Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter continues slide into Senility

Jimmy Carter claims that the "overwhelming" animosity towards President Obama from the right is racist. I will say this one more time... Jimmy Carter is an ASS-CLOWN. Why is that every time someone disagrees with a liberal/progressive/democrat agenda item, they must be labeled as a "racist"? I will state for the record that racism is sin. It is immoral. It is irresponsible. It is intellectual idiocy. I will unequivocally state that I believe any person with racist views to being and illogical, imbecilic fool of a person whose brain is so clouded with filth as to lay some genetic "blame" at the feet of melanin.
I will also say; President Obama has thus far been a colossal waste of time as the leader of the "free" world. "Thus far". Though I see little reason to hope for better over the next 3 years. From the bailouts of the auto industry. To the stimulus. To the continuation of the Bush doctrine of foreign policy... and make no mistake Obama is just a 3rd term of President Bush when it comes to foreign policy. (As he proved yet again with this latest policy decision.) This latest SNAFU (Nationalized Healthcare) will be the biggest blunder of all, as it will send our nation reeling and from a massive welfare scheme like this.... there is no coming back (just listen to the British politicians drone on about how great the NHS is, when all of the factual evidence says otherwise).

And while I don't believe liberals/progressives to be racist - I do think that they are exploitative. And as Rahm Emanuel says they will not "let a good crisis go to waste" (and believe me a whole section of the country being racist would be a crisis). Even if they have to invent it.
* Jimmy Carter is actually the only racist in the room, as evidenced by his last book that details for you how to become an Anti-Semite. Good news for President Carter he has just gotten a rousing endorsement from Al-Qaeda's best known book reviewer... Mr. bin Laden himself! (When Osama bin Laden loves your book isn't it time to check yourself into the local psychiatric facility?)
* tries to explain that the center of American politics may actually hold the most lunatic of the fringe!
* The peanut farmer's message of hate is spreading... 12% of Americans agree that opponents of Obamacare are racist! (This literally makes me want to curse...and puke)
* HotAir uses Crazy Carter's logic against him.
* Meanwhile back in NOT-crazy land. 45% of doctors say they would consider quitting if Obamacare became law. Damn racist doctors!
* Lawmakers in DC are also getting on the Racism Wagon! Rep. Hank Johnson of my home state (GA) says that if they don't censure Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) that we will have "the KKK riding through the countryside"! Can I use the Ass-clown epithet again? I think I will. Hank... you are an Ass-clown.
* Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post tells us that yelling at the President about the Constitution is RACIST!

* One more reason to be against Government run healthcare reform.

One parting thought about the racism stuff. It's disgusting. Completely disgusting. It is the fallback position for a person who knows that they have lost the debate on a particular issue. It is the most vain and vile attempt to claw out of a corner you have backed yourself into, knowing that the other side wins on logic. The Democrat Party all too often uses passion and emotion to evince their desired outcome in a political fight... and it is because the media and the American people allow them to. The moment clear thinking, rational, non-Racist Americans stand up and say, "We will not allow you to use this as the crux of your argument anymore" is the moment that the progressive movement will look for new solutions. My worry, however, is that this will never happen. The liberal movement will continue to use passion over reason and they will continue to win converts to proselytize the masses... and they will win. The rest of us will eventually be regarded by history as racist, hate mongers who sought to allow "evil" corporations to rule the world. As my epitaph let me say; "I am not a racist. I hate no one. I simply wanted to live in a world where each man/woman could be free to make the decisions that they deemed best for themselves, without the unwanted influence of others (especially the government)."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ObamaCare...yes, it's that bad.

This blogger has actually read every word of House Bill 3200...the ObamaCare Bill. He tells us it's worse than we the whole article for the truly grim reality that is ObamaCare.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Project 2996: Remembering Malissa White

Project 2996 was established as a way to ensure that we remember the people we lost on that tragic day in September of 2001. It has been eight years since the 9/11 attacks committed by that heinous group of Islamo-fascist terrorists known as al-Qaeda. I worry that we may become desensitized or even indifferent to what happened that day and to the lives that were lost. It is important to remember that 9/11 did not happen to us, it is happening to us. The inhumanity of humanity continues to surround and affect us daily, even today as our soldiers continue to fight (and die) in Afghanistan (and Iraq).
On this 8th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon near Washington, DC, and in a field in Pennsylvania... please take the time to remember all of those whose lives were taken from us by men who embody the evil that still exists in our world today.
To learn more about Project 2996 please take the time to read up on their website.

