Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama hearts Rick Warren...and other reasons for the Left to freak out!

* The Democrat Party and Al Franken are stealing the election in Minnesota. When George W. Bush won the state of Florida in 2000, cries of "stolen election" ran rampant from the left. The problem with the "stolen election" theory was that Bush "stole" the election by following the law. The Electoral College "stole" the election, not President Bush. In Minnesota the hypocritical left, is actually, literally, stealing the election. Leading up to every national election that I can remember, the Democrat Party has always attacked the Republican Party for trying to suppress the vote and the Republican Party has always attacked the Democrat Party for trying to commit voter fraud.
The problem here is that we never hear incidents of real organized Republican Party attempts to suppress voting. We do, however, hear of real organized Democrat Party (and their surrogates) attempts to commit voter fraud and voter registration fraud...and most years (even when a Democrat is clearly favored) we see more instances of Democrat suppression of the vote than Republican.
What is happening today in Minnesota is a travesty of justice and a blatant attack on the democratic/republican system.
* There has been a big fuss made from both the right and left over the Pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren, being chosen to give the invocation at President-elect Obama's inauguration. The Left hate Rick Warren for his stance on gay marriage and abortion. The Right are angry with Warren for agreeing to give the invocation, because they feel it amounts to an endorsement. I heartily disagree. I don't believe that Warren voted for Obama in the election, and I do not believe his praying for our President will amount to an endorsement. I think it is the responsibility of every Christian citizen of the United States to pray for our Presidents best. Whether they be Democrat, Republican, or 3rd Party. I am not a fan of Pastor Warren as we disagree on other ecclesiastical ideas, but I support him fully in this.
* More on Rick Warren as he discusses why he would not change his mind on gay marriage even if science found a "gay gene". I think the interview was solid, he gives intelligent, logical answers to Anne Curry's questions and does not get offended when she shows her true liberal colors.
* Time Magazine proves media bias should be a real concern.
* Another meteorologist breaks ranks from Algore's Eco-Fascists. Read the main article here, and a follow-up from Gateway Pundit.
* Solid Libertarian argument that the bailouts are unconstitutional (or illegal), and that any economic stimulus plan carried out by the federal government basically amounts to central planning. (Recognize that term from the old Soviet Union?)
* It's time for Republicans to take a refresher on their college economics classes!
* Jonah Goldberg notes how different things are for Caroline Kennedy and Sarah Palin. Caroline Kennedy isn't the woman for the job. You can vote here if you think the media has had a double standard.

* Gwen Ifill thinks there are more Republicans in the media than Democrats!
* "Deep Throat" is dead...
* Today is the anniversary of a not-so-memorable day in American politics.
**** I will be taking a short hiatus (about 2 weeks) from the blog. In the meantime;


John Emerson said...

There is no evidence that Franken has done anything underhanded or fraudulent. Great care is being taken to get an honest count, and Republicans have been involved at every stage of the process. When you make claims of fraud you need to back them with evidence. If you're relying on Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity, you shouldn't, because they're either misinformed or lying. Neither Republican Governor Pawlenty nor Senator Coleman backs their claims.

If you Google "voter suppression" you will see what people are talking about. I suspect that your sources of information are too restricted.

The Rambler said...

100 votes were "found" in a precinct in Minneapolis. Amazingly all 100 were for Franken, and all 100 were date stamped for November 2nd and not the 4th. If you follow the links within the first aricle provided they will lead you to many examples of why what is happening is fraud. Also, while Ann Coulter may weild a caustic doesn't mean that she is wrong.

Here are a few more:
These links are all from hotair, but are rife with links out to news sources you will like more. I should say that I am not blaming Franken directly (though I do think he has a hand in this) I am blaming the Democrat Party in Minnesota.