Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter continues slide into Senility

Jimmy Carter claims that the "overwhelming" animosity towards President Obama from the right is racist. I will say this one more time... Jimmy Carter is an ASS-CLOWN. Why is that every time someone disagrees with a liberal/progressive/democrat agenda item, they must be labeled as a "racist"? I will state for the record that racism is sin. It is immoral. It is irresponsible. It is intellectual idiocy. I will unequivocally state that I believe any person with racist views to being and illogical, imbecilic fool of a person whose brain is so clouded with filth as to lay some genetic "blame" at the feet of melanin.
I will also say; President Obama has thus far been a colossal waste of time as the leader of the "free" world. "Thus far". Though I see little reason to hope for better over the next 3 years. From the bailouts of the auto industry. To the stimulus. To the continuation of the Bush doctrine of foreign policy... and make no mistake Obama is just a 3rd term of President Bush when it comes to foreign policy. (As he proved yet again with this latest policy decision.) This latest SNAFU (Nationalized Healthcare) will be the biggest blunder of all, as it will send our nation reeling and from a massive welfare scheme like this.... there is no coming back (just listen to the British politicians drone on about how great the NHS is, when all of the factual evidence says otherwise).

And while I don't believe liberals/progressives to be racist - I do think that they are exploitative. And as Rahm Emanuel says they will not "let a good crisis go to waste" (and believe me a whole section of the country being racist would be a crisis). Even if they have to invent it.
* Jimmy Carter is actually the only racist in the room, as evidenced by his last book that details for you how to become an Anti-Semite. Good news for President Carter he has just gotten a rousing endorsement from Al-Qaeda's best known book reviewer... Mr. bin Laden himself! (When Osama bin Laden loves your book isn't it time to check yourself into the local psychiatric facility?)
* tries to explain that the center of American politics may actually hold the most lunatic of the fringe!
* The peanut farmer's message of hate is spreading... 12% of Americans agree that opponents of Obamacare are racist! (This literally makes me want to curse...and puke)
* HotAir uses Crazy Carter's logic against him.
* Meanwhile back in NOT-crazy land. 45% of doctors say they would consider quitting if Obamacare became law. Damn racist doctors!
* Lawmakers in DC are also getting on the Racism Wagon! Rep. Hank Johnson of my home state (GA) says that if they don't censure Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) that we will have "the KKK riding through the countryside"! Can I use the Ass-clown epithet again? I think I will. Hank... you are an Ass-clown.
* Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post tells us that yelling at the President about the Constitution is RACIST!

* One more reason to be against Government run healthcare reform.

One parting thought about the racism stuff. It's disgusting. Completely disgusting. It is the fallback position for a person who knows that they have lost the debate on a particular issue. It is the most vain and vile attempt to claw out of a corner you have backed yourself into, knowing that the other side wins on logic. The Democrat Party all too often uses passion and emotion to evince their desired outcome in a political fight... and it is because the media and the American people allow them to. The moment clear thinking, rational, non-Racist Americans stand up and say, "We will not allow you to use this as the crux of your argument anymore" is the moment that the progressive movement will look for new solutions. My worry, however, is that this will never happen. The liberal movement will continue to use passion over reason and they will continue to win converts to proselytize the masses... and they will win. The rest of us will eventually be regarded by history as racist, hate mongers who sought to allow "evil" corporations to rule the world. As my epitaph let me say; "I am not a racist. I hate no one. I simply wanted to live in a world where each man/woman could be free to make the decisions that they deemed best for themselves, without the unwanted influence of others (especially the government)."


Metsfan8 said...

"The moment clear thinking, rational, non-Racist Americans stand up and say, "We will not allow you to use this as the crux of your argument anymore" is the moment that the progressive movement will look for new solutions."

So true. These cries of racism are laughable. They need to look around and see the how our society has progressed.....and we have a half black president.

JacobGodwin said...

You may not be racist. And your views may not be based on race.

But many of the "tea-partiers" and "town-hallers" disguise their subconscious racism as political dissent.

All this for a man who hasn't even been in office a year yet. The tea-partying started back in April!


Obama was only president a few months back then.

What other President has this happened to? Obama's not the first Democrat in office, nor is he the first to talk about national healthcare.

But he is the first black president.

BTW, let's go Mets.

Next year.