Born in 1965, Malissa White grew up in Bald Knob, AR. The precocious sister in a large family, she would often be mistaken for the oldest sibling...which she was not, "She was like the caretaker of the whole family, the spokesperson, the whole lot" her brother Marc says. In 1996 she married Rocky Higgins and the couple established their home in East Flatbush, NY. Rocky's two sons now became the step-children to Malissa, who quickly became the doting mother. She kept in constant contact with the two boys teachers and coaches and was the driving force behind the older sons scholarship to Talladega College in Alabama.
Malissa worked in the human resources department of Marsh and McLennan companies which leased office space on the 93rd through 100th floor of the North Tower. Very likely, one of the first to succumb to the disgraceful attack, as the first plane made it's fateful entrance on the 96th floor of the North Tower. Marsh and McLennan companies lost 295 people that day of the almost 2,000 who would have been in the offices.
I think that the most important thing I can say about Ms. White is that she was beloved for her generous character and her loving manner. Her husband remembers her as "A real family person". She was a mentor in her church and when some of her fellow congregants lost their homes to fire, Ms. White took them in to her own home. Perhaps her greatest legacy is left with her husband who says, "All I can say is that she is the best thing that happened to me".
To view what others have to say about Malissa White, beloved sister, wife, and fellow American please check out this memorial site.

Census numbers breakdown

Let's allow Ed Morrissey from to educate us on HealthCare.
The Census Bureau released its annual income, poverty, and health insurance survey (2008) yesterday, giving both sides new numbers to use in the health-care debate. ObamaCare advocates can claim that the number of uninsured rose in the year, which it did, from 45.6 million in 2007 to 46.3 million in 2008. Opponents of the administration’s efforts can point to the increased numbers of Americans covered by insurance (255.1 million, up from 253.7 million in 2007) and the wider coverage of existing government programs — which increased by almost 5 million to 87.4 million people in 2008.
The focus will fall on the breakdown of the uninsured. What comprised the 46,340,000 uninsured, according to the Census Bureau?
35.2 million are in families, and 10.7 million are single
21.3 million are white, 14.6 million Hispanic, and 7.2 million black
Just over 30 million are between 25 and 64 years of age, while 7.3 million are children
Almost all of them are in major metropolitan areas (39.2 million)
17.8 million make more than $50,000 a year in annual household income
10.7 million did not work in the past year
Of particular interest is the citizenship/resident category. Foreign-born residents comprise 12.3 million of the uninsured, with only 2.8 million of those naturalized citizens. That leaves 9.5 million non-citizens in the count. The Census Bureau refuses to categorize on their legal residency status, which means that legal and illegal immigrants get counted in this total. Last year, estimates put the number of illegal aliens in this category as 5.6 million out of a total of 9.7 million. Even if we attribute the entire 200K reduction in this category to illegal immigrants leaving the US (as opposed to legal immigrants leaving or illegal immigrants getting insured), it still leaves 5.4 million illegals as part of the overall uninsured number.
In reviewing this data, we can strike off the 17.8 million who made more than $50,000 a year, which is just about the 2008 median income ($50,303). These are people who make enough to buy insurance; while they may have other reasons, such as pre-existing conditions, preventing their purchase, by and large they can at least afford to buy insurance, even if it means making a choice to skip buying something else. The 5.4 million remaining illegal immigrants can also get stricken from the list, as Barack Obama insists that he doesn’t want to provide coverage for them in his overhaul. That brings the number of uninsured down to half, at 23.2 million people.
Next, we have the problem of Medicaid/CHIP underreporting on the ASEC, covered in some detail in Appendix C of the report. Last year, the Census Bureau reported that they missed 2.8 million enrollees in Medicaid. That would bring the number down to 20.4 million uninsured, which comes close to the sum of those who didn’t work at all last year (10.7 million) and uncovered children (7.3 million), although some of the latter overlap with the underreporting of Medicaid/CHIP. The general scope of the problem is between 17 and 20 million uninsured at worst, not 46 million or 30 million, as Obama tried to argue on Wednesday.
Finally, let’s address the canard of “14,000 people lose their health insurance every day.“ The number of people insured rose over the course of the year, by over a million, and those covered by government programs rose by almost 5 million. If 14,000 people lose their health insurance every day, it would amount to 5 million more uninsured for the year. Nothing in the new data gives that indication, and in fact shows that more people find health insurance now than lose it.
The numbers for 2009 won’t look as good, thanks to the massive job losses seen all year. We’ve lost more than 3 million jobs, which probably means many of those have lost their health insurance. Unfortunately, Obama’s plan to overhaul the health-care industry will steal capital from the markets that would create new jobs and provide coverage for those unemployed.
Addendum: While perusing this data, be sure to read the data on poverty. Expect to hear about this year’s increase in poverty to 10.3% of all American families, but it’s interesting to see the historical data on this. According to the data, with the exception of 2003-4, the Bush years were a boon. Except for those two years, the poverty rate stayed below 10% for all of Bush’s term. In contrast, those numbers only went below 10% for two of the Clinton years, 1999 and 2000, which was the best year on poverty the US has had since records began being collated in 1959.
Also, compare the numbers on household types for those same years. Two-parent households did a much better job of staying out of poverty than single-parent homes.

