Monday, January 05, 2009

You might be a Democrat if...

* Bill Richardson is dirty, at least according to President-elect Obama's people. I was surprised when I first heard the news that the FBI was investigating Richardson and his administration, but I guess I shouldn't have been. Politics as usual...

Corruption? Someone linked to Obama is corrupt? I don't know...sounds like media bias to me!
It almost sounds like there should be a comedy routine with a string of jokes that end with "You might be an Obama supporter if..." (Oh, and in advance...I offer links to support my joke is driven by hatred, racism, bigotry, or phobia...just by the news.)
1. If you are a radical who was a terrorist in Weather Underground, you might be Obama supporter
2. If you are a racist minister that thinks God should damn America, you might be an Obama supporter.
3. If you are a friend of a racist minister and preach hate and race-baiting too, you might be an Obama supporter.
4. If you are from Harlem and don't know the difference between the Republican platform and Democrat platform, you might be an Obama supporter.
5. If you vote for people based on the amount of melanin in their skin, you might be an Obama supporter.
6. If you are the governor of Illinois and are about to be convicted on charges of corruption, chances are, you might be Obama supporter.
7. If you are a vice presidential candidate that thinks President FDR went on TV to talk about the onset of the Great Depression years before the TV was invented or before the start of the Depression, you might be an Obama supporter.
8. If you are the corrupt Governor of New Mexico, you might be an Obama supporter.
9. If you are a homicidal maniac with aspirations of ruling a nation and committing genocide, you might be an Obama supporter.
10. If you are an organization that registers people to vote illegally, you might be am Obama supporter.
11. If you still think we need to worry about the global warming farce, you might be an Obama supporter.
11. If you think that we should try some of Karl Marx's great ideas, you might be an Obama supporter.
12. If you are currently going to, have been, or if your future plans consist of going to prison for corruption, you might be an Obama supporter.
13. If you don't think any of these jokes are funny, you might be an Obama supporter.

* In case you haven't seen it quite have to read Gateway Pundit's latest Global Warming update.
* The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher on Bailouts! Now there was a leader.
* Star Parker is not a Rick Warren fan.
* Neal Boortz wants a Constitutional Convention to consider 3 new amendments, and I for one am on board.
* Not one single protest against the suppression of this terrorist organization...not named Hamas. How about this for "fair" press coverage? Middle East media outlets blaming Hamas for the current crisis.
* FDR did not fix the economy.
* Barack Obama will be more of the same when it comes to foreign policy. And who is the early leader for RINO of the year? Why Charlie Crist.
* Ron Paul thinks Israel was wrong to invade Gaza.

Here is someone who thinks Israel acted properly.

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