Monday, May 18, 2009

"Real" Catholicism

* Why "real" Catholics cannot support President Obama.

I have had trouble understanding how "moderate" Catholics could support the President during the last election. What Father Jonathan makes me realize is that though they may purport to be "real" Catholics... they cannot support a pro-choice politician and support the Church (and by proxy God). In essence, these "moderate" Catholics have chosen politics before the faith of their Church.

* Soak the rich, lose the rich. Should be easy enough to understand but the government seems to need more education.
* D-Day for California's liberal economic policies.
* Chuck Schumer has written some new legislation... it's called the shareholders bill of rights. It looks to give company shareholders more power over executive compensation among other things. Here is a thought for shareholders... if you don't like how a company is run don't invest your money. If you already have, get it out and invest it somewhere else. I didn't even have to write new legislation!
* If the government wanted to fund all of it's programs it would need to raise the income tax burden to 81%! Think it's time to cut spending yet? How much debt is the USA in? Why does the deficit matter?
* More on spending, taxes and doubling the national debt.
* The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, would allow the Attorney General to deny the sale of firearms to known or suspected terrorists. How is this germane? Is the AG not allowed to do this already? Or is there something more insidious at work here? Is this a possible attempt to curb 2nd Amendment rights by clouding it in patriotic terms?
* Stewart Browne opines on a new strategy for liberty! Part 1 and Part 2.
* The New York Times scrapped a story proving President Obama's close ties to ACORN before the election. Stop trusting the Media.
* How to be happy? Be old, Republican, and male...


Metsfan8 said...

After almost 20 yrs of a deregulated banking industry, it seems as though we are headed into a new era of regulation. People fear capitalism because "all it is is an excuse to be greedy." I WANT TO BE GREEDY!!! This is America, if you don't like the greed, go to France. Why is the U.S. the number 1 innovator of new technologies?; why have we had the strongest economy for the past 2 decades?; how are you going to be able to fund your retirement? Greed, or as they say in Finance, "hoarding", is a fundamental American freedom that we should all participate in! Americans don't save!?!? Well maybe if the gov't stops wasting money on obsolete programs, taxing us out the wazzoo, we can start to save a little more. What's western Europe's "Savings Rate"?

Metsfan8 said...

Chuch Shumer is an idiot. This is the problem with deprivatizing business....people come up with silly ideas to try and save an industry. The people who can afford to invest do not do so without researching the specific investment first. If the so-called investment does not meet their standards, than they should not invest. You're right, Oni, it's not that difficult.

The gov't wants us to think that we need them for every little thing that goes wrong in our lives. If you lose thousands of dollars due to a faulty investment, than maybe you're not qualified/smart enough to invest in the first place. It's not the company's fault you lost's yours.....PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY PEOPLE!!