Friday, February 27, 2009

Throw a Tea Party!

* Tea Party's all over the USA to protest the "stimulus" package.
* The world's greatest bumper sticker. Purchase your own at the Tennessee Republican Party website.

* President Obama is a fear monger. And he's a liar to boot...
* Joe Biden tries to terrify the people of Louisiana. Governor Jindal sets the record straight, and explains that Louisiana actually ADDED jobs last month.
* At last, the comedian cum economist, Paul Krugman has blessed the President's "bailout" scheme.
* Times might be hard for some, but this is nowhere close to the Great Depression. There is a lot of positive economic news out just have to stop watching the broadcast news to find it.
* Interventionism...almost always bad.
* What!?! Almost half the country didn't vote for're kidding, right?
* Hey! What did Vladimir Lenin, Hugo Chavez, and the socialist Mitterrand all do that Democrat leaders are trying to do? Nationalize the banks...
* The problems of the world economy could lead to an uptick in violence around the globe.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's all start printing money...

"If printing up trillions of dollars to 'stimulate spending' is going to save the economy, why do we ever put up with even the slightest recession? Just print that funky money, boys and girls! Give every citizen a high-speed color laser printer and require everyone to download the Official Dollar Jpeg Files and then print, print, PRINT those dollars nonstop, day and night! Every man, woman, and child would be a multi-billionaire, and economic activity would be red-hot forever!" Great article...
* Is Libertarianism a Sign of Mental Illness?
* Say adieu to the 2nd Amendment.
* Same old, same old...the Left is okay with Bush's policies once they become Obama's policies.
* Obama's hand will guide the market's "invisible hand"...?
* Obama (Robin) Hood. Takes from the rich and gives to the lazy...
* The dumbest generation.
* Waste of money.
* President Obama has already tripled the deficit that "Bush left him".
* Conservatives are starting to realize the danger of faith based initiatives.
* The Democrat Party's mouthpiece. More from Chris Matthews on how Obama is "hip" and conservatives are geeks.
* What President Obama really means...
* The hypocrisy of Barack Obama.
* The Cal Ripken President.
* Why the "stimulus" will fail.
* Whenever there is a question Democrats rely on President Bush to take the blame. Don't get me wrong, the man deserves a lot of blame...but c'mon! Was the Legislature powerless? I think not.
* Who wins in the Bailout? The Lobbyists!
* What Hollywood gets wrong about Darfur.

Cartoon by Chuck Asay

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The President's Speech was a pile of poo...

I had the opportunity to watch the President's speech to Congress last night and was impressed, yet again, with his eloquence. Other than that I thought almost every word out of his mouth was a pile of horse manure. The only part I could get behind; "parents need to be more responsible with their children". Everything else was a waste of oxygen and a huge contribution to global warming. HOT AIR.
* The hypocrisy of the One.
* Hear what the clowns of broadcast news had to say.
* The Bailout Prize Patrol.

* The one thing missing from President Obama's stimulus plan...? Common Sense.
* Guess what city is thriving in the midst of an economic crisis? Washington, DC. Wild.
* Dr. Ron Paul lays some knowledge on Fed Chair Ben Bernanke.

* Dr. Ron Paul lays some knowledge on Glen Beck.

* No more New Deals!
* I never thought I would say this...Robert Byrd is right.
* A Libertarian version of "the Best President's" list.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A lot going on...

A quick update on Dutch politician Geert Wilders from the Glen Beck show.

* The bank bailout is not's fascist.
* Is Joe Biden dirty? The Wall Street Journal seems to think that there is some smoke there...and you know what they say about smoke and fire...
* President Obama's newest pick for Commerce Secretary is DIRTY!
* Ben Bernanke says the end is nigh! In a good way...
* CNBC rips the NYT.
* Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry's pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce -- and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice and happiness.

* Proof that Republicans are idiots too.
* I like Michael Steele a little more after watching this.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Democrat and Liberal Hypocrisy.

I have been keenly aware of the broadcast news programs of late, and I will confess it is mainly out of spite. I hate watching NBC "News", CBS "News", or ABC "News"... because on most evenings I can count a half-dozen different comments that I feel are partisan or at the very least, unfair. The reason I have been paying such close attention lately is to see the media's response to the Obama administration's continuation to the war on terror. Any problems with the "surge" in Afghanistan? Nope. Any problems with the warrantless wiretapping of the "evil" Bush regime? Actually, no. The wiretapping was ok. Any problems with Gitmo? Wow, nah. What about the rights of those held at Gitmo? rights, you say!? Strange that sounds a lot like what President Bush said for all those years. But maybe I should not be surprised when the media does not treat both sides equally...?

