Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The President's Speech was a pile of poo...

I had the opportunity to watch the President's speech to Congress last night and was impressed, yet again, with his eloquence. Other than that I thought almost every word out of his mouth was a pile of horse manure. The only part I could get behind; "parents need to be more responsible with their children". Everything else was a waste of oxygen and a huge contribution to global warming. HOT AIR.
* The hypocrisy of the One.
* Hear what the clowns of broadcast news had to say.
* The Bailout Prize Patrol.

* The one thing missing from President Obama's stimulus plan...? Common Sense.
* Guess what city is thriving in the midst of an economic crisis? Washington, DC. Wild.
* Dr. Ron Paul lays some knowledge on Fed Chair Ben Bernanke.

* Dr. Ron Paul lays some knowledge on Glen Beck.

* No more New Deals!
* I never thought I would say this...Robert Byrd is right.
* A Libertarian version of "the Best President's" list.

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