Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California says "no".

* The California voters have shown their legislators what sanity looks like. The newspapers in Cali are not happy. The Governator says "the people have spoken". Will he really cut spending enough to balance the budget? This blogger thinks not.
* The Flat Tax vs. the Fair Tax. Either one is a couple of dozen steps up from what we have now!
* This is what all rich people need to do. Find the cheapest, freest state... quick!
* Legalizing then taxing sin.
* Why the government should not run a business. More from Veronique de Rugy.
* Vouchers (or school choice) and charter schools might work, but the Democrat Party won't let you have them. Why? Because the Teacher's Unions don't want them! President Obama and the Democrat Party are shills for the Teachers Unions... and the Union doesn't care a bit for your kids... the Union only cares about the Union.
* Louisiana Republicans are apparently lazy and stupid. While Louisiana Democrats are conniving and manipulative... and stupid.
* Police state blues. Yikes! How to tell if you, do indeed, live in a police state.
* Oppose hate crime legislation, NOW!
* More DIRTY, DIRTY Democrats!
* Romney the favorite in 2012?
* Joe Klein... head up ass?
* Finally... here is a video of the guy the Republican Senatorial Committee should support (over Charlie Crist). Conservatives agree.

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