* And the Democrats thought Reagan was bad.
* The death of Keneysianism?
* Mixed messages on government spending? Yep.
* PBS on the Democrat payroll.
* Fascism.
* Fascism and the Economy.
* The Federal Reserve is the problem.
* Norm Stamper for Drug Czar?
* NAACP is against free speech.
* Another dirty Democrat.
* A northern defense of secession and rejection of the Civil War.
* The next conservative revolution must start in says Andrew Breitbart.
* Praise the Lord. North Dakota lawmakers have voted to define a fertilized egg as a person.
* On March 13, Drew Carey will appear with John Stossel on ABC News 20/20 in the special Bull**** in America. Be sure to tune in.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The economy needs leavin' alone!

* The GOP's great (non)white hope will give the response to President's Obama's first national speech. I like Bobby Jindal a lot (though we do disagree on several major issues; like the Patriot Act, income taxes, the gay marriage amendment, and more) and hope that this speech goes well. He is the anti-Obama/anti-Palin he is young, brilliant, a minority (okay he sounds a lot like them)...except that Jindal has a TON of experience. He has been working in politics (between Washington and Louisiana) since 1995.
* Economists say that the stimulus will not stimulate. I encourage you to search for articles against the stimulus and articles for the stimulus... you will find that the articles written by economists against the stimulus far outweigh those written in support of the stimulus. In fact, a cursory search finds that other than Paul Krugman the majority of articles in support of the stimulus are written not by economists but by politicians and talking heads.
* It ain't gonna work! (More economists against!)

* Three Benedict Arnold's in the GOP.
* Tim Geithner doesn't have a clue.
* Sick. 1/3 of Europeans blame the Jews for our economic problems.
* Geert Wilders has his pick of couches in the USA.
* The Progressive fantasy of a "eugenically correct world".
* Big dummies on the religious left...(yes, there is a religious left....I think they all live in the Pacific Northwest...)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recession Over?

* No stimulus needed! Retail sales up in January! The recession may already be over...unless the stimulus actually gets passed.
* 67% of Americans think they could do a better job with the economy than Congress... and I would have to agree with them.
* Less than 40% of Americans believe in evolution. So can we start teaching intelligent design, too?
* Live Action Films has created a Planned Parenthood violations and abuse activity map and placed it on their website. Check out the site here. Be careful however, the content is not for the faint of heart, as Planned Parenthood has been carefully aborting babies without parental notification in children as young as 11. That's right, I said ELEVEN. And no, it's not heresay when the Planned Parenthood clinic posts that information on it's own website.
* Geert Wilders gets banned from England and then calls them a nation of "Chamberlain's". He could not be more right about that...all of western Europe has forgotten how to deal with violent aggressors and they have become a continent of appeasers.
* Abraham Lincoln the American Lenin.
* Obama's war in Iraq will be longer than Bush's war in Iraq. Let's hear some anger on the Left...!
* Poker may soon become a legal activity, US courts have been siding with the private (for money) players in saying that poker is a game of skill and not chance.
* Five issues facing the Mets as we head into Spring Training.
* Important link of the day: Give to Operation Family Fund! Many of these military family aid groups have run out of money...even in tough times, if you can give...please do!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Senators from NY stink.

* From Senator Chuck Schumer; 16 seconds of the most sickening display of bravado and scorn.

* Adam Smith is having the last laugh...though he is that's kind of creepy.
* Robert Higgs tells us that the best alternative to the bailout is to "do nothing".
* The Financial Times of London asks "Has Barack Obama's presidency already failed?" Yes.
* Again with the weird Obama as savior stuff...these people are freaks. By the way don't make fun of the President or you may get in trouble!
* Obama's rhetoric of fear.
* The Genius Milton Friedman on Greed.

* Holy Jack Cafferty, Batman! I believe this may very well be the first time I have ever heard or read anything that Jack Cafferty has said or written that I actually mostly agree with. I do think he takes the Obama "innocence" a little far, but I will not quibble today! Jack Cafferty has actually called out a Democrat! Will wonders never cease?
* Joe Biden gets on his hands and knees in Munich.
* An insightful article on the problem with America's prison system.
* My liberal moment brought to you by Camille Paglia. She is brilliant and though I may disagree with her on a lot of what her latest article is about...her section on the Fairness Doctrine should be posted in the halls of Congress.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"No you can't...only Government can."

