Friday, February 13, 2009

The economy needs leavin' alone!

* The GOP's great (non)white hope will give the response to President's Obama's first national speech. I like Bobby Jindal a lot (though we do disagree on several major issues; like the Patriot Act, income taxes, the gay marriage amendment, and more) and hope that this speech goes well. He is the anti-Obama/anti-Palin he is young, brilliant, a minority (okay he sounds a lot like them)...except that Jindal has a TON of experience. He has been working in politics (between Washington and Louisiana) since 1995.
* Economists say that the stimulus will not stimulate. I encourage you to search for articles against the stimulus and articles for the stimulus... you will find that the articles written by economists against the stimulus far outweigh those written in support of the stimulus. In fact, a cursory search finds that other than Paul Krugman the majority of articles in support of the stimulus are written not by economists but by politicians and talking heads.
* It ain't gonna work! (More economists against!)

* Three Benedict Arnold's in the GOP.
* Tim Geithner doesn't have a clue.
* Sick. 1/3 of Europeans blame the Jews for our economic problems.
* Geert Wilders has his pick of couches in the USA.
* The Progressive fantasy of a "eugenically correct world".
* Big dummies on the religious left...(yes, there is a religious left....I think they all live in the Pacific Northwest...)

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