Friday, May 01, 2009

Good riddance Justice Souter!

Supreme Court Justice David Souter is retiring handing President Obama his first Supreme Court appointee. With the Republican Party is such tatters it will be difficult for them to stop any of the radical options that the President will nominate. We are about to see the most liberal Supreme Court Justice in our nation's history be appointed to the bench. Souter's resignation gives the President an opportunity to nominate an ultra-liberal Justice because it is early in his administration. He has plenty of time to move back to the center for the next election, because the American electorate has tiny brains and short memories. They will have forgotten in 3 years time that President Obama had only recently appointed the most liberal judge ever to the Supreme Court. One of the worries is that, almost certainly, at least one of the nominees will be from San Fransisco's ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court. A court that has time and again overruled the people's desires and decided that only the members of the court understand the best path for the people of the United States. The silver lining to this? Two things; first, Arlen Specter's recent switch will actually help the Republicans block liberal appointments. Second, Obama will be replacing a relatively young very liberal Supreme Court Justice. So whoever Obama chooses (if Congress does not block them) will probably not vote any differently than Souter on any major issue. All in all, this ends up as status quo...unless Republicans get lucky and Obama fumbles the hand off (as Ford, Reagan, and the first President Bush did with Stevens, Kennedy, and Souter respectively) and chooses a conservative judge. I highly doubt this outcome because Democrat appointees never seem to be as centrist as Republican appointees. The two judges appointed by Clinton stayed liberal... while Republicans have chosen a mixed bag (two liberal, one moderate, and four conservative). In fact Republicans have been our own worst enemy when it comes to Supreme Court Appointees.
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