Monday, February 09, 2009


It looks like the massive "stimulus" deal may be a foregone conclusion. The "Usual Suspects"; Arlen Specter (R-PA), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) seem to all be prepared to vote for the Depression inducing bailout package. Is there not something the Republican Party can do here? Can they not threaten to strip these three of certain privileges that come with being party members? These three Senators do not belong in the company of the Republican Party, and they continually turn their backs on the party. I cannot comprehend why these three are even Republicans... they are social liberals (believing in abortion rights, gay rights, gun control, etc.), and as they are proving they are not fiscal conservatives how exactly do they consider themselves Republicans?
* President Obama called to thank the "spineless" three for being patriotic.
* Arlen Specter tries to explain why he is supporting the bailout. says that's "so very scientific"!
* Arlen Specter should listen to Republican Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford who actually "gets it".
* President Obama has proven that partisanship is alive and well with his rhetoric on the bailout.
* A new report from the Stanford University that says "the government created our economic problems".
* The Wall Street Journal reminds us of what Adam Smith first explained and what Gordon Gekko taught us in "Wall Street"... greed is good.
* Newsweek says "we are all socialists now"! Not me my friends, not me...
* The triumph of Hope over Economics.
* John Stossel says "we can't spend our way to prosperity."
* There are no shortcuts to recovery. But hyperinflation will be here "shortly".
* Last but certainly not least...
At least the latest developments in the bailout road have accomplished one good thing. Paul Krugman is very mad. He is also an idiot...but I digress.

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