A Job for Hollywood? - Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner on National Review Online

A Job for Hollywood? - Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner on National Review Online

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama: The man, the myth, the liar.

While the President's speech last night almost gave me an aneurysm I have decided today to allow the AP and Matt Welch from to explain to you why the President's speech was full of lies.

From the AP: Obama uses "iffy" math to make the case for health care reform. What it should say is that Obama does math gymnastics to try and schmooze healthcare reform through.

From Obama's lies matter, too. Indeed they do Matt.

If you read each of the articles they will support their views with facts from the legislation itself to show you that President Obama lied at least a half dozen times in last nights speech. Shouldn't that matter?

Ed Morrissey at sums it all up with this: "For a man eager to paint his opposition as liars, Obama told a couple of whoppers himself in front of the joint session of Congress" Read all of Ed's coverage here.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Clown of the Day - Van Jones!

More trouble for the Obama administration... the President's "Green Jobs" czar, Van Jones, is an avowed communist. He also happens to be a 9/11 "truther" (a person who thinks the Bush administration orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks to drum up support for it's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq). This does not play well for the administration because they already have to deny socialist leanings...and that gets harder to do when you have an avowed socialist who leans "communist" in your administration. Also, the administration's mouthpieces have been making fun of the Republican party because some of it's supporters are Obama birth certificate "truthers"... it gets hard to make fun when you have your own "truther" in your ranks (and not on the fringes of your party)!
* Just breaking today too...Jones was a supporter of a convicted cop murderer. Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal...this guys gets worse every minute.
* Van Jones defends himself...kind of.
* Van Jones' defense blown out of the water...dummy.
* Charles Krauthammer thinks that Van Jones will be out on his butt soon.
* Glen Beck gets his revenge...

* ABC's Jake Tapper adds to the Van Jones discussion.
* A spokesman for the "truther" group says that Jones knew exactly what he was doing.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Irony in Government run "Health Care"?

There is a touch of irony in any statement endorsing government run healthcare. While the person endorsing may not necessarily agree, let us consider one other government run institution.
The US Postal Service: Hemorrhaging money because they cannot be competitive with private postal services like UPS and FedEx. Meanwhile, UPS and FedEx maintain lower rates, faster schedules, and better customer service and somehow they make money hand over fist! The President actually used the USPS as an example a few weeks ago when trying to prove that private insurers could make it if there was a public option. He alluded to all the problems the USPS is having staying in business... as proof the government system could work. The irony was lost on the President but not on me. If the government can't even run a profitable monopoly like the USPS how could it possibly provide proper health care (especially with private competition)?!
I'm sure that you can think of other examples, but the USPS is probably the most egregious. Others that popped into my head; the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), any city license office, the passport service at the Department of State, and lastly any office at any public building you get my point?

