Torture.
Al Gore's Green 1984.

* The Barack Obama celebrity roast.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Rockefeller Republicans on the outs...

Too good not to post. Jonah Goldberg build his perfect candidate... and it's me! He doesn't know it's me, but it is. Hmmm... maybe I should give him a call and see if he can get my political career kick started?
* An autopsy of liberal republicans. Interesting idea for an article. The problem is that the article makes a couple of odd mistakes. First of all Rockefeller Republicans would look much more conservative today than moderate/liberal Republicans like Specter, Snowe, and Collins. A second issues is that the writer claims Specter is "fiscally conservative and socially liberal". Specter is a social liberal to be sure...but he is also a fiscal liberal (as is Snowe and Collins), as evidenced by his vote on the bailout legislation. This "Gang of 3", have got to face facts... they are Democrats. They are social liberals which is contrary to the Republican Party platform and base. Most importantly where they are supposed to be conservative (on fiscal issues) they are not. They are fiscal moderates. Maybe they could fit into the Democrats Blue Dog caucus... but they are hardly Republicans.
* Dick Cheney speaks common sense.
* Britain's politicians are really dirty. I mean REALLY. And now they are raising taxes again...I guess those British MP's have more bills to pay.
* Nancy Pelosi is a BIG, FAT LIAR. And she might very well be in a spot of trouble.
* President Obama tells journalists explicitly that they should stress the fact that his proposed budget cuts (what cuts?) are "significant" when writing their reports. More Democrat hypocrisy on display.
* Howard Dean (ex-Chair of the Democrat National Committee) says that we have "had quite enough of capitalism..." Yikes.

* President Obama's economic ideas are really bad. So are his policies on healthcare.
* Thomas Sowell on the kind of judge President Obama wants to appoint.
* How emotions will save our economy.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dirty Dems at it again!

* Murtha's still a fat, DIRTY pig. An no, I am not being over dramatic, this tool cannot help himself. Here's more.
* Charlie Rangel another fat, DIRTY pig, has some HUGE cojones.
* Here are the top 10 reasons why Obamanomics won't work.
* President Obama versus the DC school voucher program.
* The case against possible SCOTUS pick Sotomayor.
* Criticism of the one is strictly verboten.
* The anti-free speech police in the U.K. run rampant! Micheal Savage barred from's amazing how quickly free-speech can be rescinded.
* The truth about the New Deal.
* And you thought it was over. House Democrats want 94.2$ Billion more. No kidding.
* Does anyone else wish that David Brooks would just shut up? Ah yes... the indomitable Robert Stacy McCain does too!

Monday, May 04, 2009

It's all about the Worldview.

Not that this will surprise anyone who has ever read my blog but... I believe the main stream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, major newspapers and news magazines, etc.) is in the tank for Obama. For whatever reason I think that the field of "journalism" lends itself to progressive political beliefs and I think that being in the New York-DC-Los Angeles bubble further insulates media personalities from views contrary to liberalism and keeps them from realizing that their personal opinions just might be wrong. Last week, the Center for Media and Public Affairs released a study that claimed the national media treated President Obama better in his first 50 days than it had President Bush and Bill Clinton combined during their same 50-day period of their presidencies. This study was poo-pooed by some however, as being biased. But just today the Pew Research Council has released a study that will not be so easily ignored. In their study Pew shows that President Obama has received twice the amount of positive coverage as President Bush in his first 100 days, and 50% more than President Clinton.
My personal opinion is this: most of our journalists today have been educated by educators who have forgotten that they are to educate...not indoctrinate. They receive "the right" education from "the right" school, then they enter a profession dreaming of Woodward and Bernstein but deciding to never besmirch their ideology. Their worldview (which was molded upon them by their education) is so ingrained in them that the slightest word against their "truth" is heresy. So while searching for their "Watergate" they can only study one side of the fence. On the "safe" side lay the Democrat Party and President Obama. On the side under intense scrutiny lay the Republican Party, conservatives, and anyone else who has the audacity to stand against "progressivism". (For example: just yesterday on "the Chris Matthews Show" on NBC, Matthews was speaking to Joe Klein of Time about Senator Arlen Specter when he said this; "But he(Specter) is good on healthcare!" By being "good" on healthcare Matthews was saying that since Specter is for socialized medicine he is on the right side. That's not journalism...that's op/ed.)
I don't think that journalists today purposefully miss stories that would paint Democrats as bad... I just think that when they see them, their first thought is "Can't be true". I truly believe that most journalists today are so driven by their worldview it as though they were wearing blinders to any reality that might change their thought process.
* Some more examples of the most important stories you haven't learned about our President, thanks to a deity-complex addled media.
* Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post sees a double standard.
* Is the media going to continue giving the Obama administration passes for continuing "bad" Bush policies?
* Nancy Pelosi is blocking investigations into corrupt Democrats. Have you seen it in the main stream news??
(Here's a little video to give you a visual of the problem...stand for Obama, sit for Bush)