"only government is big enough to solve this problem." - BO
The One has spoken. Yesterday President Obama announced that only government could save our pitiful and declining society! Praise be! Thank heavens that our merciful great leader will now step in, sweep down, and rescue us from these evil days! It matters not that roughly 60% of Americans disagree with the kind and gracious leader about how to rescue our economy...those evil unpatriots don't understand the economy the way our wonderful leader's personal economist and comedian Comrade Krugman does. And Comrade Krugman says economy bad, Republicans bad, government good.
Ahhhh...big trouble.
* Is the bailout a Trojan Horse for universal healthcare? Bloomberg news says that's exactly what the bailout is.
* The AP actually notices the President's double-talk.
* Chris Dodd is just another dirty Democrat politician...but will anyone actually call him on it? Nope.
* Yet another very dirty Democrat? YOU KNOW IT. ABC News breaks the story on more dirty laundry for Democrat Representative from PA John Murtha. Not only does the guy think that Marines are terrorists and murderers...he likes to take money from lobbyists.
* John Kerry is worried that tax cuts would mean people would be "free to invest anywhere that they want if they choose to invest." Holy crap.
* Paul Krugman is K-R-A-Z-Y!
* A clumsy President is only funny if he is a Republican.
* Our culture of debt.
* Lawmakers in twenty states move to regain state sovereignty.
* I may be for the legalisation of marijuana, but science has just given me another reason never to try it.
* Penn Jillette makes some great points. (Beware..some salty language)

* Disagree with the new messiah? Be prepared to be called a Benedict Arnold.
* Why President Obama wants to control the census. The media is silent.
* Broadcast news still infatuated with the President.
* Some prefer black to African American.
* Funniest...or saddest statement of the day. From the Irony Hall of Fame, comes this quote...
"We cannot give up on this long, difficult war." -- John Kerry
I kid you not.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A few good videos...

* The hilarious Steven Crowder on the not so hilarious topic of abortion:

* Planned Parenthood coversup.

Let's end on a light note!

* President Obama smacks his noggin' entering Marine One. Has anyone heard anyone making fun of him for this or the previous "trying to enter the Oval Office through a window" gaffe? CNN has video of the head bump.


It looks like the massive "stimulus" deal may be a foregone conclusion. The "Usual Suspects"; Arlen Specter (R-PA), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) seem to all be prepared to vote for the Depression inducing bailout package. Is there not something the Republican Party can do here? Can they not threaten to strip these three of certain privileges that come with being party members? These three Senators do not belong in the company of the Republican Party, and they continually turn their backs on the party. I cannot comprehend why these three are even Republicans... they are social liberals (believing in abortion rights, gay rights, gun control, etc.), and as they are proving they are not fiscal conservatives how exactly do they consider themselves Republicans?
* President Obama called to thank the "spineless" three for being patriotic.
* Arlen Specter tries to explain why he is supporting the bailout. says that's "so very scientific"!
* Arlen Specter should listen to Republican Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford who actually "gets it".
* President Obama has proven that partisanship is alive and well with his rhetoric on the bailout.
* A new report from the Stanford University that says "the government created our economic problems".
* The Wall Street Journal reminds us of what Adam Smith first explained and what Gordon Gekko taught us in "Wall Street"... greed is good.
* Newsweek says "we are all socialists now"! Not me my friends, not me...
* The triumph of Hope over Economics.
* John Stossel says "we can't spend our way to prosperity."
* There are no shortcuts to recovery. But hyperinflation will be here "shortly".
* Last but certainly not least...
At least the latest developments in the bailout road have accomplished one good thing. Paul Krugman is very mad. He is also an idiot...but I digress.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

$937 Billion?!

Wow, that's a lot of money. I wonder where it's going to come from. How about an example of what we should and shouldn't do?

They have been in a 20 year recession, with the decade of the 1990's being called a "lost" decade. They tried spending money on infrastructure, which obviously didn't work. They raised taxes, which deepened their recession. Remember when FDR raised taxes during the Great Depression? Corporate taxes were increased, raising the costs of production and other inputs. If corporations are paying more, they're going to have to decrease other costs, ultimately leading to a decrease in unemployment. By the way, Nancy Pelosi wants to raise taxes too.

