Saturday, October 08, 2011

Thursday, October 06, 2011

If only they knew...

Let me first say that I also think corporatism is a blight on our capitalist society. I agree with my fellow citizens marching on Wall Street that the banks, auto manufacturers, and other corporations do not deserve to be bailed out. The problem is that too many people (like the ones camped out on Wall St. now) confuse the two... capitalism is NOT corporatism. The Banks are not too big to fail. The American car companies are NOT too big to fail. Every business must rise or fall on their own merits... that is capitalism.
Corporatism is when we allow corporations to bribe our elected officials into taking our rights while extending them extra benefit... Lehman Bros, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, etc. The most ironic part is the people in this picture support the very people who allow the corporations to run roughshod over our rights. If only they knew what they were actually protesting...
One last note - I am sick and tired of hearing the "We are the 99%" chant. Here is the latest Gallup survey, that notes at the very most... these folks should be chanting "We are the 21%".

Spock know whats up.