Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop Sotomayor!

She's not the man (or woman for that matter) for the job!

* Soon to be Justice Sotomayor?? Opposing Sotomayor is NOT anti-Hispanic. More on Sotomayor here from the venerable RS McCain. Some more from Gateway Pundit.
* Did Obama target GOP donors in Chrysler closings? Take a look at the evidence...
* Why the GOP should embrace liberty.
* The "SEXY" loss of real freedom!
* President Obama = President Wilson?
* The Economist
but Colorado shines through...
* Millionaires are on the run! This article should be the cautionary tale of the Left... if you tax the people they will leave.
* I am sure many of you will be shocked to learn that our nation's veterans are more Republican than the rest of our population at large.
* How about this for "fairness in media" from the Chicago Tribune... Cheney and Limbaugh are "far-right"... Maddow and Obama are "left-leaning"!

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