For years, Ireland was faced with high unemployment, budget deficits, and high taxes. In 1986, the Irish government decided to cut taxes across the board. From corporate taxes, to employee income taxes, to the capital gains tax, all were cut in an effort to help stimulate the Irish economy. Since then, Ireland has been extremely better off than most other European economies. When you think about the euro area, usually what comes to mind is high taxes, and high unemployment. They have stable economies, but do not experience the benefits of growing consumption, production, and an overall increase in the welfare of the people. Ireland was ahead of the curve. After the institution of these tax cuts, unemployment dropped, budget deficits cooled, and Ireland experienced the greatest years of economic prosperity in their history. Reagan did that when he became president, turning around the terrible state of our economy that Jimmy Carter left us in.

So now we are faced with the probability of this HUGE stimulus package. If the stimulus doesn't work, we will be faced with high debt, high inflation, and a weak economy.....stagflation anyone? Obama shouldn't, and wouldn't leave the "Jimmy Carter" stamp on our economy.....would he?

It's the "Golden Rule" people: "He who has the gold, sets the rule!" Which in our case is the government. America has prospered due to our basic free market principles. If you let the people spend how they want, they will be better off. The government can't spend our money in ways they "think" we would spend. It's inefficient and a waste of time. Like Adam Smith said, when we act in our own self-interest we increase the welfare of our overall economy.

We should decrease taxes, lower our tariffs and let the American people spend! Don't enhance government welfare programs, such as unemployment benefits, because it only creates the incentive to not find a job. We shouldn't let labor unions become so powerful that it ultimately hurts the American worker. If collective bargaining is going to raise wages and force corporations to provide more benefits this will hurt, not only, the employees (there will be layoffs due to the increase in cost of labor, as well as, production) but the consumers also (increase in the prices of goods produced). We have to be smart in how we handle this situation, and throwing money around is not the solution.

The Hypocrisy of Paul Krugman:
The man is a political economist, meaning he wants more government intervention in the running our our economy. However, in reading his textbook on International Economics: Theory and Policy, I see that he enjoys contradicting himself.
"We have seen that while free trade usually encourages efficient resource use, government intervention, or market failures can cause waste even when all factors of production are fully employed." Really Mr. Krugman?

Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Deal 2.0

Ahh yes, more criticisms concerning this proposed stimulus package by Obama & the "Democratic" House.

They say history is important so we can learn from our mistakes. It seems, though, that these politicians know nothing about our history. The New Deal was established to stimulate a sinking economy. Did it help? Not at all. If FDR and his administration would have done absolutely nothing, America would have been better off. Welfare, social security, official unemployment benefits, all were applied under FDR's New Deal. Also, infrastructure plans to provide employment to the unskilled, out-of-work laborers were instituted. All of this resulting in higher taxes and increased government spending which, as we see now, did nothing to pull us out of the depression.

It is important to understand why these policies didn't work then, and why they wouldn't work now. The New Deal was all about government control and central planning, which seems too familiar concerning our present situation. We know our economy is in bad shape, but is it really a bad thing. Yes, it is, but no, it isn't. Obviously, the overall wealth of our nation has decreased significantly affecting many industries with drops in purchasing, employment, and output. However, I look and think that, if nothing at all, we should learn from what put us in this situation. Instead of placing the blame on greedy corporations, we as Americans should be evaluating ourselves. "The housing market has collapsed and it's all 'Big Banks'' fault." Really? Excuse me Mr./Mrs. American consumer, didn't you realize that you wouldn't be able to afford a house like that in normal economic conditions? Now Dems are pushing legislation that would allow bankruptcy judges to lower/set aside terms of mortgages for people filing Ch. 13 bankruptcy. Where is the personal responsibility? Banks are in terrible condition for making bad loans, and if this legislation passes they would keep losing money. How many more banks will fail if this happens? Politicians are coming out saying that the government could possibly subsidize the losses incurred by the banks through the legislation. So what, I have to pay for the mistakes of people who got in over their heads because they spent money they didn't have?
Hey! Fannie and Freddie are $5 trillion in debt! The government can't fix this by borrowing foreign funds, or taxpayer money. We need private investment to start investing, but unfortunately, the government keeps buying up these mortgage-backed securities which is crowding-out private investments. The more they try to help, the worse off the American consumer gets.

One solution that has been proposed by a few economists is to set up a "Bad Bank" and put all the bad loans in this bank, then decide how to sell off these loans. They would use a futures market on the Chicago Exchange and let private investors bid on them to see what they're worth. Fire sales won't work because the banks who provided these loans would keep losing money; and paying market value wouldn't help either because now you're incurring the risk of holding these bad loans, and in this situation the risk just isn't worth the reward.

