Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama hearts Rick Warren...and other reasons for the Left to freak out!

* The Democrat Party and Al Franken are stealing the election in Minnesota. When George W. Bush won the state of Florida in 2000, cries of "stolen election" ran rampant from the left. The problem with the "stolen election" theory was that Bush "stole" the election by following the law. The Electoral College "stole" the election, not President Bush. In Minnesota the hypocritical left, is actually, literally, stealing the election. Leading up to every national election that I can remember, the Democrat Party has always attacked the Republican Party for trying to suppress the vote and the Republican Party has always attacked the Democrat Party for trying to commit voter fraud.
The problem here is that we never hear incidents of real organized Republican Party attempts to suppress voting. We do, however, hear of real organized Democrat Party (and their surrogates) attempts to commit voter fraud and voter registration fraud...and most years (even when a Democrat is clearly favored) we see more instances of Democrat suppression of the vote than Republican.
What is happening today in Minnesota is a travesty of justice and a blatant attack on the democratic/republican system.
* There has been a big fuss made from both the right and left over the Pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren, being chosen to give the invocation at President-elect Obama's inauguration. The Left hate Rick Warren for his stance on gay marriage and abortion. The Right are angry with Warren for agreeing to give the invocation, because they feel it amounts to an endorsement. I heartily disagree. I don't believe that Warren voted for Obama in the election, and I do not believe his praying for our President will amount to an endorsement. I think it is the responsibility of every Christian citizen of the United States to pray for our Presidents best. Whether they be Democrat, Republican, or 3rd Party. I am not a fan of Pastor Warren as we disagree on other ecclesiastical ideas, but I support him fully in this.
* More on Rick Warren as he discusses why he would not change his mind on gay marriage even if science found a "gay gene". I think the interview was solid, he gives intelligent, logical answers to Anne Curry's questions and does not get offended when she shows her true liberal colors.
* Time Magazine proves media bias should be a real concern.
* Another meteorologist breaks ranks from Algore's Eco-Fascists. Read the main article here, and a follow-up from Gateway Pundit.
* Solid Libertarian argument that the bailouts are unconstitutional (or illegal), and that any economic stimulus plan carried out by the federal government basically amounts to central planning. (Recognize that term from the old Soviet Union?)
* It's time for Republicans to take a refresher on their college economics classes!
* Jonah Goldberg notes how different things are for Caroline Kennedy and Sarah Palin. Caroline Kennedy isn't the woman for the job. You can vote here if you think the media has had a double standard.

* Gwen Ifill thinks there are more Republicans in the media than Democrats!
* "Deep Throat" is dead...
* Today is the anniversary of a not-so-memorable day in American politics.
**** I will be taking a short hiatus (about 2 weeks) from the blog. In the meantime;

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey! It's 70 degrees in Atlanta!

* Seeing as how it snowed in Las Vegas (picture to the left from Ft. Irwin in the southern California desert) yesterday, and Gateway Pundit was so obliging as to put it together; I thought I would post a must read Global Warming 2008 review.
* Joe Scarborough asks some tough questions, but walks away happy with some poor answers.
* Laurence Vance at thinks Christians who are okay with the war in Iraq are "absolutely nuts". Mr. Vance calls himself a "conservative Christian" much as I agree with him about the war in Iraq, I find it disturbing that he can so easily throw around the "absolutely nuts" tag.
* Rick Warren will give the invocation at President-elect Obama's inauguration.
* The media involving itself in church discipline. Stories like this are why churches have membership, to insulate itself from angry people like this. It is the church's job to confront member "Christians" involved in sin and implore them to repent of that sin. It starts with one on one confrontation, if that doesn't work then 2 on one, and eventually it leads to a church wide confrontation. This is what the woman signed up for when "joining" this church...or any other church that handles its affairs the way the New Testament has commanded.
* The Republican Party seems happy to let the Democrat Party steal the Minnesota election.
* Scary times in Russia. Dissent is now treason.
* Some exciting news; in 2008 government spending commitments increased by %25!
* Al Sharpton is against Card-Check legislation that is being foisted upon union members by the Democrats. I have seen it all...I now agree with Al Sharpton about something...wonder of wonders.
* Proof that California legislators are crooks.
* George Bush has been a friend to the Jews.
"The rich keep getting richer because they keep doing what it was that made them rich ... ditto for the poor."- Neal Boortz

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Death of the Free Market...

