Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Charlie Rangel is Dirty!

* Charlie Rangel is the dirtiest politician this side of Rod Blagojevich. Michelle Malkin chimes in on the Democrats "culture of corruption".
Gary Varvel
* It seems as though the Blagojevich scandal will hit other Democrat lawmakers too...the first? Jesse Jackson Jr. is apparently connected to some of the Governor's dirty dealings. Oh, and there is proof that Obama and Blagojevich did meet to discuss potential replacements for the President-elect...and they were closer than Mr. Obama would like to admit. President-elect Obama does not seem to be tainted by the Blagojevich corruption...but most of his people are.
* A while back Newsweek writer Lisa Miller wrote that a good defense of gay marriage can be offered by using Scripture (I am not kidding), well she was to appear on the Laura Ingraham show today to discuss the article...but backed out. Instead Laura spoke to Albert Mohler who offered up his rebuttal to the Miller article. His article was entitled "Turning the Bible on its Head" and is a very good read.
* My favorite liberal (Camille Paglia) lays out some support for Sarah Palin, and takes a surprisingly open minded view towards gay marriage and religion in America.
* Killing the 6th Amendment, New Hampshire's answer for tough economic times. The boys at Reason lay out exactly why this is one of the worst ideas EVER.
* Just like today's Democrats, Hitler was a big fan of public works projects too. The old New Deal was a disaster, and this new New Deal will be too.
* The problem with "free" healthcare.
* Scientists revolt over the global warming farce...though President-elect Obama is still a believer.
* Jews get killed but Muslims feel vulnerable...? Does this make any sense?
* Today's news of the "so ridiculous I could not have made it up"; Mexico will not stand having illegal immigrants in their country!
I want to thank Mexico for sponsoring my laugh of the day with this utterly ridiculous announcement.

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Metsfan8 said...

Bush is definitely leaving his stamp on the American political and economic system, albeit with the help of Obama. Federal spending is sky high, and will only keep rising. Where are the "free-market" economists who should be screaming at what's been going on?

This isn't even "progressive" reform. All they're doing is sticking they're finger in the dike. They're just slowing the pace of our problems, they're not actually fixing anything.

Higher spending by government = less spending for private sector. The private sector is the largest provider of employment, as well as the piece of our economy that creates the most productivity.

Bernanke is a sell out....