If the mainstream media needed some proof that fear-mongering Republicans aren't so far off the mark, the British NHS provides the example. Read this latest report on the British health care system from the London Telegraph. It is a terrifying indictment of what MUST happen in any nationalized health care program... at some point care MUST be rationed. Whose care is rationed, you ask? The old, the terminal, and the poor are the folks who suffer the most under any national healthcare program. The easiest people to cut out of the system are the terminal, who are "dying anyway". The old come quickly behind them as care must be measured against value returned... and old people just don't have that much to offer society once they reach a certain age. Lastly, the poor. The system is generally seen as a way to provide health care to the poorest in society - definitely a noble cause - however, what invariably happens is that choices must be made. When care cannot be given by the socialist system, the rich can move outside of the system and pay out of pocket for their care... while the poor cannot.
Allow this noble cause of health care for the poor to be provided by the private sector. Ease restrictions so that some enterprising fellow can invent a system that provides quality health care at affordable prices while making himself some money. Oh, wait! Someone has you say?? How about this post on the rise of retail health clinic's as part of a new vision for health care reform.
No, retail clinic's are not the whole answer, but they are a part, and they show the ingenuity of the capitalist system. Capitalism is not an all devouring monster lying in wait to destroy the unwitting consumer. Capitalism is a force for good. The entrepreneur and businessman know that by providing a quality product at an inexpensive price they can assure their continued existence in a comfortable manner. Capitalism allows greed to overflow from the owner's cup and splash on the hoi polloi providing more wealth for more people on all levels. Capitalism is not the green bodied, one eyed monster of liberals nightmare's... but capitalism is the beautiful siren upon which the American dream can be built.
* Health Care reform supporter bites off finger of senior citizen. This could be a good track for the Democrat Party to try... Senior citizens don't get health care because we need them to die so we can feed our supporters! That'll fly...
* The politicians in Washington wouldn't know economics if it hit them in the face and called them Susie.
* More police "Rambo" violence in my fair state of Georgia. More questions than answers after this latest "botched" police investigation.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hypocrites galore against war....

Libertarians across the country are starting to notice that some anti-war groups are only against Republican-led wars. Patrick Krey at the New American points out the hypocrisy of the anti-war left, and comes to the conclusion that the anti-war movement needs true believers... and libertarians fit the bill. Krey also points out that the anti-war message is much more fitting coming from the "real" Right side of the aisle.
Other than Ron Paul, George Will is the first notable conservative commentator to call for our withdrawal from Afghanistan.
As a passive viewer of our entrance into our two most recent conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan), I am not ashamed to say that our invasion of Afghanistan brought me some sense of retribution after 9/11. I will be honest enough to admit, however, that that was as far as I had considered the invasion. Just a return blow... "an eye for an eye", if you will (though I do not buy into the "eye for an eye" made me feel better back then). Iraq was different, the only reason I could truly surmise for our entrance into that conflict was the removal of a sadist. And while ridding the world of sadists may be a good thing... it is absolutely not the most prudent thing for any government to undertake. And so I was neutral on both fronts... until the left began clamoring for peace... and I felt that their motives were, shall we say, less than pure. Time is seems has proved me right, and today I believe I am actually much more for ending both of these conflicts than many of the marchers at their anti-war rallies. War may be a necessary evil, at times... but there are other times when it is just plain evil. I hesitate to ask the Right to stand up against these wars because I would prefer them not to engage in hypocrisy. However, I would say this; if as a conservative you can step back and consider what it means to be a conservative and the values and ethics that entails and still be pro-war... than all the best. But... if you examine those values and come to the conclusions that I have, please stand up and speak out. Not just when a Democrat is in office but at all times. Our motto should be "Less government, everywhere".
* You are crazy if you think the Left really wants to have a reasoned "debate" on the value of health care reform.

* Investor's Business Daily on how to really reform health care.
* Go to Duke University and give up your rights!
* Charlie Rangel still DIRTY and still getting paid. Why is this man still working?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Perhaps the funniest video ever? From YAF and Jason Mattera.

NHC = Creepy

* When you pause to think about it... nationalized healthcare is just "creepy".
* More proof that Obama is Bush on foreign policy.
* Is Obama the new Huey Long?

* Even style has an apparent liberal bent.
* Are old people finally waking up and switching party's?
* Want to read the ending to two of not-Grimm's fairy tales?
* Prison inmates in Britain eat better than hospital, I mean patients.
* New book out that looks like a good (yet utterly negative) read... National Suicide: How Washington is destroying the American dream from A to Z.
* Want know why our great-Grandparent's generation was so much happier than ours? Take a look here...