Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recession Over?

* No stimulus needed! Retail sales up in January! The recession may already be over...unless the stimulus actually gets passed.
* 67% of Americans think they could do a better job with the economy than Congress... and I would have to agree with them.
* Less than 40% of Americans believe in evolution. So can we start teaching intelligent design, too?
* Live Action Films has created a Planned Parenthood violations and abuse activity map and placed it on their website. Check out the site here. Be careful however, the content is not for the faint of heart, as Planned Parenthood has been carefully aborting babies without parental notification in children as young as 11. That's right, I said ELEVEN. And no, it's not heresay when the Planned Parenthood clinic posts that information on it's own website.
* Geert Wilders gets banned from England and then calls them a nation of "Chamberlain's". He could not be more right about that...all of western Europe has forgotten how to deal with violent aggressors and they have become a continent of appeasers.
* Abraham Lincoln the American Lenin.
* Obama's war in Iraq will be longer than Bush's war in Iraq. Let's hear some anger on the Left...!
* Poker may soon become a legal activity, US courts have been siding with the private (for money) players in saying that poker is a game of skill and not chance.
* Five issues facing the Mets as we head into Spring Training.
* Important link of the day: Give to Operation Family Fund! Many of these military family aid groups have run out of money...even in tough times, if you can give...please do!

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