* Quick! Who said this; "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system." Give up? The statement comes from the man who epitomizes conservative disappointment.
* I read an excellent book a few years ago,(that I highly recommend) titled "Crisis and Leviathan" by Robert Higgs. It seems that the book has some insights into today's political/economic machinations. More from Mr. Higgs on how the New Deal prolonged the Depression.
* Dr. Ron Paul on the FED-SEC scandal.

More from Dr. Paul on Iraq, Iran, and the Bailout.
* If you'd like a glimpse into the future, click here. If you are worried about how you are going to make it through this future, here is a plan to help!
* Neocons and modern Democrats are not that different.
* A must read on this year's Secessionist Conference.
* Conservative social workers are continually discriminated against.
* John McCain just keeps proving he was "the wrong guy".
* More innocent casualties in the war on drugs.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Who throws shoes!?!"

* The Republican Party needs to get back to the business of ideas and growth.
* The brilliant Dinesh D'Souza on the necessity of Christianity in our modern world.
* How about a Christmas gift suggestion list? Here is a top 10 list of books for Christian Libertarians!
* Or just good books for Christmas!
* "12 Days of Global Warming"

* Academia's Top 5 Abuses of the Year.
* The border agents prison terms must be commuted.
* "News organizations" who defend terrorists and fascist despotic Muslim regimes claim that the reporter who threw a shoe at President Bush has had his "freedom of speech" violated. And the big surprise of the day; the reporter who threw the shoes is also a fan of the terrorist al-Sadr and the murdering pig Che Guevara. While actual free media outlets condemn the shoe throwing reporter. Kurdish media outlets realize why this was actually a good moment for President Bush and Iraq...imagine if that reporter had done the same thing to Saddam Hussein. How would that shoe throwing fit have ended? And here at home? The LA Times is comparing the shoe-thrower to Joe the Plumber. If you need an alternate view of the main stream media's reality...see how the rest of President Bush's recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan went.
* These parents deserve an award...on a more serious note; what do you think about the Shop-Rite's decision not to serve these customers? On one hand I believe that private businesses should have the right to refuse service to whomever they wish. On the other hand something about the way this situation played out, and the majority of the population came out against these folks kind of freaked me out. This family is scary, no doubt...but isn't their treatment a bit scary too? I don't know, maybe I am thinking too hard about it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Libertarian Party Shuns the Right.

There has been something on my mind for the last few weeks and I felt like today would be a good day to discuss it, it has to do with my evolution from dyed-in-the-wool Conservative, to right-leaning Libertarian. It has happened at a measured pace over the last 10 years or so... In High School I fought passionately for the causes of the Young Republicans, in college I began to transition to Constitutional Conservative but realized that my beliefs on the Constitution sometimes slammed up against my Republicaness! In my early professional years as I have met more diverse groups of people, I have begun to realize that many of the "truths" I have long held dear can be misused by others of the same political mindset (for example; anti-welfare = racism, anti-gay adoption = homophobia, etc., etc.). I am not attempting to imply that this is the case for everyone (as I myself am still anti-welfare and it has nothing to do with the color of your skin), but that there are elements of both parties that hold certain beliefs (that may be right) for the wrong reasons.
This progression (or you may see it as a digression) has led me to where I am today. A right-leaning Libertarian. I am still pro-life because of my belief that life begins at conception and that all of the rights of man should be given to the weakest of us. I truly believe that is the ultimate measure of a society, how it treats those who are its most helpless. I generally lean right on most other issues because the Left just annoys me so much...(is that vindictive?)...I am a Christian but against faith-based government initiatives because government involvement with any religion is worrisome. I am against the war on drugs because it just hasn't worked. I am on the fence over gay marriage and gay adoption...but suspect I am on the fence only because the pro-gay groups seem so hateful and scary. I am for civil unions and am for a much easier adoption process in America. I am for (almost) anything that broadens and protects our individual civil liberties, and am against (most) things that would limit our rights for the greater good. I believe that the greater good is better served by protecting our individuality. My general belief of government; spend less, tax less, fight less, do less...
All of this said I have run into a problem. I thought that with what I saw as mostly Libertarian Orthodox beliefs, I would quickly be accepted into their ranks...not so. As I have said about the only thing I disagree with the Libertarian Party on is abortion (and maybe anarchy), which is why I voted for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party (who I personally believe is more of a Libertarian than Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party was). I read,, and as well as several other libertarian sites daily...and the more I read the more I realize that because I lean right...they don't really like me. The more I get into Libertarian issues and discussions the more I realize...they don't want me around.

