Friday, May 08, 2009

Rockefeller Republicans on the outs...

Too good not to post. Jonah Goldberg build his perfect candidate... and it's me! He doesn't know it's me, but it is. Hmmm... maybe I should give him a call and see if he can get my political career kick started?
* An autopsy of liberal republicans. Interesting idea for an article. The problem is that the article makes a couple of odd mistakes. First of all Rockefeller Republicans would look much more conservative today than moderate/liberal Republicans like Specter, Snowe, and Collins. A second issues is that the writer claims Specter is "fiscally conservative and socially liberal". Specter is a social liberal to be sure...but he is also a fiscal liberal (as is Snowe and Collins), as evidenced by his vote on the bailout legislation. This "Gang of 3", have got to face facts... they are Democrats. They are social liberals which is contrary to the Republican Party platform and base. Most importantly where they are supposed to be conservative (on fiscal issues) they are not. They are fiscal moderates. Maybe they could fit into the Democrats Blue Dog caucus... but they are hardly Republicans.
* Dick Cheney speaks common sense.
* Britain's politicians are really dirty. I mean REALLY. And now they are raising taxes again...I guess those British MP's have more bills to pay.
* Nancy Pelosi is a BIG, FAT LIAR. And she might very well be in a spot of trouble.
* President Obama tells journalists explicitly that they should stress the fact that his proposed budget cuts (what cuts?) are "significant" when writing their reports. More Democrat hypocrisy on display.
* Howard Dean (ex-Chair of the Democrat National Committee) says that we have "had quite enough of capitalism..." Yikes.

* President Obama's economic ideas are really bad. So are his policies on healthcare.
* Thomas Sowell on the kind of judge President Obama wants to appoint.
* How emotions will save our economy.

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