Thursday, May 21, 2009

No white's need apply.

Democrat hate mongers in Congress want to help out the broadcasting companies... but only the minority owned ones. My question is this... and it's simple enough... will we ever stop being a nation of racists? For most of our nation's history the hatred flowed in one direction; from white to non-white. Today it flows all kinds of ways. Is there no one who understands that any form of race (read - ethnicity) preference is racism? You can be racist and be a minority. You can be racist and be a part of the majority. Reverse racism is as insidious as traditional racism. It must all be abolished! The day must come when a man is not judged, excluded, or benefited simply because his skin has a different amount of melanin from anothers. Perhaps I am an idealist, and this kind of country will never be... but I will continue to agitate for true racial equality as long as I can speak or write... or communicate at all. The African-American community (and other minority communities as well) have suffered greatly in our history, but as the man said, "Two wrongs don't make a right." Racial preference for any reason is racism... and it is just as wrong when it happens to white people as when it happens to black.
* It's funny to see Obama vs. Cheney. They are arguing semantics, as the Obama administration continues to do exactly what Cheney wants them too! The Obama White House has not deviated an iota from the Bush White House methods of the war on terror. Obama's peeps can talk a BIG game but when it comes to substance they are just following the Bush-Cheney playbook. In fact, I would argue that VP Cheney is only defending the Bush administration from the verbal attacks of Obama and his people... not from actual political moves. Obama is Bush. Second verse, same as the first... at least on the fighting of the war on terror.
* The GOP... "stupid is as stupid does"?
* Iran has a missile capable of hitting Israel from Iran. Way to go President O!
* Moderate on sex-ed and abortion? Not so fast, my friends.
* Many DIRTY, DIRTY Dems. (And a few DIRTY, DIRTY Repugs)
* If you want health insurance for all... drink more beer.

* Press Secretary Gibbs says "closing of Gitmo was a hasty decision".
* Libertarians on "open borders".
* GOP... not dead yet?

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Metsfan8 said...

Affirmative Action = Reverse Racism, and is wholly unconstitutional.

Good piece on racism, however with people like Kanye West who are very visible in our society, and are able to spread their hate rhetoric, it seems like the racism will never stop. Many who support men like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrahkan believe they are still owed reparations/restitution from our society. What's funny is that the older African Americans who actually had to deal head on with straight racism during the '50s, '60s, and '70s seem more at ease, and happy about the progression American has made since that time. Yet, those who were born during a time of relative openness and freedom(such as schools being fully integrated) feel as if they are owed something. If it sounds like I'm generalizing, I apologize. The majority of African Americans have taken full advantage of the opportunities that have been given to them as a result of our progression.....and we have a half black president! Racism is alive because we are no longer a country accepting of personal responsibility. Everyone has someone to blame.....