Just a couple of examples:
And these are the mild examples. Surf over to the left-leaning Libertarian pages or the anarchist pages and the vitriol and disdain are almost perverse!

I recently discussed this with another Libertarian-right friend of mine, and here was his response:
"I agree with you there. My experience with the LP (Libertarian Party) has been mixed, yet mostly I felt shunned. I got to know the state party chairman of Florida, yet he was the only one who accepted me as part of the party. I tried to get involved with the Broward Party, but they knew I was a conservative coming over from the GOP, and didn't quite welcome me with open arms. They looked at themselves as the only "true believers". I argued that they will never be able to grow the party at any level, let alone be successful with that attitude, which they basically said they would rather be pure than be diluted with "outsiders". So I am now a man without a party, yet may go back to the GOP and work with the GOP Liberty Caucus. I won't just support any GOP nominee for President (hint no Palin), but I am happy that Jeb is considering running for senate in 2010. The CP (Constitution Party) here in FLA is extremely weak, considering their nominee is from Florida."

I completely agree with his assessment. The Libertarian Party should take note of us and accept us because we right-leaning Libertarians can help. Perhaps it is time you stop shunning us.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The President Elect is Ramblin'

* Surprise, surprise. One of Obama's rumored cabinet choices is not so clean (ethically I mean) fact she is dirty, dirty! And scary, scary...!
* Obama is a creation of the Chicago Political Machine which has found a new home in Washington, D.C.
USA Today says "Pay no attention to the corrupt man behind the curtain..." look at South Dakota!
* What did President-elect Obama really offer Governor Blagojevich? And Obama's right hand man Rahm Emanuel could be in a some hot water.

* Mr. Obama is lucky he is a Democrat, otherwise he could be in a lot of trouble with the recent events from his home state/city.
* The President-elect is no centrist.
* Anyone else notice that there are no Southerners in the President-elect's upcoming cabinet?
* What is really happening in Greece?
* Winning the War on Terror requires we be people "of faith". Nice to see a politician who is not afraid to speak the truth...Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism. The hypocrisy of the Left and the European Union.
* Chris Matthews and Terrorist William Ayers...not so different.
* A reasoned argument for relaxing gun control laws in India.
* Help Oliver North pick a car.
* A quick note on a few of my previous posts...I am withdrawing my suggestion that Duncan Hunter be drafted to head the RNC. Why, you ask? He voted in support of the auto bailout...tsk, tsk, tsk. I am stunned by his decision, especially since he voted against the October bailout.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let the Big 3 die...

* The Auto Bailout passes the House...want to know who the liberal, weasel, Republican turncoats are in the House? Here is the list.
* Senator David Vitter (R) of Louisiana thinks the auto-bailout is "ass-backwards"!
What does Dr. Ron Paul think of the bailout...?

* One of the preeminent thinkers of our time, Ted Nugent, chimes in on the auto bailout.
* Obama's stimulus plan won't be stimulating.
* Is China now more capitalist than the USA?
* The UN has proven that Global Warming exists, "beyond the shadow of a doubt". Are you kidding me? (Then these scientists timed their announcement wrong...)
* What happened? The articles proving that Obama met with Blagojevich have disappeared...
* "Eminent Domain" is an offense upon our Constitution and our Rights as Americans!
* Al Franken is still trying to take a Senate seat.
* The legacy of Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
* Che Guevara was a sick, demented, psychopathic murderer...but Hollywood loves him.
* Oliver Stone showing what's wrong with Hollywood.

Oblivious to Reason

The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it. - George Bernard Shaw

Short and to the point:

Bush is definitely leaving his stamp on the American political and economic system, albeit with the help of Obama. Federal spending is sky high, and will only keep rising. Where are the "free-market" economists who should, at the very least, feel obligated to stand up against these movements? I mean, these politicians are lawmakers who have no idea how to handle an economy.

