Monday, May 04, 2009

It's all about the Worldview.

Not that this will surprise anyone who has ever read my blog but... I believe the main stream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, major newspapers and news magazines, etc.) is in the tank for Obama. For whatever reason I think that the field of "journalism" lends itself to progressive political beliefs and I think that being in the New York-DC-Los Angeles bubble further insulates media personalities from views contrary to liberalism and keeps them from realizing that their personal opinions just might be wrong. Last week, the Center for Media and Public Affairs released a study that claimed the national media treated President Obama better in his first 50 days than it had President Bush and Bill Clinton combined during their same 50-day period of their presidencies. This study was poo-pooed by some however, as being biased. But just today the Pew Research Council has released a study that will not be so easily ignored. In their study Pew shows that President Obama has received twice the amount of positive coverage as President Bush in his first 100 days, and 50% more than President Clinton.
My personal opinion is this: most of our journalists today have been educated by educators who have forgotten that they are to educate...not indoctrinate. They receive "the right" education from "the right" school, then they enter a profession dreaming of Woodward and Bernstein but deciding to never besmirch their ideology. Their worldview (which was molded upon them by their education) is so ingrained in them that the slightest word against their "truth" is heresy. So while searching for their "Watergate" they can only study one side of the fence. On the "safe" side lay the Democrat Party and President Obama. On the side under intense scrutiny lay the Republican Party, conservatives, and anyone else who has the audacity to stand against "progressivism". (For example: just yesterday on "the Chris Matthews Show" on NBC, Matthews was speaking to Joe Klein of Time about Senator Arlen Specter when he said this; "But he(Specter) is good on healthcare!" By being "good" on healthcare Matthews was saying that since Specter is for socialized medicine he is on the right side. That's not journalism...that's op/ed.)
I don't think that journalists today purposefully miss stories that would paint Democrats as bad... I just think that when they see them, their first thought is "Can't be true". I truly believe that most journalists today are so driven by their worldview it as though they were wearing blinders to any reality that might change their thought process.
* Some more examples of the most important stories you haven't learned about our President, thanks to a deity-complex addled media.
* Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post sees a double standard.
* Is the media going to continue giving the Obama administration passes for continuing "bad" Bush policies?
* Nancy Pelosi is blocking investigations into corrupt Democrats. Have you seen it in the main stream news??
(Here's a little video to give you a visual of the problem...stand for Obama, sit for Bush)

* Robert Stacy McCain with a most insightful piece on "what the Republican Party needs..."
* Why liberalism and the courts don't mix.
* We just can't afford government-run business. They have tried before...and failed.
* Hate crime and punishment...just a ruse for more government power.
* Yet another example of government power run amok... a councilman gets arrested for opposing red light cameras.
* FDR's Social Security paradox.
* How a conservative beat Canada's censors.
* A grandmother was arrested for child porn...what does this have to do with you? A whole lot.

** Jonah Goldberg gave a great to salute to the passing of a wonderful man...who happened to be a fairly devout conservative. Mr. Jack Kemp.
"It seems to me that if the GOP needs a makeover, it could do a lot worse than embracing Kempism: A happy warrior love affair with ideas first and tactics second. Good ideas will find their tacticians. Tacticians cannot be relied upon to come up with good ideas."

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