Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Democrats... so Dirty!

* Yet ANOTHER DIRTY DIRTY DEMOCRAT! More here from Ed Morrissey.
* Some good questions for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Also, from why fans of limited government should be wary of Sotomayor. Liberal court pundit says Sotomayor is an intellectual lightweight!
* The New Yorker cheers on charter schools?
Drew Carey on the good charter schools can do.

* President Obama's crusade on private enterprise continues to drive businesses overseas.
* Jeb Bush Jr. endorses the right candidate for Senator from Florida... Marco Rubio not Charlie Crist. Mike Huckabee is doing the same...
* What President Reagan really meant to the GOP and America.
* More on the targeting of Republican owned, operated, or used car dealerships. This is starting to sound less and less crazy...and much more possible.
* Land of the free?


Metsfan8 said...

And yet when Sotomayor opens her mouth to say that a Latina woman with her background can make a better decision than an old white male, everything is okay. The hypocrisy of the left stuns me. However, when a respected Law academic, Turley, comes out dissenting against the popular choice, he's labeled a sexist and a racist! For what?! For saying that she lacks intellectual depth? People wouldn't know racism if it hit them in the face. There is a difference between being politically incorrect and being a racist, but people are too blind to see past their own opinions.

Jered said...

thanks for that link to the charter school video. good stuff!