This isn't even "progressive" reform. All they're doing is sticking they're finger in the dike. They're just slowing the pace of this crisis; they're not actually fixing anything. Due to their incapacity to realize that more government means more problems, sooner or later we’re going to slam into that big brick wall they’ve been trying to steer us away from.

Higher spending by government = less spending for private sector. The private sector is the largest provider of employment, and is responsible for the biggest portion of economic productivity.
But honestly, who cares? When all reason is thrown out the window all we have left is eachother. So, why not spread the wealth? The purpose of our government is to make sure all of our freedoms are protected, not stifled.

Bernanke is a sell out....

K-Rod and JJ Putz!

Great day for New York Mets baseball! My beloved Mets have signed Francisco Rodriguez (aka K-Rod), and traded away some baggage for a dominant set-up man in JJ Putz.
They were able to sign K-Rod to a 3 year $37 million dollar deal. Which in baseball terms, is actually pretty good.
They traded away Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez, Jason Vargas, Joe Smith, and 3 minor leaguers to get JJ Putz. All in all, a very good deal for the Mets.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Charlie Rangel is Dirty!

* Charlie Rangel is the dirtiest politician this side of Rod Blagojevich. Michelle Malkin chimes in on the Democrats "culture of corruption".
Gary Varvel
* It seems as though the Blagojevich scandal will hit other Democrat lawmakers too...the first? Jesse Jackson Jr. is apparently connected to some of the Governor's dirty dealings. Oh, and there is proof that Obama and Blagojevich did meet to discuss potential replacements for the President-elect...and they were closer than Mr. Obama would like to admit. President-elect Obama does not seem to be tainted by the Blagojevich corruption...but most of his people are.
* A while back Newsweek writer Lisa Miller wrote that a good defense of gay marriage can be offered by using Scripture (I am not kidding), well she was to appear on the Laura Ingraham show today to discuss the article...but backed out. Instead Laura spoke to Albert Mohler who offered up his rebuttal to the Miller article. His article was entitled "Turning the Bible on its Head" and is a very good read.
* My favorite liberal (Camille Paglia) lays out some support for Sarah Palin, and takes a surprisingly open minded view towards gay marriage and religion in America.
* Killing the 6th Amendment, New Hampshire's answer for tough economic times. The boys at Reason lay out exactly why this is one of the worst ideas EVER.
* Just like today's Democrats, Hitler was a big fan of public works projects too. The old New Deal was a disaster, and this new New Deal will be too.
* The problem with "free" healthcare.
* Scientists revolt over the global warming farce...though President-elect Obama is still a believer.
* Jews get killed but Muslims feel vulnerable...? Does this make any sense?
* Today's news of the "so ridiculous I could not have made it up"; Mexico will not stand having illegal immigrants in their country!
I want to thank Mexico for sponsoring my laugh of the day with this utterly ridiculous announcement.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

RNC should shift towards LIBERTY!

Michael Steele wants the Republican Party to be more inviting to Pro-Abortion Republicans... Yeah, 'cause the whole moving left thing has really worked out, the last two elections.
Will someone please make sure this guy doesn't become the RNC Chair?!?! Let's draft Duncan Hunter for the job...
If you are going to choose issues to try and broaden party appeal, then I suggest going the Libertarian; CUT SPENDING, cut taxes, fight the bailout in all of it's permutations, adopt the Fair Tax in the party platform, end the war on drugs, advocate for the end of the Patriot Act and begin a broader push for individual civil liberties in America -- stand up for property rights (fight eminent domain), strengthen gun rights, fight arcane anti-smoking laws, -- remove red-tape bueracracy from private charities, read more Thoreau and Friedman, read less Marx and Krugman, and lastly...embrace the Free-Market.
Let's try to be more open to the libertarian leaning parties, like... the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party, etc...
By opening ourselves to them we can reach out to many disenchanted independents.
The added benefit? Aligning ourselves more with libertarians means angering Mike Huckabee...which I am OK with.

* Anarchists understand the importance of "A Christmas Carol".

The Chicago Machine is still Corrupt! GASP!!

