Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's all start printing money...

"If printing up trillions of dollars to 'stimulate spending' is going to save the economy, why do we ever put up with even the slightest recession? Just print that funky money, boys and girls! Give every citizen a high-speed color laser printer and require everyone to download the Official Dollar Jpeg Files and then print, print, PRINT those dollars nonstop, day and night! Every man, woman, and child would be a multi-billionaire, and economic activity would be red-hot forever!" Great article...
* Is Libertarianism a Sign of Mental Illness?
* Say adieu to the 2nd Amendment.
* Same old, same old...the Left is okay with Bush's policies once they become Obama's policies.
* Obama's hand will guide the market's "invisible hand"...?
* Obama (Robin) Hood. Takes from the rich and gives to the lazy...
* The dumbest generation.
* Waste of money.
* President Obama has already tripled the deficit that "Bush left him".
* Conservatives are starting to realize the danger of faith based initiatives.
* The Democrat Party's mouthpiece. More from Chris Matthews on how Obama is "hip" and conservatives are geeks.
* What President Obama really means...
* The hypocrisy of Barack Obama.
* The Cal Ripken President.
* Why the "stimulus" will fail.
* Whenever there is a question Democrats rely on President Bush to take the blame. Don't get me wrong, the man deserves a lot of blame...but c'mon! Was the Legislature powerless? I think not.
* Who wins in the Bailout? The Lobbyists!
* What Hollywood gets wrong about Darfur.

Cartoon by Chuck Asay

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Metsfan8 said...

It's funny that Obama is so adamant about balancing the budget, yet all of his policies seem to contradict what he says. Cut taxes for 95% of the population, raise taxes for the top 5%, raise the capital gains tax; all this and his administration is still throwing away money. There is no way that top 5% is going to be able to balance the budget themselves. They will have to raise taxes for everyone if they ever intend to balance that budget....which would make Obama a big fat every other politician.