Friday, December 05, 2008

Free Plaxico!

(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
* Free Plaxico!
Okay, he isn't in prison yet but...if Plaxico Burress is convicted of weapons charges, President Bush must step in and pardon him. New York's laws are unconstitutional and cannot be allowed to fact someone should convince Plaxico to use this trial to challenge the legality of the laws of New York. I don't care if the guy ever plays for my beloved New York Giants again...but at the very least I care that he might be imprisoned for a crime that should not be a crime.
* Say No! to the war on Drugs. It isn't working...time for a new strategy.
* Will history vindicate President Bush as a humanitarian hero? Or might he be remembered for keeping us safe?
* Representative Gohmert explains his "bailout" proposal...a 2 month tax holiday. Sounds like a better idea than anything else being floated...people seem to think that the government can actually create jobs. can't.
* Strong Republican Presidents generally give way to weak empty-suit Democrat Presidents, and this election was no different. Prepare for some rough seas ahead...oh, and the Latino community is already getting screwed by the upcoming administration.
* How the GOP can begin winning back the black vote.
* A little more proof that Democrats and Republicans are treated differently by the media.
* Canadian Liberals miscalculated.
* Oprah is upset that she is being "snubbed" by Sarah Palin.

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