Clearly, the economy is in bad shape. The Fed continues to purchase long term Treasury bonds to help stimulate the economy. The effects of which are already starting to show: the Treasury Yield is around 2.77% with economists estimating that this figure will continue to fall. The Treasury Yield is a benchmark for the 30 year Treasury Bills, which is an indicator of mortgage rates. If the Yield keeps falling, it could mean a stimulation in the housing markets.

If we're lucky, the government will stay out of our way and let the markets adjust. However, it doesn't look like that's going to happen, so prepare for a bumpy few years.

Up next: Can America learn from Ireland and Japan?

Friday, February 06, 2009

"The time for talk is over."

* "The time for talk is over." This from our President about the trillion $ bailout bill...that is almost all pork. Apparently the two days the Senate has been debating the bill is too long...perhaps if Mrs. Pelosi would have had Republicans helping to craft the bill, they could have avoided the debate. Michelle Malkin has more, plus the numbers to call for the Republican Senators who are thinking of supporting the bill. Call them, tell them the American people say "NO"!
* The American people are against this "stimulus" bill. Reason.TV lays out a plethora of reasons why, here.
* The Wall Street Journal says the "stimulus" will mean inflation. Yahoo! Finance thinks it will be an "unmitigated disaster"! Mitt Romney seconds the thought, and says "The bailout will stimulate government, not the economy."
* Generally liberal watchdog group ProPublica destroys the bailout.
* The real party of "fear".
* Jake Tapper taking down White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. Possibly the absolute funniest thing you will see all day.

* This came out after I finished yesterday ... another Obama appointee with tax problems. I am having a hard time being surprised by this...
* Democrats should be wary of Michael Steele.
* Most Americans think global warming is "overhyped".
* Gardasil cripples girl for life... and yet the government wants to mandate its use?
* Secession!?! Break up California!
* President Obama says; “We know there is no God who condones the killing of an innocent human being.” I hope that someone will press President Obama on this statement and how it pertains to abortion and his stance on abortion, every day for the rest of his Presidency.
* Most Horrific news of the day: this comes by way of La Shawn Barber. It's a story about a botched abortion and the aftermath...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just say no! (To wasteful Government Spending)

* Iraq wins...we win?.
* Conservatives must unite to beat back both Republican and Democrat efforts to screw us with these bailouts. No more Republican talking points...if they don't support us now...we have to show them we will abandon them.
* dismantles the stimulus.
* Ahh, the wonders of universal healthcare.
* President Obama has capped the salary of any executive working for a company that receives bailout money at $500,000. This is bad for a number of reasons, as Neal Boortz explains. New York is in trouble.
* Glen Beck dismantles the stimulus.

* Another dirty Obama appointee...? What is going on!
* Charlie Rangel is even dirtier than we thought. Here is the latest on his most recent illegal scam. How this man is not yet in prison baffles me, someone has got to work up the courage to face him down and take him out. Maybe Texas Congressman John Carter (R) is that man?
* A Canadian University crushes free speech...if it happens to be conservative.
* Al Gore's convenient lies.
* Brian Williams trying to be Keith Olbermann. Katie Couric trying to keep up with the Williamses'. But Chris Matthews wins the race for Democrat clown.
* Governor Palin educates some mushy environmentalists.
* Did you know that hog farmers are more dangerous than Osama bin Laden? Robert F. Kennedy enlightens you.
* Benicio del Toro on why the evil murdering terrorist bastard Ernesto "Che" Guevara is his hero.
* Where are all the conservative comedians?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Save the Environment...Drill Now!

* Cuba is about to begin oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Let me ask this... Would it be better for our environment (and us) for the USA to drill that oil, or for us to allow Cuba to drill that oil? It's a no-brainer. If we allow Cuba to drill first we will lose billions in dollars we could have had, not to mention become more reliant on foreign oil than we would need to be. AND Cuba (with Chinese help) would be much more interested in the bottom line than in the environment, our environmentalist friends need to realize that the USA is actually a force for good when it comes to our world ecology.
* If you are trying to understand why our government has money problems; here are a couple of examples of what goes wrong. Millions to Hollywood. Hundreds of thousands to graffiti artists.
* What does it feel like to be a Libertarian?
* Great interview from Reason.TV with John Stossel

* I was in Barnes and Noble not too long ago and got angry when I skimmed through Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. I wish I would have known that there was a great response to her book already out! Check out Scratch Beginnings to find out what life could really be like for America's poor.
* The 2nd Amendment is clear ... there is no room for misinterpretation.
* How are President Obama's nominees doing? Check them out here. Yet another corrupt nominee...
* The abortion debate shows President Obama to be "the Great Divider".
* Or maybe Obama is more of a uniter than I thought...?
* Shouldn't Michael Phelps have to go through at least what this poor guy did?
* An actor from "Rescue Me" thinks 9/11 was an "inside job" ...and the shows producers think "it's awesome".