* Robert Stacy McCain with a most insightful piece on "what the Republican Party needs..."
* Why liberalism and the courts don't mix.
* We just can't afford government-run business. They have tried before...and failed.
* Hate crime and punishment...just a ruse for more government power.
* Yet another example of government power run amok... a councilman gets arrested for opposing red light cameras.
* FDR's Social Security paradox.
* How a conservative beat Canada's censors.
* A grandmother was arrested for child porn...what does this have to do with you? A whole lot.

** Jonah Goldberg gave a great to salute to the passing of a wonderful man...who happened to be a fairly devout conservative. Mr. Jack Kemp.
"It seems to me that if the GOP needs a makeover, it could do a lot worse than embracing Kempism: A happy warrior love affair with ideas first and tactics second. Good ideas will find their tacticians. Tacticians cannot be relied upon to come up with good ideas."

Friday, May 01, 2009

Good riddance Justice Souter!

Supreme Court Justice David Souter is retiring handing President Obama his first Supreme Court appointee. With the Republican Party is such tatters it will be difficult for them to stop any of the radical options that the President will nominate. We are about to see the most liberal Supreme Court Justice in our nation's history be appointed to the bench. Souter's resignation gives the President an opportunity to nominate an ultra-liberal Justice because it is early in his administration. He has plenty of time to move back to the center for the next election, because the American electorate has tiny brains and short memories. They will have forgotten in 3 years time that President Obama had only recently appointed the most liberal judge ever to the Supreme Court. One of the worries is that, almost certainly, at least one of the nominees will be from San Fransisco's ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court. A court that has time and again overruled the people's desires and decided that only the members of the court understand the best path for the people of the United States. The silver lining to this? Two things; first, Arlen Specter's recent switch will actually help the Republicans block liberal appointments. Second, Obama will be replacing a relatively young very liberal Supreme Court Justice. So whoever Obama chooses (if Congress does not block them) will probably not vote any differently than Souter on any major issue. All in all, this ends up as status quo...unless Republicans get lucky and Obama fumbles the hand off (as Ford, Reagan, and the first President Bush did with Stevens, Kennedy, and Souter respectively) and chooses a conservative judge. I highly doubt this outcome because Democrat appointees never seem to be as centrist as Republican appointees. The two judges appointed by Clinton stayed liberal... while Republicans have chosen a mixed bag (two liberal, one moderate, and four conservative). In fact Republicans have been our own worst enemy when it comes to Supreme Court Appointees.
* The mainstream media seems to think that Justice Souter "evolved" from a conservative to a liberal... well, aren't we lucky he wasn't like the rest of the neanderthal conservatives!
* Is the real culture war being fought over capitalism and freedom?
* Paul Krugman is a clown... and he proves it with each new article he writes.
* Obama's revenue relativism.
* Torture bad...almost always?
* Sen. Jeff Bingaman (Democrat from New Mexico), chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee says that Obama's cap and trade program will cause an increase in energy prices.
* Schoolgirls in love.
* Why "hate" crime legislation makes no sense. Even more "hate" crime nonsense.
* The end of democracy in Venezuela.
* Michelle Obama is the most popular figure in the Obama administration BUT... she is not as popular as Laura Bush!