* BREAKING NEWS!!!! The Governor of Illinois has been arrested! Well it seems as though the corrupt Democrat Chicago Political Machine is still alive and well. More from Gateway Pundit. And the mandatory media bias; no mention of his party (he's a Democrat), and apparently Larry Craig is still the better breaking news.
Michelle Malkin puts her own poetic spin on the event.
* Perhaps the benevolent dictator of Venezuela was not wrong? Our government seems to be on the verge of nationalizing another industry...
* Neal Boortz on socialism.
* Don't expect to have your rights respected in New York City.
* Leave the Mormons alone!
* Left actually complaining about Obama! Complaining a lot in fact. (For MetsFan)
* Mel Martinez cannot leave soon enough. There is an online petition to draft Jeb Bush into his soon to be open seat. Also, in the Mel Martinez article - Saxby Chambliss should practice what he preaches...and Tim Pawlenty dishes out some "tough love".
* Don't believe all of those unemployment numbers you have been hearing.
* McCain may have been right about Obama's sex ed policy.
* Americans know American Idol better than American History.
* News of the weird; "The Nanny" Fran Drescher wants to replace Hillary Clinton as Senator of New York...seriously.

Monday, December 08, 2008


* WWMFD? What would Milton Friedman do? It would not resemble the bailout... more support for a tax holiday.
* The US military says that "In many respects, scientific conclusions about the causes and potential effects of global warming are contradictory." As you can expect this has caused some in the Global Warming Disorder community to get up in arms, here is their response; "that spreading the inaccurate perception that the causes of climate change remain an open question could result in government agencies not taking the issue seriously enough." So, the causes of climate change is an open and shut case and no one has serious evidence to contradict the global warming community...? This is the insanity of the left folks. Where something is true if you say it often enough.
* Jeremiah Wright says that "Barack(Obama) is still my child" and Elisabeth Hasselebeck is a "dumb broad".
* Mexico is being hypocritical...again.
* Government intervention caused our financial crisis, and government intervention will make it worse. Uncle Ted preaches on about smaller government and better government.
* Health Fascism! Smokers have rights, too... our country is effectively marginalizing an entire group of Americans.

Talking Butts: A Smoking Documentary; this is a great 25 minute movie about smoking in America...a must see!
* If you didn't like us getting involved in are really gonna hate the Obama years.
* What we need is Soviet style communism!
* Andrew Breitbart discussing the nominee for Secretary of State and her "groper".
* Some good news for the Republican Party..."Cold Cash" William Jefferson has lost his seat in Louisiana.
* Obama a parlimianterian?

Friday, December 05, 2008

Free Plaxico!

(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
* Free Plaxico!
Okay, he isn't in prison yet but...if Plaxico Burress is convicted of weapons charges, President Bush must step in and pardon him. New York's laws are unconstitutional and cannot be allowed to fact someone should convince Plaxico to use this trial to challenge the legality of the laws of New York. I don't care if the guy ever plays for my beloved New York Giants again...but at the very least I care that he might be imprisoned for a crime that should not be a crime.
* Say No! to the war on Drugs. It isn't working...time for a new strategy.
* Will history vindicate President Bush as a humanitarian hero? Or might he be remembered for keeping us safe?
* Representative Gohmert explains his "bailout" proposal...a 2 month tax holiday. Sounds like a better idea than anything else being floated...people seem to think that the government can actually create jobs. can't.
* Strong Republican Presidents generally give way to weak empty-suit Democrat Presidents, and this election was no different. Prepare for some rough seas ahead...oh, and the Latino community is already getting screwed by the upcoming administration.
* How the GOP can begin winning back the black vote.
* A little more proof that Democrats and Republicans are treated differently by the media.
* Canadian Liberals miscalculated.
* Oprah is upset that she is being "snubbed" by Sarah Palin.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Israel may have to "go it alone" on Iran. Our old friend might be stepping into a hornet's nest by attacking Iran without the support of President-elect Obama. I think that Israel has decided that the pain of war with Iran (and possibly others) is worth fighting them now without nuclear weapons. If Israel chooses to not engage Iran now, they may face annihilation in the very near future, when Iran finally does have nuclear capabilities. Israel seems trapped...the Mediterranean on one side and the world's leading anti-Semites and hatemongers on the other.
* Used to be you could count on Minnesora to run a clean election...ah, the good ol' days.
* The Left has an aversion to truth.
* These guys should be running things.
* GM's plan to turn around its lagging company is all smoke and mirrors...I hope it's clear by now, that the Big 3 want to scare you into submission. Contact your representatives and tell them NOT to bailout the Big 3!
* No, Micheal Moore, Cuba is not a nice place to live.
* Medical Atrocities did not end with the Nazi's, though the amount of involvement from the medical field in the Nazi movement might shed light on prevailing medical ethics issues.
* Had you heard that casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan have fallen to their lowest level since the start of the war? No? I hadn't heard either...the media is doing a great job, huh?
* California's environmental policy will continue to decimate the economy.
* Jobless claims are down, and gun sales are WAY UP.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Make love, not climate change!