Monday, February 02, 2009

The "Perfect" Game

It's Monday and the start of February. What would winter be like without the rhinovirus? I have no idea... seeing as I get sick, about this time, EVERY YEAR. Anyone out there have sure-fire cures for the common cold? I would love to hear them!
* Ten simple reasons baseball is the king of sport.
Best line from this article? "Baseball is perfect. Remember the first time you saw a major league diamond? Remember how it struck you?" I can still remember the first time my grandfather took me to Yankee Stadium as a child (full disclosure...I am now an avid anti-Yank), the sky was a bright blue, the field a bright green and earthy brown. I could smell the hotdogs and beer in the air, and my grandfather was so happy that the recollection of the moment makes me realize he was as in awe of the place as I was. He held my hand as we walked to our seats in the upper deck, 3rd base side in shallow left, near the railing. I can remember thinking how beautiful...and perfect that place was. I was sad to hear they were going to tear down Yankee Stadium once the new stadium was ready to go, partly because of the history...places like that, and Fenway, or Wrigley should never be torn down. They should become museums to our nation's past and pastime. They are perfect monuments to the trials and triumphs that have been part of our history and will be part of our legacy for years to come. Mostly though, I was sad to hear that Yankee Stadium would be going because seeing the stadium always reminded me of that day and the precious time I had with my grandfather talking baseball. I will continue to disparage the Yankees whenever I can...but that Stadium will always be a special and beloved place to me.
* There are only two weeks before the start of the new MLB season (pitchers and catchers reporting), and I am currently contemplating my favorite teams (the Mets) offseason moves. The General Manager (Omar Minaya) is currently embroiled in a contract negotiation with Oliver Perez. No doubt, Perez is a solid major league pitcher with an albeit inconsistent resume... but he is asking for a 4 year deal worth at least $10 million a year. The New York Mets have the financial wherewithal to make that a reality...but my question is, why? A little advice...move on Omar...move on! Sign Ben Sheets, 2 years $8 million per. Then go out and sign one of those corner OF still on the market... and bring home the title!
* The wife and I watched bits and pieces of the Super Bowl last night (As a fan of baseball I can literally watch any two teams play and enjoy the game...with football I need cheering for a team. My team, the Giants, had been knocked out by the evil Eagles three weeks earlier), and though it was a good game I was more focused on the ABC show "Wipeout". We did take the time to make sure we caught the halftime show with "the Boss" Bruce Springsteen, whose music I enjoy but whose constant whining and prattling about the fascist Republican Party drives me a little nuts. I thought he did a great job, and my wife made a good point about Springsteen's performance being more in line with what the Super Bowl is about than oh, lets say, Justin Timberlake or Prince. The organizers for the Super Bowl should take pains to only invite acts like "the Boss", whose music fans can become a part of and really fit the "culture" of football. The New York Times disagrees with my assessment.
* There is a new chairman of the Republican Party and his name is Michael Steele.
* Yet another Obama nominee doesn't like paying taxes.
* This year's must read! The difference between Democrats and Republicans!
* Michelle Malkin lashes out at the GOP...again. She is 100% correct, it is high time the GOP wake up and stop acting like the Democrats-Lite.
* Aren't we getting tired of these "Police raid wrong house" articles!?! You can read more on the rise of police militarization here (Overkill), and here. I am not anti-police. I hate those movies that make them all seem like power hungry monsters, and I hate the music that begs criminals to kill them. I am very pro-police and generally don't feel a twinge when a pimp or abusive husband has an extra black eye after arrest...but the militarization of our police forces needs to concern all of us. Our forefathers feared the day that a standing military force would be used against us...and that day may be swiftly coming.
* Great column on the gun rights arguments on television. Be sure to click through all of the links provided, there is some great research there.
* A touching remembrance of John Patrick Diggins.
* Liberalism and the Democrat Party have not been good for Hollywood.
Quote of the Day:
(About baseball) "It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come out, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone. You count on it, rely on it to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive, and then just when the days are all twilight, when you need it most, it stops." --- Bart Giamatti