Friday, October 02, 2009

Long time coming....

Sorry about the layoff, current events have just been pissing me off lately. :)
Have a few good links for today's post...enjoy!

* Fight the power! Smoke. Well, I won't be smoking anytime soon... but that is a personal decision of mine. If you are unsure about whether or not you want to become a smoker, you better figure it out now... because smoking may soon be illegal. I would recommend heading to your local convenience store today and giving smoking a try because this may be your last chance. Unless of course you decide that you will break ridiculous anti-smoking laws. Just wait... the next ban will be on potato chips. (Or for fans of former VP Quayle...potatoe chips.)
* Cash for clunkers falls flat on its face.
* Just another reason I will NEVER willingly enroll my children in the American public school system.
* Michael Moore tries to argue that capitalism didn't work for him. I have two words for Mr. Moore... You Lie!
* The Grand 'Ol Senile One...Jimmy Carter...says that he never called Obama detractors "racist". Um, Jimmy... maybe the senility medicine is not working well but you DID call Obama detractors racist.
* From Chip Bok

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