After seeing snow here in the Atlanta Metro area yesterday (and watching my DVR'd episode of Stargate Atlantis from last Friday...which revolved around Global Warming), I felt compelled to post a few articles about the never-gonna-happen catastrophe that is Global Warming. (From Gateway Pundit)
"The oceans have been cooling since 2003.
Sea ice is growing at the fastest pace on record.
There are growing fears of a coming freeze worse than the ice age.
Alaskan Sea Glaciers are advancing for the first time in 250 years.
US Climate Map October 07 - November 08 showing below average temperatures around the country.
And, for the second straight year the Earth is, in fact, cooling... not warming."
But the UN is still holding pointless and expensive meetings on man made climate change...or maybe we should listen to Al Gore who says the Mayans didn't heed his warnings either.
* Ugly attacks on the Mormon church out west.
* The President of Georgia gives a compelling argument for Georgia's self defense.
* Most people like the idea of freedom, just not all that it entails.
* How is terrorism successful?
* Good riddance to RINO rubbish.
* Gotta start indoctrinating those kids early...hmmm, maybe we can get them to all wear brown shirts too?
* If you tie this article about gun and ammunition regulation to the one above about the indoctrination of our nation's youth; you have to wonder what comes next?
* Former President Bill Clinton says that he is "not interested" in his wife's soon to be vacant Senate seat. Just a quick unimportant it illegal for Senator Clinton to serve in President Obama's cabinet.
* Since when is it normal to borrow money for everyday purchases?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Manic...not Panic...Monday!

Be afraid, be very afraid. I am reminded of the words of Mr. Benjamin Franklin; "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
All Americans should be terrified at the idea of a standing army operating as a military force within our borders. It's time to wake up folks.
* Tomorrow, December 2nd, the voters of Georgia will make two decisions with one ballot. They will decide who will represent them in the US Senate (and if the Democrats can get a filibuster proof Senate majority). Just to show a little of the difference between the two men running for Senator from Georgia; Chambliss is campaigning with Governor Palin today, while Martin is campaigning with the Ludacris. And just a reminder that the main stream media thinks Palin is a bigger problem for America than a vile, hate-spewing rapper.
* The other important Senatorial race still going on is in Minnesota.
* Deepak Chopra blames the US for the Mumbai attacks...and Iran agrees.
* Heartbreak.
* The Main Stream Media would rather break a story than consider the safety of the source. CNN too.
* The misnomer that is the AIDS epidemic. More evidence?
* One of President-elect Obama's newest flak's played an important role in losing Osama bin Laden. Another flak (Attorney General nominee) is a gun-rights nightmare...(and two sneaky articles, here, and here, about why it's good to have guns when you need them). The newest flak? She is married to a bold-faced liar, who might be the next Senator from New York. By the way, Mrs. Clinton is still scary wrong about most issues. Have you noticed the "change"?

* Oh...your kid is a liar!
* The Black Republican Association would like President-elect Obama to apologize for 150 years of racism from the Democrat Party.
* From the news of the-so-absurd-it-is-heart-wrenching-and-sickening; Planned Parenthood is offering gift certificates for abortions. I have no words.

Media and Government to Merge?

The Media as mouthpiece for the government? It may be coming to a TV near you...
Yet another good analysis of Media Bias. Will it change anything? Probably not.

* Two good examples from just today!
---- ABC Ignores Party ID of Dem Mayor Accused of Racist Remarks, Nepotism.
---- Birmingham, Alabama mayor arrested, but the Birmingham News (and make no mention of party affiliation...he is a Democrat.