Friday, May 15, 2009

The "one" worshipped...

* The continuing saga of a pseudo-Religious Political messiah. While President Obama may never take dictatorial power, I believe that he is proof that an enigmatic person can do so... and yes, even in the United States. With followers like these kids and their parents... a person could do almost anything.

Amazing similarity to this video.... (Thanks to for both vids)

* The Obama administration is "lawless".
* "It's only a matter of time before President Barack Obama's vast popularity runs aground on his energy policies." From the good folks at
* The Obama administration says that deficit spending is bad! But they keep on doing it...
* More proof for the liberals that Obama and Bush are one in the same.
* More Americans are "pro-life" than "pro-choice". While the news is heartening, it makes little difference to the millions of babies being slaughtered in our supposedly "free", "fair", and "just" society.
* Maria Bartoromo speaking truth to power at CNBC.
* Why Republicans are just moderate socialists.
* Keith Olbermann on winning friends and influencing people.
* Arnold and the economic destruction that moderate/liberal Republicans cause.
* Pastor Steven Anderson was recently brutalized by "our" police. Read the story here, and see the video that Pastor Anderson recorded here. There is a place to donate to Pastor Anderson's defense fund here, and hopefully soon there will be a civil suit filed as well.

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