Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Chicago Machine is still Corrupt! GASP!!

* BREAKING NEWS!!!! The Governor of Illinois has been arrested! Well it seems as though the corrupt Democrat Chicago Political Machine is still alive and well. More from Gateway Pundit. And the mandatory media bias; no mention of his party (he's a Democrat), and apparently Larry Craig is still the better breaking news.
Michelle Malkin puts her own poetic spin on the event.
* Perhaps the benevolent dictator of Venezuela was not wrong? Our government seems to be on the verge of nationalizing another industry...
* Neal Boortz on socialism.
* Don't expect to have your rights respected in New York City.
* Leave the Mormons alone!
* Left actually complaining about Obama! Complaining a lot in fact. (For MetsFan)
* Mel Martinez cannot leave soon enough. There is an online petition to draft Jeb Bush into his soon to be open seat. Also, in the Mel Martinez article - Saxby Chambliss should practice what he preaches...and Tim Pawlenty dishes out some "tough love".
* Don't believe all of those unemployment numbers you have been hearing.
* McCain may have been right about Obama's sex ed policy.
* Americans know American Idol better than American History.
* News of the weird; "The Nanny" Fran Drescher wants to replace Hillary Clinton as Senator of New York...seriously.


Metsfan8 said...

In the "balance of payments" of government expenditures there are two types of accounts: current accounts and capital accounts.

The current accounts are presently running a deficit, but deficits in one account can (and must) be balanced by surpluses in the other accounts (ie. capital accounts).

Why do you think we still import more than we export......because we have the money to.

And I hate that term "progressive". They make it seem like it's some perfect ideology for our future, not remembering that these ideas ruined our economy for a decade.

The Rambler said...