Monday, December 08, 2008


* WWMFD? What would Milton Friedman do? It would not resemble the bailout... more support for a tax holiday.
* The US military says that "In many respects, scientific conclusions about the causes and potential effects of global warming are contradictory." As you can expect this has caused some in the Global Warming Disorder community to get up in arms, here is their response; "that spreading the inaccurate perception that the causes of climate change remain an open question could result in government agencies not taking the issue seriously enough." So, the causes of climate change is an open and shut case and no one has serious evidence to contradict the global warming community...? This is the insanity of the left folks. Where something is true if you say it often enough.
* Jeremiah Wright says that "Barack(Obama) is still my child" and Elisabeth Hasselebeck is a "dumb broad".
* Mexico is being hypocritical...again.
* Government intervention caused our financial crisis, and government intervention will make it worse. Uncle Ted preaches on about smaller government and better government.
* Health Fascism! Smokers have rights, too... our country is effectively marginalizing an entire group of Americans.

Talking Butts: A Smoking Documentary; this is a great 25 minute movie about smoking in America...a must see!
* If you didn't like us getting involved in are really gonna hate the Obama years.
* What we need is Soviet style communism!
* Andrew Breitbart discussing the nominee for Secretary of State and her "groper".
* Some good news for the Republican Party..."Cold Cash" William Jefferson has lost his seat in Louisiana.
* Obama a parlimianterian?

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Metsfan8 said...

I always want to leave a comment, but since we agree on many issues, everything I would say you've already covered. Maybe try not to say too much, or purposely put something up you know I wouldn't agree with!

"Progressive" liberals are upset....Obama isn't what they thought he was.

By the way, I love that quote, "This is the insanity of the left folks. Where something is true if you say it often enough."